How is life Belarusian pensioners?

In Belarus 2,464,000 pensioners — every fourth resident of the country. A quarter of older Belarusians, reaching retirement age, continue to work. As far as socially protected feel Belarusian pensioners?

On August 1, pensions in Belarus increased by about 12%. Thus, the pension will increase by an average of 58,600 rubles ($ 19) and the amount to 528,000 rubles (176 dollars). This is the second increase this year: in January, pensions rose by 9%.

Noticed any increase in pensions pensioners themselves?

In the People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko pension is not very different from the usual retirement Belarusian: "Oh, my God, is barely enough pension. 1 August we received a higher pension. But the increase of pensions is not catching up with how the increasing prices of products to food, we're not talking about clothes, shoes . And the drugs — it's all a shame that their prices. So we do not particularly notice any increase. most unfortunate. Such increases do not mean anything to us. "

Over the years, with monthly wages were reckoned to the state 48% of the funds (35% of companies with payroll, 12% income tax on wages and 1% of the salary). In other words, 48% of monthly income to the employee not daplachvalasya. But when leaving on a holiday worker is almost a beggar.

In addition, retired in Belarus depends on current workers, says economist Michael Zaleski"The pension system was left of the Soviet. Problem is that retirees in the country every year becomes more and more. A pension is solidarity. That is how we are working, so old and receiving. And then increase, which no one noticed , it did not become a revolutionary — it's not so much a problem or fault of most seniors as the problem of those who are still working. And our productivity is very low. "

Do the pensioners themselves Belarusian pension system fair?

Grandma: "No, it is very unfair system."

Woman: "Someone just did not work, and some do not razgibavsya all life — all of one: pensions are nearly identical. That's my husband — a PhD, I — no, he gets the same pension as I am. "

Dedok: "I go, I collect bottles, to somehow survive. Worked in a foundry 28 years, stalyavartsy at the tractor factory. And collecting bottles, and the day and night. And the old woman, and grandfathers."

Woman: "I think our pension system is unfair."

Man: "I deserve a penny more."

Woman: "40 years to give the state and get a penny — it's not like anybody."

Grandfather: "As soon ends meet."

Woman: "No, the pension system is still very unfair."

The pension system that Belarus is imperfect, recognize and senior officials, members of parliament:

"Everyone should get a decent pension. We have, at least to date, it is of such a nature egalitarian."

Thus, pensions of ordinary workers have about the same. Not much different than a pension, for example, a scientist and a pension cleaners, national poet and plumbing. People's Artist Zinaida Bondarenko it is humanly hurts:

"That's the word — leveling … I really do not like it, but it has so … Why is this injustice? Bitter and hurt by it. I'm tired of talking about it — as deputies, retired special-purpose receive as their value because they are the power retirees. This is a great disrespect to the people is our generation. "

I'm retired, I want to earn extra money. 26 years in the Army served, even asked how I live

There is a special category of pensioners in Belarus, which is pretty decent pensions. This state employees with 20 years of experience and more: they have retired — about 2 million. They are former members of the House of Representatives, who have reached retirement age receive 70% of the parliamentary salary. The public is not so long ago shook up the recognition of the former deputy Olga Abramova, who sincerely told me that her pension is 5 times higher than the national average. (In April Mrs. Abramova and her former fellow parliamentarians received almost 2.4 million — about $ 800).

Well, those who have a pension less than 5 times in the parliamentary and pensions of civil servants are forced to look for jobs. But it is no secret — pensioners cut in the first place, they do not extend the contracts. That can be turned out, who as you can. Who collects the bottles, who sells fruit — vegetables — flowers that grow themselves:

Man: "I'm giving flowers to grow, I want to sell, and police chases … I'm retired, I want to earn extra money. 26 years, served in the army, even if asked, as I live …"

Woman: "We — vacationers. If you have an open air, and say only fleeced us, breaks away, all kinds of taxes levied. And invest in us — the state did not invest. So once chased and fined, that we on our site are selling onions or potatoes. "

The entire civilized world is moving to a mixed pension system: the part of the pension, as in Belarus, joint, and the other pays pension funds. Each employee has a personal account on the social deductions. These accumulated funds indexed, of which banks lend at interest. And after a while, stop, man goes on a holiday off.

Took this way is our closest neighbors — Russia, Ukraine. Chief specialist of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Galina Trofymenko says: "We will introduce only the individual elements. And then very carefully. To go to this system should be the stock market, the financial market is very strong. So should the state money. So we're just starting with the elements."

Economist Michael Zaleski thus explains why Belarus is in no hurry to adopt the European experience:

"To have a system of accumulation, an effective pension system, savings, it is necessary to have a stable political and economic system. We do not have a stable political nor a stable economic system. Therefore, every normal person at the age of 45 years when kept going for myself," Here I am save money, and that will be in 15-20 years? "- He can be sure that there will be all right? No! And if this confidence not, what promises should give this pension insurance fund for people to believe him? Is that some kind of adventure: to promise 20% per annum, as at the time of the pyramid all. then, maybe it will go. And so — "I will defer to your funeral," like the old woman says in calculating the bank. And all. "

5 years ago Belarus significantly overtook Russia on the size of pensions. But in 2009, the average pension in Belarus was 153 dollars in Russia — $ 215. As stated by the Minister of Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova, the growth of pensions in Russia in 2010 will be 46 per cent compared with the past. In Belarus, the growth of pensions halved.



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