In Uzhgorod chestnuts bloom in the second round

In Uzhgorod in these September days there is an annual "second" flowering chestnuts. Trees with updated green leaves and white flower buds adorn the bustling streets, opposite the former sports complex "Spartacus."

In the trees, where the buds are already faded, began to develop small chestnuts. According to an employee of Uzhhorod Botanical Garden Victoria Androschuk, this is not a whim of nature, and, moreover, is not a miracle.
"In recent years the world climate is changing — tells Victoria Pavlovna. — In particular, there is a rise in temperature by a few degrees. Moreover, this turned out to be pretty warm in September, which, in principle, and caused flowering chestnut trees. "
According to biologist, chestnuts defoliation in August and began preparations for the winter. But because after a few days of cool again started rising temperatures, they forced their kidneys develop. As a result, the trees again hid with foliage, and then spread the flower buds.
It is also interesting that bloom in Uzhgorod not all chestnuts, but only some. After all, many of the trees are still standing, covered in dark brown dry leaves.
"In Uzhgorod, as in many other cities, chestnuts massively ill — explains Victoria Pavlovna. — Therefore, the trees, which are stronger and healthier, bloom, and the weaker and the patients do not respond to the increase in day and night temperatures. "
Victoria Androschuk says a mass flowering chestnut trees will be observed, perhaps a few more days. But when the air temperature will drop chestnuts, without any harm to them, fold the leaves and flower buds, and will begin its traditional winter preparation.
In the meantime, until it was cold, uzhgorodtsy and visitors can still admire the newly zatsvetshimi chestnuts.

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