Jewish fascism. On the aims of the project and the plans of the biblical destruction of Russia

(End, the beginning, see Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

(On the 10th anniversary of one of the massacres of Palestinians)


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil — is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke (Edmund Burke)

"Israel and its supporters are not tormented thought of immorality, and the idea that they are behind this" get caught "…". "[Ideology] robbery and hatred permeated modern Jewish political [scene], both the left and right …"

Gilad Atzmon (Gilad Atzmon) «Who are these strangers?"

«Praemonitus praemunitus» (Forewarned is forearmed.)

 In this final part of the paper, we define the unspoken goal of biblical project, describe a method of penetration of Judaism to Russia, select aspects of the influence of Judaism on Russian and world history and culture, and try to draw conclusions.


On the purposes of biblical project

We are far from racist views on Jews. They were specially created and raised (in Judaism) for the execution of tasks obedient bible project: the enslavement of mankind by tolpoelitarizma through usurious buying of material wealth and men an interception control (power) and persistent promotion populated territories of their belief systems, patterns of behavior and social organization .[1]That is, the Jews — a man-made Global Predictor tool, media management concept of humanity, and in this sense they are "injured party." However, for the most zealous "ideologists" and zealous Zionist policy of performers in the movie "Kill the Dragon" set a good question: "We, the young, were taught, you know." — "All taughtbut why did you get the first student?".


As for this publication, the reader was able to verify that the Jewish fascism (Zionism) is bad for the rest of humanity, consider one important point. People who are creating obvious evil as those who fight with them, are in the vast minority. For the stability of the system "evil" just hold passive and "silent" majority "out of the game." For this trueknowledgeand control circuit power of humanity through the conceptual,especially on the first three levelsgeneralized controls (OSU)carefully hidden. And a lot of the 95% of the population systematically inflated lies, distracting information and misinformation, and forced to work so much, that to think about the world order had no strength or time. And with a few understanding struggle by all available means. It is clear that as long as this inert and stupefying mass of humanity with the "grafted" to her animals and zombies — to build the mind "is excluded from the equation," Global Predictor nothing to fear, and his plan is to continue successfully realized.


As an illustration, we present two quotations:

'All the people are divided into three parts: the people, who will ever know the truth andleaders, who know the truth, but it is such a terrible and far from reality that it is their main concern, that it more than them no one knew. And there is a small amount ofpeople who are trying to learn the truth, but they will never be full proof. Leaders zealously destroying all evidence of their criminal activity. I fought long and hard in my life.That actually happens or will happen, we can not speak".

Stuart Kahan. "Kremlin wolf' (Words Lazar Kaganovich)

"If a clever enemy set out to pay or that people in slavery or even destroy it, of course he will try in the first placekill leaderthis people,and in its place introduce his protege— "A wolf in sheep's clothing." And will continue as usual: a lulling consciousness talk of democracy and liberalism devoid of a true leader of this nation will gradually disappear from the face of the earth … how he was attacked shepherd wolf can start killing one after another until the whole flock shall be cut off, so and the people that were left without a God-given leader, attacked the enemy can destroy start little by little, until he was izvedet him to the ground.With the emergence of a band of robbers in the land, owning the highest knowledge of human nature, is the extermination of peoples come true".

Anton Blagin. "Fire Bible"

In light of all this it is clear thatan important part of determining the nature of the Jews, is the information— Namely:the ability to divide, hide, and substitute it for one that will ensure the capture and enslavement of "carrier". In the limit of the Jews and Judaism can be characterized ascant informational weapon or informational virus[2]The surviving descendants of the Atlanteans, who settled in ancient Egypt, for obvious reasons of secrecy (time used to be troubled) "solution" in the 13th Israel knee, inspired the ancient Arab-Semitic idea of their chosen people, linking it with the procedure of circumcision in infancy, contributing to the tab children fail mentality zombie biorobot. And then scattered them throughout the world. Further control was carried out within the pyramidal structure of the ruling elite, priests, sorcery and secret societies.


Judaic sacred texts for domestic consumption were deliberately made self-contradictory: the postulation of good ideas and orders alternates with the requirement of committing atrocities or tab into the consciousness of anti-social behavior patterns (why in the life of ostentatious piety of the Pharisees coexisted with fornication, drunkenness, violence and insatiable greed.) Moreover, these sacred texts remained inaccessible to foreigners due to isolation of the Jewish way of life, faith and culture of life, faith and culture of the people to which they came "to wait."


And purely informational display of Judaism in the outside world was the same. Instead of truth, fall under their influence individual and social groups were dualistic worldview (in terms of "black and white"), and at least two of Lies (that was plenty to choose from). In addition, through the commandment to buy up the world through usury, all the physical and spiritual strength of the Jews were redirected to hoarding, greed and consumption. In the countries in which they were able to take control, it appeared inevitable and obvious. And the consequence of this "God" is a commandment of the current society of unrestrained "potreblyatstva" that in the foreseeable future completely exhausted mineral resources and fresh water. Potreblyatstvo — is a means of managing people and the seizure of all the great wealth. But most importantly:emergence of the consumer society of people with mental humane systems purely statistically very difficult, and the life of a few individuals is continuous torture in the atmosphere of loneliness.


