How to make a teleport in the mirror?

November 26, 2011 15:32

Teleportation in Through the Looking Glass — Is it possible? Remember the story L. Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"? Just imagine that this tale could become a reality for all of us …

On teleportation through the looking glass!

Now I will tell you how to travel — teleportation, to the world Looking Glass, in his physical body. One day, I made a very risky and exciting experiment. I went to a mystical journey into a parallel world behind the mirror.

What is the secret of teleportation?

Through the Looking Glass

I will reveal to you the secret of how to teleport to a parallel world from the comfort of your home. Carefully read this article carefully and follow my advice!


The experiment of teleportation is prohibited from people with unstable mentality, with severe heart disease, people with untrained mind, with a weak nervous system. Do not recommend starting the experiment Teleportation in the sazerkale, if you can not overcome the feeling of fear and distrust of what is happening!


By methodology is not responsible for possible problems and consequences associated with the commission of the experiment Teleportation in Through the Looking Glass.

What you need to perform teleportation in the mirror?

So, if you decided to try to carry a mystical journey, you only need four things:

1. Completely dark room.
2. Large mirror.
3. Completely calm and relaxed state.
4. Absolute silence. (You can use ear plugs)

Step one

Morning or night, on an empty stomach, go in a completely dark room, all alone. This can be a bathroom or something like darkroom. Should not be the slightest penetration of the light. Plug all possible gaps through which light can penetrate.

Step two

Put yourself in front of a large mirror, or average. Sit with your ears earplugs and enter into a state of light trance. To do this, you need to relax and focus on your breathing. In this case, your body needs to be as still and relaxed. Watch your breath for 10-15 minutes. As long as your feelings and emotions calm down.

Step Three

Point your opinion in a dark mirror. At first, you might be creepy. From there on you will see darkness through the mirror. Stared back into the depths, into the black abyss …

Penetrating look deeper and deeper … Drop all arising in your mind fears. Look closely, not being distracted by extraneous thoughts.

Penetrate his consciousness in darkness that you see out there in Wonderland. After some time, careful contemplation, you can start to see some stains …

From the depths of the mirror can start fish out different images, it may be the faces of people …. You might think that the black as pitch looking glass out strange creatures …


The main condition of the experiment Teleportation in Through the Looking Glass — lack of fear. If the fear starts to creep into your mind, immediately relax at will and order to be fearless consciousness and repeat mystic formula "OM"several times. If, in spite of all the efforts of will, you can not stop the flow of fear, you must immediately stop the experiment and repeat it in a different, more favorable day.

Step Four

You continue to closely scrutinize the mirror. You have to concentrate fully and literally chained all of your thoughts and attention to what you'll see in the dark through the mirror. And the time will come when you will see on the mirror surface stains, such as those that can be seen by throwing a stone into the calm surface of the lake.

When this happens, continue to contemplate and would like to enter your consciousness in Wonderland. Enter the system from going deeper and deeper. Keep watching …

At some point, regardless of your conscious effort, the mirror will pull you deeper into yourself and you physically feel like you are in the other side of the mirror, in the parallel world Looking Glass. When this happens, realize what a difference. Do not move!

Step Five

After you enjoy, extreme feelings, you need to go back to the real world from which you came. The output is in the same way as the input.

Pleasant journey to you! You are waiting for an unforgettable experience, but be careful and cautious. The practice of teleportation is possible only under the guidance of an experienced master.


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