In the coves of Peter the Great Bay found increasing concentrations of mercury

A press conference with the participation of specialists Primgidrometa. As stated by the Head of the Centre for monitoring environmental pollution Galina Semykina: "We have recorded an increasing concentration of mercury in the waste water entering the bay of the Gulf of Peter the Great. The situation began to deteriorate in 2010, when the mercury was detected in high concentrations in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great. We can not yet know the precise cause, but the pollution of the coastal waters of Primorye affected by several factors, including numerous landfills, waste water which is directly into the sea. "

Galina suggested that the problem is exacerbated by the fact that such a large city like Beijing, still has no treatment facilities, so dirty, domestic and industrial water fall directly into the bay. In connection with the situation today, on the south coast of Primorye Territory can swim only in the bays, remote from towns and cities. As head of the Center for monitoring environmental pollution said that in Primorye is not clear rivers. 68% are very polluted and contaminated water, 32% dirty, very dirty pool drains Ussuri River.

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