Israeli missile defense system to evaluate premature

Israeli missile defense system to evaluate premature

Combat effectiveness developed in Israel missile defense system «Arrow-3» can be assessed only after it will work on certain ballistic targets

This was said to «Interfax» Russian professional industry ABM, chief editor of «Military-Industrial Courier» Misha Khodarenok.

Commenting recently produced the first test launch of interceptor missiles «Arrow-3», M. Khodarenok recalled that according to the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, its mission is «held in accordance with the plan outside the atmosphere.»

«Even this phrase is that the Israeli missile has a speed of more than 4-5 march M controlled gas rudders and can hit targets at altitudes presumably more than 250 kilometers,» — said the expert.

«Thus, the Israeli system already has the qualities of an anti-gun fight» — Misha Khodarenok allocated.

«It should be noted that the tests are conducted not only missiles and missile defense system» Arrow-3 «as a whole. And it is, at least, of the radar (in this case, taking into account the height of the pickup, it is necessary to conduct a fairly high-grade radar), Fri command and computing complex, launchers and missiles actually «- says Misha Khodarenok.

Since the «right now there is no clear data on the accuracy of missile launch, disposition affecting reasons warhead (high-explosive or kinetic, allowed it possible to install a special warhead — nuclear), read about the effectiveness of the new system will be available only after the tests against real ballistic target, «the expert said.

Israel last mon successfully conducted missile tests «Arrow-3» («Strela-3» in Hebrew — «Arrow-3»), starting another step implementation plans for a missile defense system mnogoeshelonirovannoy.

Israel Ministry of Defense announced as «this is the first test flight of the interceptor missile» Arrow-3 «, which was carried out starting from a launcher in central Israel towards the Mediterranean Sea.» «This test run was carried out through the joint efforts of professionals Missile Defense Agency in Israel and the United States,» — stressed in a statement.

In a joint statement Missile Defense Agency and the Pentagon’s concern «Israeli aerospace industiriya» (IAI) emphasizes that flight interceptor missiles «in accordance with the plan took place outside the atmosphere.»

According to the Israeli municipal radio, test flight lasted six minutes, during his antirocket performed «various maneuvers.»

Missile defense system «Arrow-3» was created to destroy warheads in space medium range ballistic missiles, and perhaps, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). It is created with the assistance of IAI American company «Boeing».

System «Arrow-3» — one of the four components of the project «Homa» («The Wall»), designed to protect Israel from attacks with the introduction of rockets and ballistic missiles. Two of these systems have already been taken into service. Missile defense system «Iron Dome» is designed to protect Israel from attacks rockets with a range of up to 50 km, the system «Arrow-2» — to defeat tactical and operational-tactical missiles.

Two systems are under development and testing: meaning that the «Slingshot David» will destroy ballistic targets, with a range of up to 250 km, «Arrow-3» — warhead ICBMs.

As stated in this regard the project manager «Homa» Yair Ramati, after the commissioning of the system «Arrow-3» will be able «to intercept rockets, ammunition, namely, nuclear warheads.» According to him, will be held the next test launch of the «Arrow-3», then it will be tested for the interception of real goals. With all this he did not specify when the system will be commissioned.

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