Is there a looking glass?. Continued Part 2

In the small circle of supporters of the imminent opening of a sense of future inspiration and inner strength causes the rise, people walking together, light up, think and work better, more interesting and easier. Around — those that are not together ideologically and performance, but still close — all this often causes irritation, passing for individuals to aggression and aggression, especially if the person is not endowed with nothing but of drive or predominantly by it leads the irritated. At approximately this: these, there seems to have found a treasure or just about found. Let divide. We were here too … In my mind I see a similar situation now in the form of two round dances: small — inside more — outside, moving in different directions. And as every man in the little dance, as in all such festive and theatrical situations should sleep tion to those in larger, it is very vulnerable and, though in different ways, physically survives in two situations — preserved as a winner ( if!), giving up as the loser (esli!). A really great live around the world, more or less to delve into the essence of what is happening. (Either he stole a fur coat, whether he stole a fur coat, but something is.) The most beneficial for a person to be able to dance in the interior with the victory just forget about the blizzard. "What does all this matter if there is victory?" Or, as my mother used to say: "And yet, it is (It's any!) Happened, but still — I (we) it has made." Price had znacheniya.A I know what and where did to me Price, every time that I'm missing after the next snowstorm.
The last and most terrible blizzard, where leading steel my closest BUT NOT INCLUDED IN DOMESTIC dance, started slowly. I just did not seem like it will go into a hurricane, I could not believe it .. but it has now been in my life. There is also in their lives … And this is not vycherknesh.Razvivaya neurophysiological research, I felt not one, as I wrote earlier, and at the same time the two plateaus, different levels, different surmountable. The first — and more about it said earlier — we can not go on without the knowledge of what is happening in the whole brain. It is the union of knowledge about point events in the brain and what is happening in the whole brain (PET), enables a new breakthrough in the unknown and simultaneously help to confirm or deny that formed on the basis of previously existing features. Without this level of technological literally can not breathe today in the science of the brain. This is what I wrote specifically in another chapter, the chapter "Why pet?" And the second plateau, or rather, the wall was white, blurred, and its plateau is something I have not called and mentally Some quilted wall. And there she is, and there is none. It was both a feeling and knowing that today there are no methodological and technological approach to the understanding of some of the "strange" phenomena of the human psyche — at least, perhaps, and the mechanism of the complex phenomena of the psyche at all. But at last came the realization pozzhe.Snachala everything seemed exceptions: the prophecy Vanga grinders; communion with those who have not — American Andersen, the impact on the audience and the type of individuals Kashpirovsky.
We have heard since childhood about the prophets of clairvoyants. But those were some special people who lived long ago, but sometimes it seemed "and former right? and lived it? "" And it all happened? "We know how the story is lying nations, written by" oriented "person, not an indifferent chronicler. Why not lie stories of individuals? Why not invent characters, if they are needed — well, who knows why? During the Second World War was necessary and mass and individual heroism. If something was missing — the image was taken, and the people followed the way. Or in the extreme case of a slogan. A certain degree of atheism, atheists seem, promotes science (in fact, faith can contribute more than atheism). Atheism as a worldview very impoverished spiritual life and makes it possible obstacles poznaniya.Kak same is the case with the "strange" phenomena now, on the border of the third millennium? Let's leave the argument, let's see if fakty.Est would be a real prophetess now, she lives in Bulgaria, near the town of Petrich, in the village — or rather, takes visitors to the village, and lives a very Petrich — Evangeline, Aunt Wang, and which come and learn that a missing cow that with a missing person, will live sick — so you never know what might I want to know chelovek.Priehala to Bulgaria, when we were all inspired by our revolution from above, our restructuring — and did not recognize Bulgaria after almost thirty years of hiatus . All around the same as at the time we have — empty shelves, closed shops "for the party-state elite and distinguished guests." And there is something what poverty! (We now have forgotten that at the end of the Brezhnev that way we lived. Rescues prices of essential goods and familiarity with speculators.) My scientific lectures in Bulgaria went behind closed doors — God forbid, I will share our delight, the time of frustration and negativity was yet to come, we have become a threat to popular paradise elite, and this elite felt good. Well, it's all me in what was then our euphoria is not very worried. By Vanga! By Vanga! And at first still had to call in for a cup of coffee to the secretary of the city committee Petrich — the rules of the game extended to the "miracles" — or, as we have previously taken "strange" phenomenon. True, it was a beautiful Bulgaria, on the southern edge of it (of course, the most beautiful), and that I have to hurry. By the way, do not be late to Vanga helped only for daylight saving time, not considered in our trip and do not include Vanga. She, as it turned out later, is always very accurate (slepaya!) knows what time it is, but does not recognize any transition to summer or the winter. Or, judging