In South Korea, both married 3500 sectarians

On Sunday in South Korea at the same time married three and a half thousand pairs. All of them are followers of the teachings of Sun Myung Moon, the so-called "Unification Church." He claimed to have received a covenant to build the kingdom of God on earth in person of Jesus Christ. This — the first since the death of a mass wedding-moon in September last year, said channel "Russia 24".

In the video, along with South Korean newlyweds oath of loyalty uttered another 12,000 pairs worldwide. Later, they recovered to collect donations for his church. Ceremony led widow of billionaire preacher, she chose to marry about 400 people who previously did not know each other. Many call it a "test of faith" and criticism of "Unification Church" consider it a totalitarian sect and accused of extorting money from the faithful.

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