Instead offered a burnt house doghouse

While the Belarusian rescuers to help the Russians fight the fire inside Belarus are increasingly starting fires in forests and peat lands, including in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl radiation. According to records management, every day there is up to 15 fires. The population is prepared for the worst. Many fire victims have not received compensation insurance since last year.


"Every outbreak threatens to turn into a fire with heavy consequences"

In Mogilev risk of major fires in forests and peatlands remain prevalent, while suffering thirty-degree heat.

Locate the individual fire firefighter and forest enterprises have so far managed, but the area is expanding their occurrence. If before the official sources said most of the forest fires in the area Krychau, now admit that they are struggling already in Gorki, and Bobruisk areas.

On Gorachchyne over the past weekend 7 hectares of forest burned.

"On the grounds of forestry fifth grade, the highest, the fire danger remained for three weeks. Now she slept. With this class of fire hazard each outbreak threatens to turn into a fire with heavy consequences. All of the fires were caused by agricultural fields. Brought were great resources. Even a helicopter was brought from Minsk "- said the expert Goretskogo forestry.

In Krychau area burned ten acres of forest. Here a fire occur in peatlands:

"Abvalavali, abkapali close forest. No threat. Firefighters are working around the clock. The helicopter was working there. Thirteen tons of water immediately taken. Near the villages there is not, so there is no danger to the population, "- said an employee of a rural district councils.

In forestry Cherikov large forest areas are located in the zone of contamination. On the farm there were two fires. They extinguished, said forestry specialist. What about the radiation levels?

"Fires, of course, if they are large, they will raise it here and think of nothing. Will then transfer the ashes, with the smoke. In the meantime, this is not, everything is stable. "

Grodno region

Population — fined peat — flood

The Grodno region growing number of fines for visiting forest communities.

From the beginning of the fire season in the Grodno region recorded 41 cases of forest fires. Therefore, people are fined for visiting forests and campfires. Amount of punishment — up to 50 times the minimum wage.

Head of Emergency Department Berestovitsky Alexander Gornostaev also says that the heat will cause the flood driest peatlands:

"Peat is not spilled but mowing hay has passed, and will raise the issue before meliyaratarami to raise the water level. We expect that by the end of the week will hold the temperature at a level no lower than 30 degrees. "

In Zelva district on July 18 there was a fire at the warehouse of chemical waste, storing more than 300 tons of obsolete pesticides, taken away for storage here from all over the region in 2006.

Zelvenskiy local newspaper published an article stating that the effects of fire, do not carry the risk to the residents of nearby villages. However, not everyone believed it. Some grandmother sent her grandchildren, who spent their holidays, back to the city. In the village there People say that the water in the well, allegedly changed the taste.


Abnormal heat threatens Belarusian Railway

The Brest region due to heat waves more than 200 trains arrived at the station late. The administration of the railway introduced the speed limit, because the rails were heated above 60 degrees.

Diesel train arriving at the station Baranavičy delayed by 10-20 minutes. The number of trains that are late by more than 200. In Brest, the problems, says the expert of transportation:

"In the course of July because of the heat, and speed limits belatedly arrived 25 passengers and six commuter trains. In August — three passenger and one commuter train. Each station is independently determined to impose restrictions. We see that in Baranavichi much more trains. "

What a fire hazard situation, the local fires recorded only in Pinsk district and so far beyond the contaminated areas. At least, so say in the district office Emergencies:

The most dangerous fires — the fire in peatlands. And those places with high background radiation — they have sand …

"The most dangerous fires — the fire in peatlands. And those places with high background radiation — they have sand … "

But savvy entrepreneurs are benefiting from the heat. Through the "ZHELDORSERVIS" private company "Belfarmakon" sells drinking water from the tap. In Brest, and in areas at each station can be purchased water from centralized water supply system, that is just a tap. A spokeswoman said that the demand is big enough, and the necessary registration procedures firm was in compliance with the law:

"In the field, we supply our products through the" ZHELDORSERVIS "and store this company. And in Brest purchase our products may freely. We went through all the necessary procedures for registration and certification. And our products are cheaper than other water. The demand is quite large, we have nothing to complain about. "

Gomel Oblast

No house, no compensation

It will soon be two years since the village Tumarin Vetkovskiy district suffered a major fire. With extinguished peat fire spread to the village — houses burned down seven of the sixteen injured many outbuildings and a lot of property villagers.

But so far, not all villagers were compensated.

Says a local resident, father of three children Yuri Romachkin, whose fire destroyed outbuildings and livestock:

"Once there is a trial. The prosecutor's office re-opened a criminal case on this fire. Can not find someone who has yet to compensate. They say that until the investigation is underway, any compensation would not be. I understand that you need to find someone fielder who would pay. In the executive committee I was too. And they say that until the end result — nothing will happen. "

Some residents Tumarin gave municipal housing in the nearby village Rudnia Sponitskaya.

more than anything I do not already offer. They say: do you refused — and no longer get nothing.

Offered a so-called cottage instead destroyed his mother's home and pensioner Valentina Simonova, which before the fire for a long time lived in Tumarine:

"Paid the only insurance that I shall be made for the house. It's a small amount. Nothing more. I went, went, and I was offered a summer residence — a doghouse. I called the Bureau of Technical Inventory — estimated it at 7,000,000 rubles, and it is not suitable for habitation. It was abshalyavanaya. They tore the skin to look. This summer house was made of pine logs, the fungus has already broken them. And — more than anything I do not offer. They say: do you refused — and no longer get nothing. "

And also today in the Gomel region came alarming news from the neighboring Bryansk region of Russia. Environmentalists report that the forest fires started in the areas of Bryansk, which is contaminated with radioactive materials following the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As the chairman of the organization "Greenpeace Russia" Sergei Tsyplenkov, in the affected areas have already been more than 20 fires.

Monitor the situation and Belarusian
ecologists. That's what today announced the "freedom" the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Party "The Greens" Yuri Glushakov:

"Unfortunately, we do not have significant financial resources to engage in monitoring the fire situation. But if need be, we are ready to announce the mobilization of our party activists to fight the fires. I am personally ready for it. And at any moment, we can take any part in such events ", — said Yuri Glushakov, which, I remind you, the Belarusian Party" The Greens "puts forward its own candidate in the presidential election campaign in Belarus.


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