In the anomalous heat blame the Earths interior

A new version of explanations for the origin of the heat wave. According to the author of the hypothesis of Dr. Vladimir Syrovotkina Mineralogy, not create it from outside influence, and the bowels of the planet. How is this possible, the expert explained "Russia morning".

"Our main pan — the Sun. My model explains how the activity of the sun, or rather, on solar activity affects the Earth's core. And it always gives off hydrogen, which deplete the ozone layer", — explained Syvorotkin.

He said that the process is scientifically called "deep degassing process." He has two options — degassing is uneven in time and space is uneven. "There are areas on Earth that we can call centers drainage — is fractured and rift zones, their intersection, which is allocated an order of magnitude greater than in nearby" — said the doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences.

He explained why be afraid of ozone depletion. "The flow of biologically active ultraviolet radiation reduces immunity, damages eyesight. Additionally, when increasing the flow of ultraviolet, down here, start accumulating the ground-level ozone, which is highly poisonous gas, hydrogen cyanide is more dangerous," — stated Vladimir Syvorotkin.

Apart from the fact that the process of global warming, the latest news of this year show exactly the opposite process — in some regions of Russia, on the contrary, this summer, the temperature was well below normal. Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences explained that the destruction of the same ozone layer.

"He destroyed spots. Example, about the evolution of hydrogen ceased, the ozone hole just" darn. "But if the ozone hole is a little more — by 15-20%, once it gets cold," — concluded the expert.

"According to my model of ozone depletion, it all has to end cooling. Because the reaction products — the interaction of methane and hydrogen with ozone — is water that freezes to form polar stratospheric clouds, which increase the reflectivity of the planet, because in mass destruction of the ozone layer cooling cycle must repay "- suggested Vladimir Syvorotkin.

However, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences is advised to make predictions about what 100 years can begin to melt glaciers, and everything will be flooded. "Do not believe, because that can not be. In nature there are always back mechanisms", — the expert said.

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