How do the authorities want to dismantle the monument Larissa Heniyush


Monument Larissa Heniyush. Author — Michael Inkov.

The idea to establish a monument in Zelva Larissa Heniyush was first announced in the pages of "Polack" in 1996. To her addiction treated with the Belarusian Diaspora, began raising funds.

The Organizing Committee wrote to the executive committee with a request Zelvenskiy determine the location for the monument, on which the work was finishing sculptor Michael Inkov— A native Zelva. Soon came the answer: "The District Executive Committee decided to allow the installation of the bust of Larissa Heniyush the street Soviet, in the square in front of the former County Council members of the organizing committee for the funds."

Brimming with joyful feelings, I went to Zelva. Together with the Chairman of Executive Committee Victor Budrevich We have examined a specific place (just opposite the house where they lived Janka and Larissa Heniyush). I remember the enthusiasm with which the chairman vymervav steps pad, kept going, where and how to place klyumby what words of grateful descendants to write pastamentse.

I do not know how independent was at that time in the decision-making executive committee. But after a while I got out of Zelva second letter, which indicated that the district authorities' peravyrashyla "its the same decision and postponed the erection of a monument to the adoption of the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers.

In this case the monument had a good chance to hang in the air for better times. And she almost hung. Years passed, and took the initiative chairman of the Minsk club "Heritage" Anatoly Bely. He gained an audience with the Metropolitan Filaret, handed him a petition and received her Masters resolution: "God bless good initiative. 2.12.2002. "

With the resolution in your pocket, taking the necessary utensils and bust himself, Anatoly Bely in the day rushed to Zelva. Two hours monument has stood in the churchyard. Such "storm and stress", local authorities did not expect. The next morning Zelva rector of Holy Trinity Church, Alexander's father was summoned to the executive committee. In the ultimatum he had been ordered for three days to dismantle the monument. Priest blessing officials have Filaret and said that the same blessings for dismantling has not. Authorities engaged in "the study of the situation." Particularly insisted on the demolition of the monument to the then Head of the Department of Culture of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Maria Biryukov.

Representing the bulldozer on the church graveyard, I handed in Zelva fax a letter of protest, stating that "the destruction of the sacred in all the Orthodox canons of the monument would be an unprecedented act of vandalism and cause outrage of citizens of Belarus and resonance throughout the world." Among other letter signed by national writers Yanka Bryl, Ryhor Baradulin, Neil Gilevich, academician Radim Haretski.

The letter was considered at a meeting of the executive committee, which was led by a different chairman — Leonid Elyashevich. He did not want to stay in the modern history of Belarus destroyers monument Larissa Heniyush. Say thank you for it, and to him, and Metropolitan Filaret, who is always with due respect for the memory of the great poet and a Christian.

The monument still stands in the protective field of the church, as if pryvyachae all believers to worship. On its right wing — the image Chases, and pastamentse — three words that were heard in prayer once prisoners of the Gulag, "God forbid Belarus."

Larissa Heniyush. "Again spring. Buslihi make their nests … "
Spring Again. Buslihi make their nests,
And Pegasus ears are cut.
My Pegasus little wayward.
Well, for the disposition Pegasus beat.

Stupid our age bearded:
Where to go — Pegasus brighter!
He is not washed off the road home
reins would only let freer.

Let the flies! Nath is above the clouds,
From the monotony of everyday life painted fire
After Pegasus — not my dray-horse,
Olympic, Invictus horse.


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