In Bulgaria, the raging storm

Hurricane in BulgariaAccording to the "Monitor", the hurricane went through seven areas of Bulgaria Sliven, Yambol, Burgas, Varna, Razgrad, Silistra and Dobrich. Many fallen trees, damaged roofs of dozens of houses, due to heavy rain flooded basements of many buildings, difficult to move on the roads.

In Varna, four passenger cars damaged by fallen trees.

In Burgas region several villages without electricity.

In Rezovo rainfall of 87 liters per square meter, in Varna — 10 liters per square meter. m, in the Chablais — 14, in Dobrich — 18.

In Yambol rain fell continuously throughout the night. In the village of Elhovo recorded rainfall rate 41.3 liters per square meter. m, in Yambol — 32 liters in Stralde — 29 l. Wind is 17 m / s.

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