Japanese make the city-ark

To survive after the Flood, which will inevitably happen in the world over the next century, it is necessary to focus on the construction of the "Ark", assured the Japanese engineers.

Japanese futuristic concept involves relocation of mankind on artificial islands, each center should be unique skyscraper. Place these facilities engineers offer in the central Pacific Ocean, where they could easily drift like a giant man-made water lilies. Of these towers can be the ideal "green" city. Since, according to the authors, these structures will be used only clean energy, such as ocean currents and waves.

Skyscrapers, floats will be installed on the platforms with a total area of several hectares. With each Megadim higher than 1 km will accommodate from 10 to 50 thousand people, depending on the location within the organizations. The project assumes that around these buildings are gardens and parks as well as arable and forage fields and meadows. The weight of each unit drifting up to 11 tons, and they will move to the equatorial ocean. The authors believe that it is of such construction was the city and even the whole country in the relatively near future.

Engineers offer to build the tower of the ultra-light alloys, such as magnesium. Of high waves and tsunamis "ark" can protect relatively low dams. Since the open-ocean waves are not too great a threat.

It is noteworthy that the project was designed by Japanese engineers. The fact that the islands, there are fewer areas for people. It is possible that in the very near future, Japan will have to build into the sea artificial land on which to place objects of industry or giant office buildings. The first such island development company promises to build by 2025.

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