In the Murmansk region bears increasingly closer to the people

Only this summer the Murmansk ohotinspektsiyu received over 10 calls from anxious Kandalaksha, Thirsk and Kovdor areas. Complain about the bears, who hosted near settlements. Is to blame the heat this summer — the forest is dry, small berries, that pulls brown predators seek food near people.

Careful in cottages

Last years favorite treats bears — discarded in trash cans leftover food. Got into the habit predator to give northerners. In late July, Bruin visited one of these under the apatite, which broke a wooden fence, tore the net on the dog kennel. The hosts were breeding collies. Predator killed a dog, and a few days back for the others. Fortunately, people have taken pets with them to the city. The other day brown bear wandered into the House apatitskih baby. Fortunately, not for long.

— According to our data, the Kola Peninsula live 750 brown bears. There are prerequisites for that special, but minor — says Konstantin Vostryakov, Chief ohotinspektor Murmansk region.

— This year, in the south of the area is very small berries, so they tend to be the places where people live. Animal lure "juicy" smells coming from the cemetery and dumps, where many biological waste. Before they appear in populated areas in June, and by the end of the month usually went back to the forest. Now this period they inhaled …

Ohotinspektsii employees currently on duty in Apatity, because that's where a lot of complaints about the brazen bears. The city authorities have advised residents to go to a smaller timber.

— Our goal is to eat no animal — continues Konstantin. — The shooting of an animal — a last resort. This summer in the Kola region have had to kill one. We ask the government of problem areas and villages in time to eliminate garbage from the edge of roads and residential neighborhoods. Thus, the root cause is removed the appearance of bears with people.

Reserves prepare dens

— On the territory of Lapland Reserve live about 20 bears. And all we love, nurture and prepare their dens, to put them to sleep in October — smiling director Sergei Shestakov. — But seriously, our bears bred and never attacked tourists. Our staff even go unarmed.

Do not worry clumsy and staff Kandalaksha reserve. While they watch the animals now live on the coast and fishing.

What did you do if you are faced with clubfoot? Most importantly — do not run, because the work of a bear instinct, like all predators. It is better to try to go away — quietly and without fuss, all the while keeping a bear in sight. Well, if he started to move you, scream loudly, it should frighten him. If you see brown predator near human habitation, write a statement in ohotinspektsiyu and send it by fax(8152) 45-46-20or e-mail —, and the next day the game wardens will take action — away the clumsy.

Oksana Petrova

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