With the advent of the internet (by-product of military research activities) amount of available information has long passed for all conceivable possibilities such as structure and "digest" it (here — as with potreblyatstvom: there is a choice, but there is no happiness.) And the ocean of this information (as well as successfully manage culture) does not make people human. The more so because much of it — an empty husk, pornography, hundreds of copies of various ersatz slavery and brutish "culture", etc. Most of the inhabitants of the Earth are chips in the ocean of false information and false targets. Maintenance of such information "smoke screen" (along with the installation of making money) aims to:Prevent someone went beyond established an information field(Biblical concept)and began to consciously and purposefully look for answers to questions about the 'closed' topicsideology, history and philosophy. (And if anything, in this case there is always a "Plan B".)


For centuries, dedicated to wisdom bezstrukturnogo control descendants Atlanta-Egyptian priesthood migrated from country to country, creating new centers of global power and expanding its area of influence (through the accumulation of wealth looted and usurious buying). Today, most of the world already "closed" to the idea of a single control center[3](World government, MP), with whom he will come and the New World Order (NWO), clearly prescribed in the Old Testament (see part 4), and lectures by Richard Day. The pretext for establishing the NPM can serve any of the scale factors: global crisis, climate / geological factors, the invasion of the aliens — and the list goes on. Create the illusion of information — in the media and in the surrounding area — behind the scenes can. It seems that everything, "sailed"?



Let us look at how we are governed. In brief presentation on how to manage large social groups of the well known term "problem-reaction-solution." However, there is a more complete description of the function of social control through the concept of a vector target — in the scheme of "predictor-corrector". This control consists of seven stages.


1. Identification of environmental factors, the impact of which is a subjective need to manage (it is called "pressure on the psyche" and corresponds to the notion of "problem").

2. Formation of skills recognition factor of the medium of the future and spread it in the culture of the company ("reaction").

3. Goal setting for the identified factors ("solution").But there is a sequel!

4. Development of a common and private management concepts for each of the goals in the vector ends.

5. The introduction of general management concepts to life (the organization or reorganization of existing control structures carrying trust management).

6. Monitor the activities of institutions engaged in management and coordination of the interaction of different kinds of structures.

7. Identification and elimination of structures, the need for which has disappeared or keeping them in good working (latent) state until the next use. [4]


Stream of excited consumers


For example, as a target, you can choose to create a society of consuming beast that is in a historically short period of time "proest" and messed the whole planet, and then the way out will be only the colonization of other planets (the principle of locusts, the film "Avatar," and many others give us appropriate visual picture). A society can be directed to the ability to comprehend the beauty of this world and the true knowledge of him and myself — as a part thereof a life in harmony with nature and in harmony with God, humanity, education, etc.


There are five types of damage the psyche of people:

"Dipped in unnatural"(Drug addicts, alcoholics, various maniacs with pathologies, etc. — they are a consequence of the conceptual management of the Old Testament);

Animal Typedamage the psyche. (All subject to stereotypes and instincts — the satisfaction of instinctual needs, regardless of the circumstances. By the West is described as «sex-sleep-eat-drink-dream» — «sex-sleep-eat-drink-dream", in short — "bread and circuses. "in" running "case goes to bestial modification psyche.

Story psychebiorobot, "zombie". In this case, the basis of behavior are culturally determined automatisms. Employees of large corporations (such as Japanese), different groups of people with "brainwashed." Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) — a tool for the preparation of such people.

Demonicstructure of the psyche. Its speakers are able to transcend the dictates of instincts and cultural norms, and to develop new ways of behavior and problem solving. Will it be good or bad — it depends onrealmorality of such people. But often, gaining power in society, demonic demands unconditional service to self, giving rise to the most violent and sophisticated forms of suppression of others.

Humanemental system is characterized in that each carrier is aware of his human mission — to be God's vicegerent on earth. Accordingly, this fact he is building his personal relationship with God through the life and meaningful, volitional order izkrenne contributes to the providence of God as it feels and understands, based on the fact that God speaks to peoplelanguage of life circumstances.


In modern human civilization quantitatively dominant, alas, animal and zombie psyche (total age-old "work" of the biblical concept). And a significant part of the Jews, including the rabbinate (who was circumcised on the 8th day and brought "as expected") should be the bearer of mental zombie biorobot. This system of the psyche more legal competence than animal and manages "herd" through canons and writings (about them, see Part 3). Rabbis have less kaleidoscopic world, but keep the "herd" in a kaleidoscope of multiple interpretations of the same text or events (ie to manipulation). A "ideas generator" (various Bilderberg and other commissions and committees) — they are representatives of the demonic structure of the psyche. And their "freedom" — "corporate discipline" or loyalty Bible project.[5]With the "apostates" severely victimized and seriously (as a warning to others).


All these are built psyche there is a place in the Bible project (even lowered into unnatural). It is unacceptable to him only last antisystemic type: human. Confirmation of this was made 4 August 2010 on the air through the Jewish radio station "Echo of Moscow".

The question was asked: What is the concept now in Russia?

