In the radiation zone? Permission is not needed!

In Klimovichi area, which in Mogilev, canceled check mode in six evacuated because of radiation contamination settlements. The authorities claim that the level of radiation in these lands has decreased.

Now you can visit the area without permission. This decision was made by the Department in the aftermath of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Resolution of the Department of acquired effective 1 August.

Engaged in agricultural activities for 2000 acres of land, as before, is prohibited. It is also forbidden to collect mushrooms, berries, medicinal and industrial raw materials.

Canceled check mode in the territory of the former villages Deryazhnya, Koshanovka, Naradeshna, Ignatavka, Kislyats, Gorky and Zamashenya. They have long been moved out and buried. Now the area passed Klimovichi forestry.

There has already grown forest. Forests up to the age of maturity eighty years to grow. It is one hundred years after the Chernobyl disaster will be

In forestry claim that they have time to get acquainted with the decision of the department, and comment on it with reluctance.

"There's already grown forest. Forest is growing rapidly, has abandoned areas. Forests to the age of eighty years of maturity to grow. '81 Grow spruce economy. This is one hundred years after the Chernobyl disaster will take place. Hydrangea The older, so it will be more complete," says forestry expert .

What is the current level of radiation in the territory where the canceled check mode, could not figure out. Earlier zabruzhanasts these territories was 15 curies. From official sources that the planned abolition of the check mode also Kostyukovichi district of Mogilev region.

Abolish the check mode and in the Gomel region. As theand the council issues the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, mainly in the resettlement areas through which the highways:

"Due to the fact that there were resettled population. These items are mostly buried, there is nothing to protect. Why spend the money? Therefore change, and patrol routes. There do we have fixed positions and paste avtapatrulyavannya working method," said an employee council .

Head of the center of Chernobyl Initiatives Ivan Nikitchenko considers the abolition of access control in the affected areas unwise move power. The hope that the wood from the Chernobyl zone can be use dozens of years in the industry, says serious.

"They're trying to save money on this issue. Areas that were moved, return to economic activity will never be possible. Isotopes, they have the characteristic that one when dissolved, goes to the other — but he all the same radioactive. Total of which was radiation, and it will remain so for centuries. "


Chernobyl, Nikitchenko

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