Inca Gold

November 9, 2011 17:41


Gold — probably the most ancient idol of mankind. For the right to own the yellow metal were bloody wars, destroy entire nations and peoples.

Inca Empire was one of the victims of the Spanish gold rush. But the Spanish conquistadors could not capture all the treasures. After the execution of the last ruler of the Inca gold disappeared. Looking for him since the end of the XVI century. Thousands of expeditions were sent to the Peruvian jungle, hoping to find at least part of the treasure. But all in vain, no clues so far.

In the summer of 2010 the Russian expedition went to Peru. Expedition members understand that they are unlikely to find the treasure. They have set a different task — to understand which of the currently existing version is closest to the truth. German — argue that gold in the late 30's found people Hitler, the Vatican — which says that the treasures of the Incas went to the Catholic Church, the Polish — the essence of which is that the Inca treasures were taken to Poland last heir of the Great Inca and Peruvian — the most common, according to which the gold of the Incas still resting peacefully somewhere in the wilds of the Amazon.

The expedition is born and another version — and there was a wealth of general? Perhaps the treasure of the Incas is a myth? All these theories are discussed in detail in the film.

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