The answer was: What is the concept — do not know, but there is no place a person … [6]


And itfascismas an option for public self-culturesuccessfully prevents the individual to each person, as a man held— Carrier humane type system of the psyche ("All people, but not all men"). Fascism can take many forms and guises, but it is this circumstance determines the main point — as the main purpose of the Bible project. In tolpoelitarnom (pyramidal) society on the "tip" of the Global Predictor (Demon on the ranks of the mind) power elite:

First,unrighteousness is as true "righteousness," and on this basis, distorts perception of the world of people, and with all available means of cultivating her wickedness in society, preventing people held as a person (ie holding company within the managed herd, which has shepherds, shepherd watchman and self herd);[7]

secondly,suppresses everyone who doubts the righteousness of itself and its ongoing policy and suppresses and those she suspected this. Vivid examples — slaughter and destruction of the Libyan people and the family of its leader and the current situation in the United States (standing one step away from a state of emergency, after which the denunciations, concentration camps, torture, slave labor will become a brutal reality in this "land of the free").


SoBiblical purpose of the project, (Of which with the advent of Christianity, it became and Russian civilization) —Hold this conceptual power in the interests of parasites on society, clan-oligarchic groups, which may represent — to choose from — inherited or replaced by "leaders", "national leaders", "high priests," etc. (Hence the strange "tolerance" to the presence of European monarchies, while the West is ringing all over the world about democracy.) As long as this kind of power, "nobody nowhere rypnetsya." ("And the greatness of the human fall, and the haughtiness of men "(Isaiah 2:17).)


The "soft" version of fascism, in which the children being born to impose a distorted vision and decoys and concept (as we do), in fact, is no better. When it is simply less pronounced extreme forms of social and international sadism and vandalism. And apparently the crowd occasionally throw in different distractions "bones" in colorful wrappers, like such or such. And because the reality around us from generation to generation and is getting worse and worse. It is only natural that the Jewish state of Israel and its "roof", the United States played in this case the first violin …


Additional materials:

Andrew Fursov — the biblical project and the fate of Russia (with elev. 8:18).

Yuri Ivanov. Caution: Zionism


Catholic Vatican unlike ROC repeatedly and unambiguously indicates its negative attitude towards Judaism. In particular, the


Gregory IX. Accused the Talmud as a religious scripture, containing "all types of infamy and blasphemy against Christianity."

Benedict XIII. His Papal Bull on the Jews (1450) declared: "Heresy, vanity and error gave the Jews the Talmud not know the truth."

Innocent IV. Burned the Talmud in 1233 as a book of evil.

John XXII. Banned the Talmud in 1322.

Julius III. The papal bull against the Jewish books (1554) to command to burn the Talmud "everywhere."

Paul IV. Bull Cum Nimis Absurdum (1555) violentlycondemned usury of the Jews.

Pius IV. Condemned the Jewish scripturescall for genocide.

Pius V. Expelled all Jews from the Papal States (1569)

Gregory XIII. Said in the Papal Bull of 1581, "Driven by a huge hatred for members of Christianity, they continueplan enormitiesagainst the Christian religion with the growing day by day insolence. "

Clement VIII. Condemned Jewish writings calling for genocide.Etc.



Long enough Catholic Holy See lobbied against usury, however, in the end, started to close her eyes to him, and then did actively participate in the banking business. Say what you will, but the Holy See has been one of the key figures of global governance. And by the way, July 12, 1941 during a meeting with a representative of the American spetsmissii Tittmana Vatican with Pope Pius XII from the Vatican stated:

"On the eve of the war between Germany and RussiaThe Vatican will do everything necessary to accelerate the outbreak of war between Germany and Russia, and even encourage this Hitlerby promising him moral support. Germany — said the Pope — will win over Russia, but its power will be so weakened thatthen it will be very different behavior in relation to it".


The expulsion of the Jews from the countries in which they settled in the past know quite a lot; this happened more than a hundred times. Soin 1290 King Edward I Longshanks (1239 — 1307 gg.), expelled the Jews a special edict. This occurred afternumerous revelations killing Christian children by Jews for ritual: In 1144 in Norwich, in 1160, in Gloucester, in 1181 a goal in Bury St. Edmunds, in 1192 and in 1232 in Winchester, again in 1235 in Norwich, scoring in 1244 in London, in 1255 a goal in Lincoln in 1257 and again in 1276's in London in 1279 in Northampton, and in 1290 in Oxford.

The situation was similar in.

"Russian princes threw Jews from the Russian land under Vladimir Monomakh (1053-1125), who in 1113 declared:" Now send the Jews of the Russian land, with all their property and continue not to take them, but if they secretly enter, rather then kill them and rob »»

("History of Russia from the most ancient times," Imperial Moscow University, t.11, p.218, 1773).

"April 26, 1727 the Russian Empress Catherine the Great (1684 -1727) issued a decree "On the expulsion of Jews from Russia": "This April, 20 days, Her Majesty said — the Jews, both male and female sex, which is found Ukraine and other Russian cities, thoseall sent out from Russia abroad immediately, and continue them either under way in Russia to close doors and to warn all places firmly. And with the release of theirlook firmly, that they from Russia abroad, pure gold and silver coins are no Russian and Efimkov not taken, Buda and they CHervonnye and efimki or what Russian coin comes, and give them a onyya copper coins. Given in the Supreme Council. ""





Video "ritual murder of children" and "ritual murder of children — the Jews."

Brian Gerrish — Satanic torture our children (Brian GerrishThe Satanic abuse of ourchildren, That are lost in the UK every year 30,000 children).

Besides, if circumcision — not torture 8-day baby, what is it? Watch and decide for yourself.


And as a reminder of what is described in this material areright now— Little information that in our media and public organizations (including "yuvenalschika" P. Astakhov) is not a place.


