In Tehran, decided not to spoil relations with Minsk

Message Iranian agency "Fars" that Belarus has sold Iran anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, has been removed from the site of the agency.

August 4 at the site pavafitsyynaga Iranian news agency "Fars" it was reported that Iran is in possession of 4 missiles S-300 type "ground-to-air."

"Farce" refers to a special program of the Iranian armed forces, which in May 2009Lebanese TV station showed a "Al-Manar", which is linked to the radical Islamist group "Hezbollah". In the program, in particular, have been shown to S-300 missiles with a logo Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Analyst "Al-Manar" while allegedly recalled that four missiles were purchased by Iran in Belarus.

"Farce" also reported that in the international press earlier there were reports that Iran bought in Belarus two missile systems S-300 and was going to buy two more in an unnamed country. Specific sources of this information is not submitted.

Iranian analyst at the service of our radio — "Radio Farda" — Hussein Arian said that speculation about the participation of Belarus in the sale to Iran of S-300 complexes compass long ago: "Even earlier suggestions that Russia is trying to use Belarus as a mediator to transfer S-300 to Iran not to cause discontent with the U.S. and Israel" .

Later, on August 4 the information agency "Fars" agency reprinted Associated Press. Soon said information on the site disappeared, although it can still be found in the cache of search engine, as well as on other sites that had to reprint it.

Hussein Ariane says that the disappearance published on the website of the agency "Fars" Information happened before. From the site cleaned materials that the Iranian leadership is not considered desirable. "The reason that they removed from the site post with a mention of Belarus may be that Iran may have thought that it might impair friendly Relations between the Tehran and Minsk, "- says the analyst of" Radio Farda ".

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