Hypnosis — not a panacea




U.S. researchers have found out how to quit smoking with hypnosis get better in men than in women. This conclusion was based on an analysis of 18 scientific publications that describe the experience of the application of different hypnotic techniques.

Among the women who participated in the programs, smoking dropped 23 percent, and among men — 30 percent. However, the difference is almost one and a half times the scientists explain not hypnosis, and male and female psychology.
"I think it's not just the fact that hypnosis has different effects on men and women. Rather, it's about all the difficulties they face when trying to quit smoking," — said Joseph Green, a psychologist at Ohio State University. According to him, the men in principle easier to give up bad habits.
As for hypnosis, it really helps to stop smoking, the researchers said. However, it should be combined with other methods — diet, psychotherapy and exercise. And the services of "healers" who promise to get rid of bad habits in one session of hypnosis, it is necessary to give up.


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