Hunters in the tornado

Hunters in the tornado, getting to the American Great Plains, should be aware that it is not safe entertainment. Dangerous moment experienced team Discovery Channel, when too close to a tornado.

Fans of the weather, of course, follows the adventures of the team of hunters to the storm, which gathers data at the heart of a tornado. In the next series of "Catch a tornado (Storm Chasers)» hunters were divided into three groups.

The first is a truck that is equipped with a Doppler radar, which indicates the location of a tornado hunters.

The second group goes to the heart of the elements to collect data using the weather station.

The third group uses armored TIV, by which they are caught in a tornado technology IMAX. A group led by Reed Timmer once too close to a tornado.

At some point, everything was gray, but the hunters did not have time to come back. Then something happened (4th minute of video), which proves to us — the hunt for tornadoes can be dangerous, even for professionals, not to mention the amateur.

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