International human rights activists confirmed that the Zionists widely practiced torture of Palestinian children

March 22, 2012, London, the Palestinian information center (PIC)

 The International Organization for Protection of Child Rights (Defence for Children International (DCI)) accused "Israel" in the criminal treatment of Palestinian children arrested. On the eve of an NGO in London published a report on the crimes the Zionist regime on Palestinian minors. According to human rights, the invaders abduct children at night, tie their hands, blindfolded and thus deliver them to detention centers.

In its report, the activists have recordedrecognition of three hundred and eleven young Palestinians who captured the last four years. Zionists conduct interrogations in the absence of family or lawyers and are often thrown into the dungeons without charges.



And note that the "Israeli" doctors deliberately conceal cases of torture of Palestinians in Zionist jails


No less "enlightening" the reader may be numerous books, publications and videomonologi Eduard Hodos, Kharkov rabbi once emphasized in the head of Chabad (with elev. 3:50) and knows firsthand about the hateful doctrine, which spoils the minds of thousands of years his kinsmen (eg, homosexuality in Chabad (with elev. 0:54) and specific sexual practices to create the future rulers of the Earth — by order of the rabbi — the samewith elevation. 5:35 to the end). (For Russian readers will want to show the entire set of his video monologues: they are very, very informative. See also his "Jewish fascism" and "Jewish fascism, or Chabad — the road to hell,""The Jewish Syndrome — 3", etc.).


And all this is not even scratching the surface, this is just the name. At least for the time being in respect of a notorious Jewish doctrine West published a huge number of study on the relationship of the secret societies and conspiracies of Jewish sects and financial structures. How is it that in our country Judaism in all its manifestations, the most infamous and finds tacit official support of the ROC and the top management?


We believe that it is — the result of years of hidden Jewish-Masonic and other hostile entities, which resulted in the corruption of the national leadership, removing unwanted managers and placement in key positions of "their" agents and members. Sufficiently acquainted with the book only Oleg Platonov, "Russia under the rule of the Masons," to understand how far gone is the case in the 1990s. Of course, the main reason for the success and dominance of satanic Jewish institutions in the Russian government became a successful failover at levels that are simply withdrawn beyondpublic awareness and understanding. That is, people see the front side of government and business, but is not aware of what is happening in front of him.


One of the activists of the "European Jewish Fund" in Sweden, says Barbara spectrum (with elev. 1:15), that Jews have an important role in the transformation of this country (as well as the whole of Europe).

"I think that a sharp increase in anti-Semitism in Europe today is because Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. I think that this transformation we can be expensive, but it is bound to happen.Europe will cease to be the monolithic society, which it remained for centuries, and the Jews — the driving force of these changes. Europe expect huge changes.It will switch to a multicultural mode, and Jews will be hated for their leading role in this process".


That is, on the one hand the Jews activistscreate conditions for the influx of other ethnic groups in the previously stable in the sense of the national territory, acting like lomehuze. And on the other — the agents of Zionists (like A. Breivik and controlled Mossad terrorist cells) victimized over pro-Palestinian actions Norwegian youth[8]hearths and prepare future civil wars, like Syria and Libya. Breivik's feat, by the way, is not new.Baruch Goldstein, a dentist who moved to Israel (whether from the United States, whether from Australia), 25 February 1994 broke into a mosque in the center of Hebron and shot 29 and injured 125 people, and it made him a hero in Israel.


We have, by the way, the situation is similar with multiculturalism, as the Liberals are in power and the Zionists. FMS of Russia, together with experts from the "Strategy 2020" development concept of migration policy to 2025. According to this concept,to Russia every year to import about 300,000 migrants, and it is planned to spend 86 billion rubles. As practice shows, settling in a foreign territory, migrants do not assimilate, and retain and disseminate their customs and traditions. Accordingly, multiculturalism is imposed from above and we have.


Such processes, however, carried out through the seizure of power of the Jewish mafia at all levels of government, education and the media told and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and E. Hodos. In this case, we recall, in Israel domestic policy comes down to hard monoethnicity, elimination of mixed marriages and the destruction of places of worship of other religious faiths. But in the outside world are adopting the Jews "multiculturalism and tolerance" and support the large-scale migration of non-indigenous ethnic groups. Thus destroying the national culture, and nurtured tolerant attitude towards Zionism cosmopolitans. Staying at the levers of power-information and legislative control, they create instability in Europe and these countries are prepared to bursts of violence and repression of the Jewish population in other regions — especially in Russia.


Remember the words of our Otto von Bismarck "Russian can not win, […] but [they] can instill false values, and then they win themselves!". And are similar in the sense of passage of the founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl "Russian in a battle not to destroy. Russian people can only be destroyed by alcohol, drugs and prostitution". And now the question squarely. If in those countries where the Zionists do it, the process included the collapse of the state and laying the foundations "min" ethnic conflicts, and the local environment is open genocide and incitement to terrorism and civil wars,permissible to think that in Russia, nothing like this happens?If the measure of truth to practice, and to assess whether in the years that had passed since the beginning of perestroika, ordinary people's lives changed for the worse, and identify trends taking place, do we not see the same "skinny hand" fifth column cosmopolitan planters degeneration shower and plundering all and sundry?


