In Ukraine, do not exclude the pumping of Venezuelan oil via the Odessa — Brody

Ukrainian experts believe that the contract with Lukashenko regarding the transfer of Venezuelan oil to Odessa promises twice as much profit than the current agreement with Russia, writes the Kyiv weekly "Business Capital".

According to the Ukrainian-Belarusian agreement by April 2011Belarus and Venezuela to import 4,000,000 tons of oil, and after the purchase volume is expected to grow to 10 million tons a year. It is possible that from next year, in the interests of Belarus may be involved pipeline "Odessa — Brody" which is now Russian oil pumps in aversnym mode. In the meantime, the Venezuelan oil is delivered from Odessa to Belarus by train.

According to the Ukrainian portal "New Region", was completed yesterday's sixth unloading tanker with Venezuelan fuel. On once approximately 80,000 tons of cargo delivered the Greek ship «Minerva Alexandra». The next tanker will arrive in Odessa on August 10.


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