Israel submitted unmanned spacecraft

Israel submitted unmanned spacecraft
The company «Israel Aerospace Industries» (Israel Aerospace Industries, IAI) has introduced the latest development — unmanned spacecraft «Katana».
As reported by the Israeli media now, uninhabited marine unit is designed to perform routine security tasks from the shoreline and the open sea. «We ship christened in honor of the Japanese samurai sword, because they wished to allocate performance, reliability and lethality system» — said in a press release IAI.

«Katana» can be operated as a wholly owned autonomous unmanned combat ship and remotely operated as a combat unit, indicated in the document. Vehicle systems capable of real-time spending detection, identification and classification purposes, they also perform the interception, if necessary.

«Katana» is designed to perform missions on border security and for the protection of offshore installations, namely, — offshore oil rigs and oil and gas pipelines.

At length the unmanned spacecraft «Katana» achieves 12 m and a width of 2.8 m Its maximum speed is 60 knots (110 km / h). It is equipped with advanced optical and communication systems, satellite navigation and command equipment.

As the representative of IAI Eyal gig ship «Katana» unsinkable. «It is equipped with 2 massive engines and it can not sink unrealistic to imagine a situation in which something will prevent unmanned spacecraft to perform its task,» — he singled. According to the gig, a satellite communication system allows excellent control ship «Katana» in the Pacific Ocean from the beach in Tel Aviv.

«Katana» until the Israeli army comes, say local media. But the naval forces of the Israeli countries already use unmanned ships. Namely, one such vessel — «Defender» — in recent years is used in naval patrols off the coast of the Gaza Strip, according to ITAR-TASS.

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