Some quotes from the Old Testament and Jewish texts, such as those shown here, has already become the subject of scandal in the State Duma (2005), when there was a Letter 5000 (appeal to the Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov at the efforts to use the Russian patriots Art. 282 Criminal Code of "inciting ethnic hatred" against Jews.)[9]But after the intervention of the Jewish organizations in Russia it quickly "put out." Remarkably, Basmannaya Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office in Moscow in the judgment of 24.06.2005 adopted the following decision:

"Taking into account that during the audit in connection with the publication and distribution of the book" Kitsur Shulchan Aruch "intent is not setto excite in a society of ethnic and religious hatred, humiliation of human dignity on the basis of national and religious identity, publication and distribution of this bookdoes not forman offense under Part 1 of Art. 282 ".


Three attempts of Jewish leaders to initiate criminal proceedings against the author of the "Address 5000" MV Nazarov were rejected (judgment of 24.06.2005, 31.08.2005 and 14.03.2006). According to examination by the prosecutor's office requested in respect of the book "The Mystery of Russia"

"Claims to the MV Nazarov unfounded, as the author holds only Orthodox Christian doctrine — a recognized world of spiritual and moral traditions … Nazarov statements are a manifestation of the Orthodox religious and philosophical conception of world history, and not a manifestation of anti-Semitism and fascism."


In turn, Mikhail Nazarov regarded statements of representatives of a number of organizations who called him a Nazi and anti-Semite as defamatory and offensive and filed in court. April 11, 2006 the District Court of Moscow dismissed Nazarov in all its claims in full.

Return to the beginning of the block quote above, check out the sources and to study the subject. And think about what is happening in our country (if you see fit). These scandals, by the way, happened before and in the Catholic Vatican.


Importantly, the number of Orthodox organizations, religious leaders, rightists and leftists have found a letter or anti-Semitic,or provocative, or, at least, out of place and playing into the hands of those who want to split the patriotic movement. In particular, the letter strongly condemnedDmitry RogozinGennady ZyuganovandHeydar Jemal. Each of them plays his "game." But each according to his understanding of the general course of thingsworksfor himself, and to the extent of misunderstanding —the one who understands more.


MORE LETTERS ON 5000: / / /


Either way, the attempt to give moral and legal assessment of what are to the world and embody in their own backyard this media (criminal in fact!) Paradigms, history, religion and ideology are stopped and blocked. See, in particular, the statement of Russian Anti-Fascist Committee to the prosecutor of the three Russian cities "Recognition of the Old Testament Bible extremist literature" and the article "Stavropol scientist complained to the prosecutor's office in the Old Testament …", "Judgement Day on the" Most High "," "The Dark Side Bible, "" God of the Bible "and" The Bible — the ideological foundation of global fascism. " It should also visit the content side of the statement of claim in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation "On liquidation of the Moscow Patriarchate (ROC)" from Gorokhov M.


The main thing is that there is no anti-Semitism behind all of this is not necessary. Global management of the historical process through the centuries has led to the gradual resettlement of the Jews. Criminal mafia of the Jewish community relentlessly follow the canons and vows to God Jehovah / Yahweh and provided the enslavement and cultural transformation of the peoples in the power structures that it accesses. The natural process of cultural assimilation of Jews themselves regulated by the persecution of them after the loan sharks "get" the local population and the elite. To date, land covered by the global corporate and media network, which is managed (in the spirit of the Jewish structure) are descendants of the priests, who settled in ancient Egypt after the disaster known as the Deluge. These rulers have a plan to establish on earth the New World Order, which requires pereformatit and reset the existing structure of civilization — including the civilization of Russia and the Koran of Islam. That's all.


Goal of "Order of the Illuminati", founded in 1776 under the auspices of Weisshaupt Adam Mayer Rothschild was as follows:

— The overthrow of all existing governments;

— Abolition of private property;

— Abolition of the right of inheritance;

— Rejection of patriotism;

— Abolition of the family;

— Abolition of religion;

— Creation of a world government.

And today the world is at the final stages of this global project.


Characteristically, and the ROC, and social life in Russia, and the competent authorities (eg, prosecutors) — all pretend that the Old Testament and the sacred books of the Jews there is no contradiction with the norms of morality and law. An accident?


And if by chance, that the statements of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill Gundyaeva the Slavs sozvuchnyiudeyskim scriptures?

"AWho were the Slavs? ItBarbarians, ("Barbara", the people who say weird things)is inferior, it is almost animals. And so it went to the enlightened men "[Bulgaria Cyril and Methodius, the Byzantine city of Thessaloniki, which at the time was part of the Slavic territory and was the cultural center of Macedonia …].

With whom my father was led, from that and got up … How it sounds familiar, but:

"The Slavs, being ethnic bastards, are not able to accept and bear the great heritage of the Aryan race, and the Slavs in general are not suitable to be the bearers of culture. They are not creative people, this herd animals, and not the individual, it is not adapted to the mental activity … "(Paul Josef (Joseph) Goebbels, 1942," Diary ")".


The answer was given by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in this clip. And from two scandalous Russian Jews "Intense" Patriarch got. However, is it worth waiting patriarchal wisdom from huckster "substandard" by the European Alcohol and tobacco? To get the insider view of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church should be familiar with this' video (deeply believes in the image of a "good father" without a glass of valerian does not look especially at elevation. 10:55).


