Is there pralukashenkavkae lobby in Washington?

The influential American magazine «Newsweek" published an article on July 26 about the existence of a Washington lobby totalitarian countries through which the regimes to resist democratic change. What about the Belarusian opposition politicians say?

In the article the magazine «Newsweek» as authoritarian countries, which specifically had or now have their lobbyists in Washington, called the Congo, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Etyepiya, Kazakhstan. It would be good to put in this series and Belarus?

Politician Franak Vyachorka a few weeks ago was in Washington, where he had talks with representatives of non-governmental organizations as well as with influential politicians and senior officials. Young Belarusian politician says opposition to its efforts not know. According to Frank Vyachorka, if there is pro-Lukashenka lobby in Washington, that they do not run out of Minsk:

"First of all, the U.S. is not yet finalized, but agrees on a new strategy for Europe zalagozhvanne dictator Lukashenko that the fight is pointless, the opposition is weak.

In Washington, there is some disappointment that their policy towards Lukashenka has no efficacy.

It is often repeated Milinkevich and part of the opposition and … Russian elites. Plus, in Washington there is a certain frustration that their policies concerning Lukashenko has no efficacy. And it is also imposed on all lobbyists, we do not know. In Washington, there is no strong force of the Belarusian government that would lobby for it all. There are only Russians. And I, at least, heard in conversations with U.S. officials strong links to the Russians. It seems to me that in this election Americans may be looking for a presidential candidate who will satisfy both Russia and the United States. "

Anatoly Lebedko been in Washington, but most policies had to visit Brussels and Strasbourg, where the governing structures of the European Union. The leader of the United Civil Party believes that the Belarusian authorities are trying to create in the United States the same strong pralukashenkavkae lobby, as well as in Europe:

"I can tell you that the Belarusian authorities in recent years, are sufficiently active policy in Europe to create a lobby of politicians, businessmen and journalists. Here I have the information that I shared with parliamentarians from the United Kingdom and in Germany. I think in the U.S. Belarusian "Red House" can not be based only on the embassy or any part of compatriots. They are forced to go to the lobbying organization, and the U.S. — is lobbying the country. There you can find people for whom this is just a job, they do not care whom to lobby.

United States — is lobbying the country. There you can find people for whom this is just a job, they do not care whom to lobby.

Plus may be trying to find those who are called lovers regimes such as Belarus. Recently, Lukashenko is very interested in how to change attitudes and European capitals and Washington. "

Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Sannikov believes that after 1997, when against the official Minsk in Europe and the United States were first adopted limits opportunities for political lobbying in Minsk narrowed. Political lobbying also requires a lot of financial resources, which are limited in Belarus, says the leader of "European Belarus". However, according to Andrei Sannikov, the Belarusian regime is looking for allies in other ways:

"I know that after some attempts to improve the business conducted lobbying, including the U.S. Congress. We know that 7-8 years ago in Minsk came one congressman, who met with Lukashenko. And now, as far as I know, the ethe man a criminal case goes, because of corruption. But the more I do not know these facts. "

Andrei Sannikov is partly a low rating to the efforts of pro-Lukashenka lobby in Washington:

"Not because they do not work. They work, but the opposition is more persuasive with the best arguments proved that the situation in Belarus. "


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