How was saved archive Larissa Heniyush


How was saved archive Larissa Heniyush

In Soviet times, the Writers' Union operated a firm rule: after the death of the writer created a special commission for its literary heritage. The members of the Commission shall review the archive colleagues, prepared for publication unpublished works.

After the death Larissa Heniyush, which, though not part of the Writers' Union, but was friends with its chairman Maxim Tank, a commission set up by inheritance do not have time.

Poet was buried April 9, 1983, and April 11 in the already empty homes Heniyush was committed — by local authorities — a search. Protests Jyrki Heniyush, who has not yet had time to wake up after her mother's death did not stop the chairman of the village council and his assistants, who were sent to "examine" the poetess archive and found (a must!) antysavechchynu urgently deliver on spetskabinet spetspraglyad.

Larissa Heniyush and Adam Maldis. Zelva, 1968 Published for the first time

Yuri Heniyush desperate call to Minsk Adam Maldis— At the time of the Institute of Literature of the Academy of Sciences. That — Ales Adamovich, with connections to the Central Committee of the PBC. Secretary of the Central Committee for Ideology Alexander Kuzmin, ordered: archive Larissa Heniyush keep intact and remove to a safe place. Instantly rescue party was organized in Zelva where Maldis literally had to fight for the manuscript poet in the shtetl "geniyushaznavtsav." Those not in a hurry to leave the house captured, called district committee magistrate, was associated with Minsk … Finally soviet chairman was forced to explain to his aides: "Comrade Maldis — also a researcher, but with more than we have, the authority …"

By the evening of the same day from the house number 7 on Sovetskaya in Zelva rode Rafiq the eyeballs saturated pakavnymi bags. Swaying on the pavement still Polish times, slowly past the old cemetery, the bus station and disappeared, as for shelter, because of the high bulk dam that would soon stop galloping Zelvianka.

On the Slonim metropolitan highway police stopped the expedition. Forced to go off the road into the woods, was questioned at length about the nature of the goods, checked documents. Tried to look into the bags, but they were suddenly sealed. Senior ranking police officer for a long time fiddling with a red certificate against him with the words "The Union of Soviet Writers' zvyazvavsya with someone on the radio. Finally got the command to release the detainees.

Thus was saved the archive Larissa Heniyush that during the life of the poet was left pilnavokim and chuynavuhim comrades. Seven sacks of manuscripts were taken to Minsk and put into the academic library. Today Geniyushavski Fund 31 — one of the most rich literary archives in Belarus, which is the number of unpublished texts, apparently, has no equal. This fund is in gold mines, researchers are finding more and more of the treasure which no end.

How did Boris Pasternak was wrong when rushed to the didactics of verse: "We do not need to collect archives on manuscripts are shaking." Archives start necessary. And to save the manuscript. They — the documents of time, its metrics and passports.

Larissa Heniyush. "Clear memory of youth …"
A clear memory of youth,
On the wings of the road to take measurements,
Vocal — the beauty of his native land,
Whirlpool struggle, in which I believed.

As fate is the same.
With a young force, with laughter ringing
May fly in spring
All of the winds naperagonki.

Time was strange at our border,
Uvabranay wild rose and heather.
So at times I wanted to live,
At times, the tension did not want to live.

It's hard to tear his eyes were
From the spring, the ground tasty,
It is difficult to people were to forgive,
they are the people nespagadnyya.

All one play and drink
And others — plyuskayuts tears.
And I chose the path of thy
Mother is my destiny Belarus.

Or come in the throes of despair?
I do not know this yet,
Only tears of rage in his eyes,
If young people on the path of the steps.

If proudly pulls in a row
Earthguard neadrodnae,
If a firm asks truths
To share a forgotten folk.


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