Is there a secret government of the earth?

Is there a secret government of the earth?

In Russia, a book by former British intelligence officer Dr. John Coleman, exposing elite conspiracy against humanity

"Committee of 300"

Here people do not believe that the country is run by presidents, prime ministers, presidents and other "visible" officials. Suspect that the real power — the powerful and unshakable, but hidden — is concentrated in the hands of someone other. In kakih-nibud Masons, for example. Particularly mistrustful citizens even created a so-called "World conspiracy theory", according to which the world is ruled a small handful of people. They are rich in senior positions. Consider themselves elected, and the rest — useless eaters. And to get rid of the human ballast, incite wars, invent new deadly diseases, fooling people drugs, alcohol, pornography. As a result, willfully world elite in a certain number of time on the planet has to stay only one billion — "gold", which finally has a happy and free to enjoy all the benefits of data nature: clean air, fresh water, natural products.

Complete nonsense, it would seem. However, the security forces of the British Intelligence MI6 (SIS) John Coleman in his book "The Committee of 300. Secret world government "proves that some powerful secret organization exists.

"During my career, an officer in the British intelligence — says Coleman — I have often had access to strictly confidential documents, which was unusually frank. I learned what power monitors and controls the governments of many countries. I was so annoyed that I decided to tell the world about it, who is in the dark.

Imagine a powerful group that knows no national boundaries, which includes banking, insurance, coal mining, trade, medicine, oil industry, whose members are responsible solely to the members of this group. This is the "Committee of 300" — the supreme controlling body, which controls the world since 1897. His bones are now three hundred most influential people in the world. "

Powerful conspirators

According to Coleman, the "Committee of 300" work secret organizations and think tanks. Here are some of them.

"The Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) in 1921 brings together the most influential people in the U.S. and the Western world, from current and former presidents to CIA functionaries. Created by American banker Morgan. Controls the U.S. Federal Reserve, the New York Stock Exchange and the mainstream media.

In 1954, the "Bilderberg Group" (the name of the hotel "Bilderberg" Osterbeke in the Dutch city where the first meeting) has joined the elite of American and European.

In 1973, a third major structure — the "Trilateral Commission", which included representatives from the U.S., Europe and Japan. Its purpose — "to create a mechanism of global planning and long-term reallocation of resources."

"Club of Rome" in 1968, became one of the main foreign entities "Committee of 300." Brings together scientists, globalists, futurists and internationalists of various stripes. Has its own private intelligence agency and also "borrows" information from Interpol, the FSB and Mossad.

Oversees the work of these organizations billionaire David Rockefeller.

And here is a partial list of the four aides of "monsters": "Round Table", "Milner Group," "The Order of St. John of Jerusalem", "German Marshall Fund", "Cini Foundation", "Fabian Society", "Venetian Black Nobility" "Mont Pelerin Society," "Hellfire Club" and, of course, the Masons. Mother of all the world's think tanks and research institutions — "Tavistock Institute of Human Relations", which now begins to help the Stanford Research Institute.

According to Coleman, a "Committee of 300" were and are the Queen of England, Queen of the Netherlands, Queen of Denmark and the royal families of Europe, George Bush, Edward Carter, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Francois Mitterrand, Jean Monet, Ernest Oppenheimer and his successor, Harry .

In the mid-1990s to take part in the preparations for the establishment of a One World Government was invited to Russia. "Boris Yeltsin used decrees" Committee of 300 ", as an experiment to impose the will of the Russian ruling elite," — says the scout Coleman.

Plans Gromada

Coleman describes the new world order as it represents the "Committee of 300."

About Leaders: Will the One World Government and a unified monetary system under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchs who appoint leaders from among themselves in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages.

Laws: The middle class will not be — only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts, using the same code of laws, the execution of which will follow the One World Government police force and the combined armed forces forcibly One World will introduce laws in all former countries that no longer shares a border.

Religion: There is only one religion is allowed in the form of the Church of the One World Government that secretly existed since 1920. All Christian churches are banned.

On Control: For all the people would be dealt to the identification (ID) number. And entered into a computer file consolidated NATO in Brussels, along with detailed profiles.

Family: Marriage canceled. Children will choose their parents at an early age. And was educated in special institutions like public property. Free sex becomes coercive.

On children: If a woman becomes pregnant after already bear two children, her forcibly sent to a clinic for an abortion and sterilization.

About Resources: Only members of the "Committee of 300" and their elected representatives will have the right to manage the earth's resources. Agriculture will be exclusively in the hands of the "Committee of 300", and food production will be strictly controlled.

On social policy: At least 4 billion "useless eaters" shall be cut off in 2050 by limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal, rapidly occurring disease and starvation. The amount of electricity, food and water will be maintained at a level sufficient only for the survival of white people especially in Western Europe and North America, and then the other races. The population of Canada, Western Europe and the U.S. will be reduced faster than in other continents, while the world population reaches a manageable level in

1 billion, of which 500 million will be Chinese and Japanese favorites because they have for many centuries been strictly regulated and used to obey the authorities. From time to time will be artificially created shortage of food, water and medical care to remind the masses: their existence is entirely dependent on the good will of "Committee of 300."

