In Magnitogorsk Museum holds a mirror witch and skull Alan




Svetlana Semerkina, Vladislav Gusev, Conn. — Magnitogorsk

Their professional holiday noted archaeologists. His involvement in the date and feel the Magnitogorsk museum — one of the first collections here was exactly the archaeological. The first exhibits in the collection appeared in 1947.

15,000 years ago, at the point where now, in the modern Magnitogorsk is the street Zhukova, mammoths roamed. Proof — tusk that during the construction of a house accidentally found jobs.

For a long time it was thought that the people on the territory of modern Magnitogorsk appeared 30,000 years ago. However, recent public monuments prove the Ural land began to grow roots much earlier — more than 200,000 years ago. Archives of Magnitogorsk museum store many finds. For example — everyday objects with Malokizilskogo settlement. Archaeologists suggest that around in the second millennium, this village was attacked by the enemy. "They set fire to the house, most of the people were killed, set on fire the house down, it is the whole thing no one took they were left lying in their houses," — says the Deputy Director of the Regional Museum of Science Galina Starikova.

One of these items — a mirror which experts attribute to the era of the early Middle Ages. Archaeologists do not rule out that the mirror belonged to a priestess and served as the subject of witchcraft. Perhaps that is depicted on the back is not a simple pattern, and magical characters. There is a collection of the museum and the representative of the skull warlike tribe of Alans. The cemetery near the modern scientists have discovered Agapovka. The unusual shape of the head, according to experts, was created artificially — the boys just after the birth of her tightly bandaged.

In 1947 there was the first in Magnitogorsk archaeological collection. Since then, exhibits have accumulated a lot. Now employees wish to open a separate archaeological exhibits. However, this will depend on the funding — as long as such funds to the museum there.


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