Of a considerable number of "frank" statements of liberals in the same spirit we present a few examples:

"Russia is a finite stock of historic missions … Theoretically, Russia could cease to be restored in 10, 20, 100 years. When the mob will be re … "(Gleb Pavlovsky)

"Russia has prevented Russian — the majority of our compatriots living in the last century and does not want to grow …" (Igor Jurgens, the Institute of Contemporary Development).

"I used to be ashamed of this country, where every day — humiliation, every meeting — like a slap, where everything — the landscape and people — offends the eye. But it's nice to come to America and see the overflowing sea of smiles! "(Boris Khazanov, he's Gennady Moiseevich Faibusovich).

"… I believe that all drugs should be legalized. If we do so, any drug that can be bought over the counter "for a penny" "(Vladimir Pozner, TV).

"… General Vlasov was right: better fate for our country — it is divided into nation-states, which will be the supreme achievement of integration in Western Europe on the Rights of the maladjusted younger brothers" (Yevgeny Ikhlov, an expert of the "Movement for Human Rights", a Zionist).

"Splash of fascism in our country, above all, prepared … our school. It does not teach humanism, tolerance, and understanding the value of cultural diversity. However, for our mentality, no matter how bitter, typical glorification and romanticizing of terror and violence. " (Sergei Ivanenko, the party "Yabloko")

Actually us and himself heard from friends like the Jews in their moment of candor. And here is another fresh touch.


The Moscow City Court again upheld the patriarch

Patriarch Kirill in the near future can significantly improve their living conditions. Its representatives were able to make the seizure of the apartment in the prestigious "House on the Embankment", which the physician-heart surgeon, former Health Minister Yuri Shevchenko, and is located adjacent to the housing Patriarch Kirill (Vladimir Gundyaeva). The court decided that it was the price of an apartment Shevchenko may reimburse irreparable damage caused to the property Gundyaeva. Furniture and books of the patriarch were covered with dust, which is considered the servants of Themis, came flying out of the apartment of ex-minister. When counting the gigantic amount of damage taken into account even the nanoparticles found in the home Gundyaeva.


Chairman of the Board on Civil Cases of the Moscow City Court, Svetlana Kurtsinysh considered justified the payment of 19.7 million rubles Lydia Leonova, stated in an apartment with Patriarch Kirill. In such amount has been assessed the damage allegedly caused to property patriarch dust flying from apartment famous heart surgeon Yuri Shevchenko. Now Shevchenko lawyers intend to appeal to the Supreme Court.


Thoughtful people have long personal experience to make sure thatChurch, as such —is an organization that has "their own interests", to humanity, spiritual freedom and development not related. As noted in his book "The New Old World" AN Dragunkin,"Any church hierarchy is organized so that the closer people to the church, the farther it from God"(P.201). Denote when and how the Old Testament and was penetrated its spread on the territory of Russia (a century after the so-called baptism, accompanied by the destruction of Russian priests, documents and monuments).


The penetration of the Old Testament to the territory of Russia

"In the isolated intellectual world of the Jews, first decide what historical morality, and only then devise appropriate for this" past "…"

"Jewish history is intertwined with the basic question: is this something" good for the Jews "or not …" [and]

"… All that is good for the Jews — just good …"

Gilad Atzmon

How, by whom and when to implement the Russian mentality alien religion and culture see deeper historical investigation "According to your faith be it unto you (holy book and the global crisis)." Few people know that before the XIX century, the Old Testament in Russia hardly knew. An attempt to import the translated rabbis Ostrog Bible through Poland in 1581 was foiled. Then, after the merger in Russia and Ukraine to Moscow flooded Kiev theologians, among which were the direct agents of Rabbis. In 1663, taking advantage of the absence of the patriarch, they were able to print the Moscow Bible is a complete copy of the Ostrog Bible. But it is not widespread (p.25). In the course was only the Gospel, Acts and Psalms. Attempts to establish a Bible edition and widely implement it along with the Gospel lasted about two hundred years. Case "moved" onlyafter the betrayal of the Russian clergy and nobility(Freemasonry, Illuminism)during Napoleon's invasion.


Boris Bashilov in his book on Freemasonry wrote (p.34): "Prince AN Golitsyn and Mason R. Koshelev, using a mystical mood, appeared in Alexander I during the Second World War, persuaded him to let English Protestants in Russia" Bible Society. "The Bible Society was opened in St. Petersburg in 1812, when the French plundered Russia.

"The fact that the clergy and the elite at this time," dabbled in foreign voices "is evidenced by the fact that the" messenger of Zion ", the publication of which in 1817 he resumed the mystic Mason Labzin, according to LA the Sign" … ordered all bishops, archimandrite all seminaries and academies (one of Petersburg has written 11 copies.) and many of the priests. " … "Active operations developed the Jesuit Order.When Alexander the number of Jesuits who lived in Russia almost doubled. The members of the noble families — Golitsyn, Razumovsky, Zavadovsky, Gagarin, Thick, and others — conversion to Catholicism, as before their children to boarding, which are now the French, so when Alexander I became fashionable to send their children to boarding school Abbot Nicolas and noble Jesuit boarding .Even the law of God in these boarding schools initially taught Jesuits".

