Israel, the U.S. and Greece begin joint naval exercises

Israel, the U.S. and Greece begin joint naval exercises
Israeli, Greek and South American warships began a two-week Mediterranean joint naval exercises on Thursday, said the Israeli armed forces.
These exercises are some of the planned fleet yearly exercise is part of security cooperation between the Israeli Navy and foreign naval forces, «the statement said. Israeli armed forces see them as an opportunity for mutual learning and to strengthen cooperation with allies.
Within a couple of years, Israel and the United States did naval maneuvers with the role of Turkey, but in September 2011 sent the Israeli ambassador to Ankara and stopped military cooperation with the Jewish state.
Once the warm relations have gained points lower after Israeli commandos made a foray into the heading for Gaza in the Mediterranean Turkish flotilla in May 2010, killing all nine Turks on this board.
Usually the case with pro-Arab Greece meanwhile heated with Israel, to join him in the naval and air maneuvers.
Athens are keenly interested in the economic recovery of Israel’s relations with the usual Greek ally Cyprus to be able to develop gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean.
Media reported last year regarding implementation naval exercises that they were partly planned just for testing protection probable gas rigs.
In November, Israeli and South American troops have completed tests of the basic step of missile defense, which lasts more than three weeks and involving 3,500 personnel from the U.S. and European teams and 1,000 Israeli troops.
According to Israeli military sources, their fleet recently performed maneuvers with the Italian and Canadian navies, but details were not specified.

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