In the U.S., opened the Institute of marijuana

New scientific institution will be located near the hemp plantations in California. Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of marijuana at Humboldt State University will coordinate research in areas such as economics, geography, politics, psychology and sociology.

Edition of The Times-Standard of Eureka reports that one of the professors is studying the recent campaign for the legalization of marijuana, while the other explores the impact of cannabis plantations on the environment. Co-chair of the Institute economist Eric Eshker studied the relationship between the production of marijuana and the level of employment in the country.

According to sociologist Mizelya Josh, who heads the company along with Eshkerom, this institute will be the first place where the marijuana will study through the lens of different disciplines. The idea of creating a separate institution started talking back in 2010, when California was preparing to vote on whether to equate marijuana to alcohol.

In early November of this year, American voters of Washington and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana sales without medical prescription. And the residents of Massachusetts approved the use of soft drugs for medical purposes.

Now that the new institution is even more reason to exist.

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