In Minsk, paid tribute to American Ruth Whaler

By misiyanerki grave in the military cemetery in Minsk activists of Solidarity "Together" laid flowers. Head movement Siuchyk a speech.

Whaler Ruth and her husband worked in the United Nations Organization Mission in the relief and rehabilitation (UNNRA) Belarus after the Second World War. The composition of the mission included 15 Americans and one New Zealand citizen.

At the grave of Ruth are Voler box.

While working in Minsk on 25-year-old Ruth Whaler saved three Belarusian boys who drowned in the lake. Soon, however, she suffered pneumonia and transient Manning and died August 4, 1946.

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the exhibition for the 60th anniversary of the Belarusian mission UNNRA, a department dedicated to the memory of Ruth Whaler.


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