On money: There will be no cash. All calculations — using a debit card. Anyone who violates the rules and regulations, "Committee of 300", will be punished by the suspension of his cards at a time, depending on the nature and gravity of the offense.

Current affairs

Coleman says that now henchmen World Government strenuously brainwash people — rewrite history, create a "perfect" people and working to reduce the population.

"Profiling" — a method developed in 1922 by the order of "Royal Institute of International Affairs" (RIIA). It formed the basis of the current NLP — Neuro Linguistic Programming, with which you can influence the thoughts and actions. This method was used by Major John Reese, a British military expert on the 80,000 "guinea pigs" of the British Army and captured soldiers, who were subjected to many kinds psihotestirovaniya. Later at the University of Sussex was organized a special center for brainwashing, but the civilian population. This super-secret agency was named "Research Institute of Science Policy" (IINP).

Rockefeller Foundation sponsored a work to create a perfect society's history after the Second World War, where, of course, the winners were the Anglo-American forces.

In private laboratories, as the money of the Rockefeller Foundation, on the basis of manufactured human genome genetic maps are an ideal person, so that in the future to grow in test tubes geniuses and obedient soldiers invulnerable.

At a conference of the World Government has been approved control world population. Its main goal — a sharp decline in the birth rate in the non-Western civilization. The program covers 100 countries, providing for measures up to the forced sterilization of men and women.

Under the plan, the personal composition of the One World Government will be determined at secret meetings of such bodies as the "Bilderberg" QS "Trilateral Commission" and the "Club of Rome". They are preparing for the transition to a unified global system. To do this, create the so-called 'national branches' in the most strategically important countries of the world. Produced parallel power structures, consisting of current and prospective future politicians, journalists, intellectuals, financiers and analysts. Their mission — to handle public opinion before the project will be a world government widely publicized.

According to the military …

Vladimir Nikiforov, a former KGB colonel CCCR, a senior officer of the First Division of the 5th department of the Committee on External Economic Relations (now it is no longer existent. — Ed.)

"Bribed all Masons"

— In 1980 I was the curator for the South-East Asia. Worked in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Of course, there met with colleagues from the intelligence services cooperated with officials of those states. And not just in personal conversations I have been told about the existence of the World Government. All presidents, of course, resist his dictatorship, but they know that have become puppets of a unified management system, which includes only 2 percent of the world's population — the most wealthy people. There — I know — are the Queen of England, the King of Spain, his wife. This so-called World Government bribed all. Under the guise of great public interest and safety, they incite wars and invent artificial diseases such as avian influenza in order to control the people and destroy the "ballast". As a result, I am told, this is a secret government will control the masses of people. The focus of this organization is located in New York, on 5th Avenue, in the great temple, near the place where the skyscrapers were demolished in 2001. They gather there from time to time.

Skeptics …

Robert Todd Carroll, head of the Department of Philosophy College of Sacramento (CA):

"It is senseless to deny illusions"

— Supporters of the notorious "conspiracy theories" have been trying to explain the history of the world conspiracy of secret societies, aimed at establishing a new world order. Waterloo, the French Revolution, any war, homosexuals, the U.S. State Department, the UN, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, bankers, Jews, the use of AIDS to reduce the number of blacks — in all that they see a huge part of the behind the scenes of the war against humanity. Entry into the world of secret societies theorists — it's like getting into a madhouse. There is not a single idea or belief, under which these theorists conspiracies would be unable to fit the facts.

Philosophers …

Nicholas BURLAKOV, PhD, researcher RSUH:

"Fantasizing about world domination is HG Wells'

— If the plan of a World Government does exist, then it is nothing new. All of these ideas have been known of such classic books like "technotronic era" of the former U.S. presidential adviser on national security Zbigniew Brzezinski, "Before the abyss", written by the founder of the "Club of Rome" by Aurelio Peccei, "Open plot — plans for the World Revolution" by HG Wells and "1984" by George Orwell. But until now, these ideas remain on paper only.


Sergei peacefully, Head of the Department of Experimental Physics tokamak tokamak reactor Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research:

"We will save the whole of humanity"

— Make plans for the development of humanity on the basis of natural resource constraints stupid. Scientific thought is not static, and solves problems that are a hundred years ago they were fantastic. For example, the creation of reactors based on controlled thermonuclear fusion would leave no stone unturned in the concept of the so-called Committee declaring that billions of people can over time be left without means of subsistence. With such power plants can create any kind of substances and materials of the most common rocks. Possible applications of such reactors is truly infinite, and they can bring to mankind such benefits, which many people still do not have even a remote idea. For example, using the energy of the fusion can be one square kilometer tailings to produce so much aluminum that it will be enough to meet the needs of the country for four years. In 10 — 20 years, such a miracle reactors earn. First — in France, then — in Japan, and then we, in Russia.

Svetlana Kuzina

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