How useful post Watch online

How useful post Watch online

In the near future has become a common word "post". A lot of our friends fasts before Christmas, stately post before Easter, most of them know that at this time you can not eat meat. What else can not be done and what must be fast, know only deeply religious lyudi.Tserkovny year provides for continuous interaction between the posts and prazdnichkom. One-day positions are observed throughout the year on Wednesdays and Fridays. The exception is the so-called "solid Week" (Christmas, Mardi Gras, etc.).

Multi-day positions are confined to a huge prazdnichkom. The longest and recognizable — it's stately post before Easter. It lasts for 48 days (in 2010 — from February 15 to April 3). At this time we can not eat animal foods: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, drink alcohol. Twice during this period of time, you can file a fish dish — at the Annunciation and Palm Sunday. And on Friday, the last week of Lent is stately taken complete abstinence from food.

Next in importance — Christmas post. He goes from 28 November to 7 January and ends on prazdnichkom Christmas. In the last week the post is enhanced in these days of must not eat fish, even on Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile specifically on these days are accounted celebration of the New Year! Because all the Orthodox in particular have to be collected, so as not to have fun, drink champagne and eat gourmet food with a ceremonial table.

More there is Apostolic or post Petrov (so called, summer) — from June 23 to July 11. A month after it comes the multi-day Dormition Fast. It lasts for 2 weeks — from 14 to 28 August.

Multi-day positions require training. They need to go in uniform, from abstaining from skoromnoy (animal) food on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year. Serious ill-health of fasting may upset and make a person irritable and nervous because of the constant feeling of hunger.

Everyone has to find, as it requires a day of eating and drinking. Later gradually to reduce the amount of food eaten and bring it to the minimum that can no longer be cut so as not to weaken.

Old, unhealthy, kids under 14 years old, pregnant and nursing mothers are exempt from fasting. It is recommended not only in the positions, and throughout the year to observe moderation in eating. Strict posts in vain, if followed by intemperance in eating.

It turned out that the Russian people, who previously strictly observed the fasts, was stronger health and stronger in comparison with other nations. No wonder the Russian war of 1812, in the defeated Paris, the French were astonished, growth and health of the Russian fighter. It is seen also that the strict "Fasters", whatever languid criteria they may be, still lived longer than abundantly nourished.

Doctors believe that fasting is not nothing wrong. In this time is cleansed and the general health of the body, getting rid of excess weight. Thanks plant foods rich in fiber, increases peristalsis of the intestinal tract, stop worrying constipation, removes toxins. Due to substitution of butter for vegetable can drop an exaggerated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which is of great importance in the treatment of coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Limit yourself to certain foods — does not mean monotone eat and suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals. After a fasting diet are various cereals, bread, soy, mushrooms, berries, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Of sweets allowed jam, honey, dried fruit. So vitamin deficiency during fasting does not threaten anyone. And if you feel the vitamin deficiency, especially suitable for spring, doctors recommend to take into time post vitamins — mundane or with micronutrients.

All those wishing to start fasting Orthodox Church remembers: post — it's not just abstaining from food skoromnoy, but first spiritual cleansing, the time of initiation to the good, the rejection of rage, anger, revenge. Post flesh, without the spiritual fasting, has no special meaning.

Doctors, nutritionists believe that with the honey in terms of the post — a kind of diet. A very useful buckwheat porridge, which at the time reigns on the table in the vicinity of the pea soup, more calories, but more useful than a pork chop. But those who suffer from anemia heaviest, it is unrealistic to propose so long rejection of meat products. Because before you start fasting, though necessary to consult with their primary care doctor to do no harm to health. The other films

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