Mason-Jesuit Illuminati networks have begun to take an active spread across Russia. For a time, the rulers, to understand what leads to the imposition of Russia, who knew only the New Testament and Psalms, "Jewish Heresy" interfere with this process, and even burned illegally imported and published editions. But [in] 1856 […] The Holy Synod decided to translate the Bible into Russian, which at the time was stopped by the will of Alexander I. A major role in [this] played Daniel Abramovich Chwolson (disciple of Rabbi Ginzburg), and Basil A. Levison (rabbi from Germany, became Orthodox in 1839).Russian translation of the Hebrew Bibleby Levison and Khvolson (made on behalf of the British Bible Society)was published in 1882".

His Eminence Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev spoke strongly against the introduction of the Bible in. He noted (p.39) that the idea of the translation of the Scriptures was born to a Russian dialect

"Not in the Russian church, or in the hierarchy, either in the people, and …in England, the breeding grounds of all heresies, sects and revolutions, and moved out of the Bible Society, and accepted, initially, not in the Holy Synod, and the Office of the Procurator of the Nadezhda and developed in large scale in the former Ministry of Religious Affairs. Such a beginning, as well as the consequences of this case clearly show that it had no blessing from on high, and the Ministry for Religious Affairs because of this special circumstance destroyed. At the beginning of the reign of the blessed and eternally unforgettable memory pious Emperor Nicholas, although there were attempts to restore such a translation, but it penetrated political purpose, so hostile Orthodox Church and our homeland, the British Bible Society, during the whole time of his glorious reign until death is not allowed to resume this thing. " But, despite the fact that Nicholas I stopped activity of the Bible Society, but the process continues and hidden.


As for the mass adoption of Jews in Russia, this problem was solved by the following multi-optional:

— create favorable conditions for the Jews living in the neighboring Poland and Russia,

— provoke Russia to capture Poland

— then a fair share of the Jews should be in Russian citizenship,

— then starts the standard creeping takeover and failover.

In modern terms, it means "Russia to get information viruses Judaism".


Less than a 200 years after the Napoleonic Wars, and the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, the air of the central Russian channels actively encourages Jews to study Torah. Although the Old Testament was included among the sacred books of the Christians in the second half of the XIX century (the only!). And, say what you like, and a Jew Soloviev rights, raising the question of why the church with slave religion can not defend themselves. Here is a quote from his recent performances in "Morning with Vladimir Solovyov. Full contact. "

 "Why is everyone talking only about the Russian Orthodox Church, why have concentrated in their attacks on His Holiness Patriarch Kirill, concentrated in the attacks on the Church of Christ the Savior? Where is everybody? Why did not anyone attacks us, the Jews? […] No one publishes articles exposing the lifestyle Berel Lazar and Shayevich, nobody publishes revelatory articles about Clutch: what they watch on what they drive, what business schemes revolve? So we tried to […] Gelman and Gozman say anything about Jews and about Muslims. Here's something to try if only … And then it turned out that the international influence as a Jewish and Muslim organizations is so great that money from abroad would no longer walk, and quietly polite political contacts disappeared somewhere, because I will try to go against the system running great mutual Jewish communities, I know firsthand what I say — and rightly so.


Porobovat be anything, so, for example, in the Choral drop mosque, sitting in the main mosque of Moscow — Concert Pussy Riot. Scary. […] Why nobody talks about it? Because it turned out that the ROC is the unprotected structure, which does not have a powerful lobbying network abroad, as we, the Jews, which does not have […] international experience terrifying fight for the purity of belief, [and] against the raids, which have our Muslim brothers. […] Would try any of the "Echo of Moscow" […] kvaknut anything against Jews and Judaism … […] I am a Jew and I am a Jew, and I know more and more about the activities and many people know very well. But something I've never seen that our progressive community somewhere to write something


[…] It's statistics, according to which the number of religious institutions per capita is less than all the Christians in Russia. Not the Jews, […] is not the Muslims — and the Orthodox. Moscow, which was once the city forty times forty and over which crimson bells drifted, floated … Now that's taken a program that resist as they can, to build two hundred churches. Without a penny of public money. You can not imagine how wild this resistance is what wild hatred. That is struggling, as they can. "


Soloviev, however, keep back. If you understand that the ROC has long since considered themselves spiritual kin Jewish rabbis, then what can you say … What kind of autonomy and protection of Russian?


Speech of Patriarch Alexy II before rabbis in New York November 13, 1991

("Your prophets — our prophets")

"Dear brothers, Shalom to you in the name of the God of love and peace! God of our fathers, who revealed himself to Moses in His saint bush burning, the flame burning bush, and said, "I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob." He is Jehovah — the God and Father of all, and we are all brothers, for we are all children of the Old Testament to the Sinai, which is in the New Testament, as we Christians believe Christ is updated. These two covenants are two steps in one of the same divine-human religion, two moments of the same divinely process. In this process, the formation of the Covenant of God with manIsrael was the chosen people of God, which were entrusted to the laws and the prophets. And through it assumes the his "humanity" of the Blessed Virgin Mary the incarnate Son of God. "This is a blood relationship is not interrupted and does not stop after Christmas … And therefore, we,Christians should feel and experience this relationship as touching the unfathomable mystery of God watching"".

[Then he cited the preaching] Nicanor (Brovkovich), delivered in Odessa over a hundred years ago. Home [her] idea — close relationship between the Old and New Testament religion.Unity of Judaism and Christianity has a real basis of the spiritual and the natural affinitypositive and religious interests.We are united with the Jews, without abandoning Christianity, not in spite of Christianity, but in the name and power of Christianity, and Jews are united with us in spite of Judaism, but in the name and by virtue of true Judaism. […]


You can also visit the numerous "marks" left by the Judeo-Masonic architecture in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities (About Freemasons — Ruling Russia, why not Russian?). Are full of Masonic symbolism and many Christian churches. Here is one example (with elev. 1:08). A description of the appearance and Jewish gods "brotherly religion" can be found inDark hierarchy.


