Invisible Empire: A New World Order

The documentary "The Invisible Empire" tells of the troubles in advanced American globalist issues for the future of their country, with the trend of the U.S. withdrawal from the occupied today their place in the world for quality of life and the freedoms they incrementally lose.

In the economic aspect, the director blames global management plans designed to shift from the position of the dollar the world's reserve currency, as well as determination of the international regulation of the American economy by the IMF to establish control over the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

In the film, a thorough analysis of the concept of "New World Order", and many of the elite who speak about it implies certain things quite difficult naposvyaschennymi The captured. Important information in the story line interwoven with the emotional stress, far from empathy "is not American," however, the significance of this film is not falling.

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