In Transbaikalia caught piranha

Zabaykalskie fishermen were quite surprised when caught in the lake Arahley piranha, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". At least, that's what the staff identified the fish section of ichthyology Chita city zoo. Rather, piranhas released into the pond one of the local residents — in all likelihood, someone bothered to mess with it.

The content of piranhas in the home requires a lot of patience and a lot of time, the "Chita.Ru." However, people prefer the version that the pollution of the lake and its shores mutated perch.

"Usually, pike, perch, sorghum, in our rudd or bulus, come across, but here no words … Our practice Arahlee never a fish does not get. First time. My brother and I went in the morning, take out: piranha — not a piranha? wonder what she's here. Come here to show everything. Everybody says piranha, I do not see how we have on Arahlee piranha was "- quoted fisherman Boris Stepanov" "

In their home countries, in South America, piranhas — the present storm water, but in the Trans-Baikal Lake at this fish has no chance to survive. Piranha probably would have died during the harsh winter. "Young piranhas, they are very beautiful, silvery. Blue color over time is displayed, they are black, get an awesome view. Pisces fearful when alone, but when a lot of them — are aggressive. Oh well, the fish as a fish" — said the head of the section ihteologii Chita city zoo Eugene root.

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