In eastern Siberia caterpillar plague

In eastern Siberia gardens suffered another attack — Tracks ermine moth pest, destroying fruit trees (mainly apples and pears). While experts are thinking how to get rid of parasites, they entwine the parks and gardens of its web.

Correspondent Anton Artemievof the impending threat.NTV report.

They are strangers to the Baikal region, derive from the climate change. Heat wave contributed to the spread of uncharacteristic for the region insects. Perhaps this phenomenon and would not have paid attention if web, literally overflowing, swarming insects, not hung over the footpath, forcing residents recall horror movies.

Clarity is made by scientists: the trees attacking moles, which settles on the apple. Caterpillar webs entwine tree to protect themselves from the elements, and then eat the foliage. With long threads as they move from one plant to another. It is these "swing" of insects and people stand in the way.

A local woman"I live a long time, but this phenomenon has been observed for the first time. That is, the apple never not amazed by anything. No tracks, no cobwebs on it was not. "
Local"This is called ermine moth."
Local"Yes, and ermine?"
Local"Yes, Ermine. Beautiful. "

Experts speculate that to do with the plague. Chemicals poison insects in undesirable. Biologics cheap. In any case, the housing authorities are in no hurry to finance the destruction of the moth, as well as city government.

Elena Berezhnaya,agronomist, entomologist, "If in a few years will be such outbreaks, and with them, will not fight, the trees may be killed."

Meanwhile, almost fantastic transformation flora Irkutsk end until the end of the month. Insects pupate, a new generation of butterflies moths. By next year, according to experts, will continue their invasion in a massive scale.

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