by the reality that I met while visiting Vanga, she always lives at that time, which we call winter. Before traveling to Vanga I saw of her film at the Sofia Documentary Film Studio. It is certainly impressive, but no comparison is not even a short personal meeting. It is no secret that no matter what wonders we have not seen in a recording made not by us, we make a correction to what we see on the screen, as well as amending any other spectator, if the "miracles" of the film will bring my.Voditel left car three hundred meters from the house of Vanga, on a dusty country road on which we went on. There stood a few cars of visitors who came before us. In other words, the sounds came and stopped at the house of Vanga machines not only in general but also on the same day could be something special eye-catching. And we were on the soft side road dust, and thus our steps have not been heard. And yet, soon after I came up to the fence around the court house at Wangi and stood behind one of the many eager to meet with Vanga, her shrill voice rang out: "I know that you're here, Natalie, come over to the fence, do not hide behind a man. " Since I just did not expect it, but still do not understand how God knows the Bulgarian-Macedonian speech Vanga, but realized that there was a third or a fourth of "translation" — people turned to me and explained as best we could, what is at stake, that said Wang. On my arrival in this day Wang had been warned in advance, she could tell that I came — so calmly I took this first "strangeness." Receiving visitors started at exactly the appointed time, and Wang immediately sent me some of their loved ones to say that it does not take me among the first, since it is necessary to "enter into a certain state, to warm up." Before meeting with Vanga I am very wanted to be quiet and focus. But accidentally or not, my environment, who came with me and doctors have done all this to be imp
ossible. And I made a response to another question, when I was called to Vanga, the tiny village canopy — well, anything on two feet and a half. At a window table. Opposite the entrance to a chair at the table sits Wang, "Auntie Wang," which calls on all of you, and you should also call on you. She is blind, his face contorted, but as far as how you look at it, the face is looking more and more attractive, clean, nice, although at first she was in any way not happy with me. I did not have a traditional piece of sugar that I had to keep the night before coming to her — the conviction of Vanga, a piece of sugar a day to soak up information about coming, and then Wang's fingers her schityvaet.Traditsionny gift … I gave her a wonderful Pavlovo scarf in a plastic bag. Wang reached for the sugar — I do not have sugar, Aunt Wang … Took a handkerchief out of the package — "Oh, yes you did not touch it at all" (by the way, the truth — the second "miracle") — and started stroking a plastic bag. "Why have you come? What you want to know? "Nothing special, I said, I wanted to meet you, I will examine the properties of the human brain, and I wanted to talk to you the most. "For science, then, yes. Mary, you know? Jacob know? Sergei? "No, Aunt Wang, not znayu.Pomolchala Wang, leaned back in his chair, muttered something distracting (think of science) and suddenly deviated slightly to the left, his face became interested. "This is now your mother is coming. She's here. He wants to tell you something. And you can ask her. "Knowing that Wang often speaks about the discontent deceased relatives in another world, that they are angry because of the neglect of the children to their graves, I am expecting the same response, Wang said — my mother, probably, angry with me (my mother died in 1975, I was at Vanga in 1989. I went after my mother's death five years in a row to her grave.) Wang listened and listened to suddenly say, "No. She was not angry at you. It's all illness, she says, it's a disease. " And then I, at the same time showing his hands: "She was here such as paralysis" — Vanga mimic shake hands. "This is like that." Parkinsonism, commenting on me. "Yes, yes, well, parkinsonism." And so it was, my mother was sick for twelve years the most severe parkinsonism … "A mother to two requests to you, go down to the monks and order to its remembered. To the monks. " "In Leningrad — I ask — in Moscow?" "No, no, to the monks." Zagorsk? "Yes, yes Zagorsk." A second request — "Go to Siberia." Forever? When? Where to? "Where you said to Siberia. Not forever. When? She'll know soon. " "What's that — Siberia?" Wang laughed. "The city? Place? "
— Yes, no one I met in Siberia. And why did I go there — I say. Wang — "I do not know. Mother asks. "By the way, out of the blue on arrival in Leningrad I was invited to Siberia for readings in my grandfather, academician VM, spondylitis. And it is not gone. And I regret it to this day. Much later the trip was pointless, though Baikal is beautiful and with its shallow and rocky sides, on a trip only druzya.Mozhet be pleased, if … But who can now answer this question?
And then Wang began to ask me. "Where is your father?" I do not know — not quite the truth I said. "How come you do not know, because it's been a murder, murder. Where is the grave? "Coffin — the grave. "Where his coffin?" I do not know — here is the truth. "How come you do not know, you should know that you try — and you will know." Ah, Wang, Wang, I thought, well, who am I to say where the bones of my shot ottsa.Skazali. Repeated through other channels. Confirmed. Rather, it is likely that, together with all as miserable as my father, he was buried near Leningrad, in Levashov. I was there — there are trees, grass bushes. And where you walk through the ashes of the victims, where ashes are buried as their executioners — is said. Although somewhere, someone of that should be known. Probably, by process of elimination, saying, where are the executioners.


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