In 2011, the world is waiting for the food crisis

In 2011, the world is waiting for the food crisisIn 2011, the world is waiting for the food crisis. This prediction does FAO — Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Expected increase in prices for many products. Sugar will rise in price by a third, the price of wheat will increase by 41%, corn price will rise by 47%, according to NTV.

FAO food index has now risen to the level of 2007-2008, it was the previous crisis. Index reduces to a common denominator the price of grain, meat, dairy products, oil and sugar.

Are a few reasons for this phenomenon. Chief among them — is climate change: drought and flood catastrophe. Plus biofuels: recycle it agricultural products more profitable than just selling, and this leads to a deficiency.

And coming from North Africa a new and very unpleasant kind of stem rust — a disease of wheat. In this regard, FAO calls to dramatically increase crop. When prices are high, farmers will not go for nothing.

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