On the one hand the current Chief Rabbi of Russia quite clearly states thatfor a Jew to Christianity — it's bad(With elev. 0:22). And on the other — is elected by a majority of citizens of the Russian Federation President VV Putin saysJudaism is the creation of Russia's future:


5 April, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin […] congratulated the Chief Rabbi of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJC) Berl Lazar Passover. "This is one of the most bright and happy holidays, especially revered by Jews all over the world — said in the letter. — With its origins dating back to such an important event for the Jewish people in the biblical story — based on who brought freedom from centuries of slavery. "

'Traditions of Judaism servebuild trust between people,creation of Russia's future. Russian Jewish organizations are doing much for the successful development of our society, the formation of the atmosphere of tolerance and mutual representatives of different religions and nationalities ", — said Putin.



 Put bluntly, perpetrated against the Jews, the Hasidim and the Zionists according to their scripture where they allow it (not to mention the history of the twentieth century and earlier times), the approval of Judaism raise some questions for the majority elected president. It is possible that this is a concession to the forces that brought Putin to power.

 (At an international conference of Nazi Jewish sect Chabad Lubavitch in New York, Rabbi Lazar told about the special relationship linking Jews and Putin — refer to elevation. 1:25. He, in the newspaper "The Hebrew word», № 6, 2005 said (with elev. 23:57): "A lot of revolutions known in Russia, but the most peaceful, the quietest and most effective — is the revolution that created the Chabad emissaries.")


So for Putin to declare that "the traditions of Judaism are the creation of Russia's future" — this is too much. What of the future?I do not whether the Palestinian scenario? No matter whether, that is painted in a short version of the Shulhan Aruch — a derivative of the Talmud? Then we read here and look forward to. Or five minutes to the President signed the text without reading?


On the Internet there were publications that justify and explain the reluctance to consider Putin Russian question as such. But after Putin did not meet with religious leaders of other small nations of Russia[10](Suggestingexclusivityrelations with the sect Chabad?). On the other hand, it is still not prevent the destruction of the Jews remains of Russian identity (youth, already seduced by false liberalism and outlook will be difficult to return to their roots). So at this point it conducts internal policy raises more questions than understanding.


Gilad Atzmon:

"Israel and its supporters are not tormented thought of immorality, and the idea that they are behind this" get caught "…"
"Ignoring the reality or poor adherence to truth rather symptomatic of contemporary Jewish collective ideology and political identity …"
"… The most evil anti-Semites are among the Jews …"

President Peres glad that his men have a powerful weapon for the killing of Palestinians

 Past and present. What can oppose armed and trained Israeli occupation Palestinians? Home-made rockets from pieces of pipes? The protests?What opposed who came to our land occupiers of our ancestors?Is turning the other cheek, as taught to us from outside brought the religion of slaves? And is it because they survived and won the fight against Hitler and Napoleon's Europe and its occupants? Did they behave tolerant and politically correct, as called civilized West do? It's time to learn how to learn, not only of their own, but from other people's tragedies.

So much for freedom of speech, along with democracy in Israel,

 And — a remarkable fact. Israelis are actively protesting against social inequality and housing prices, and spend in Tel Aviv 400000th demonstrations, but where have you heard about the mass protests against the killing or expulsion of Arabs from their homeland? Self comes first. We must pay tribute to the ideologues and teachers of the younger generation: young people in Israel is becoming more and more radical (as in public opinion polls). Referring to the study on the subject.

In1998, 2004 and 2010. Foundation Youth Studies. Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich EbertFoundation's Youth Study) Conducted surveys among Israeli youth to clarify the change in its mindset. The importance of Jews as a people's goals rose from third place (18% in 1998), the first in 2010 (26%).

 In 2010, Israeli teenagers less believe in democracy, are more likely to rebel and violence, they have intensified racist, and some have lost hope in the world. The IDF was almost full confidence in young (93%). In 1998 the [Israeli] politicians trusted 38%, in 2010 — 43%. In addition, they have increased patriotism and right slant. About 60% of Jewish youth would prefer a "strong leadership" rule of law. The survey found that 46% of respondents are inclined to deny Arab citizens basic political freedoms and rights such as the right to vote. And to the question "what do you think of the Arabs" 25% said "hate", and 12% — "I'm afraid."

 The majority (42%) believes that the main threat to Israel — is the Arab-Israeli conflict. Twelve years ago the figure was 23%. And in 1998, the results were the opposite. 44% saw the main threat to the religious-secular split and only 27% believed that the greatest threat is the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Researchers believe that the [survey results] revealed the process of radicalization of Israeli society.

Sources:, 7340, L-4050228, 00.html

As a logical consequence of such education and domestic policy in Israelon the walls of synagogues began appearing swastikas drawn by the Jews themselves. (Read: Dan Michael — "The Jewish samonenavistniki: Swastika in Jerusalem.")

About the "Russian" revolution

On Communism as internatsistov invention, arrived in Russia from the West, written much. To a great extent in this "carrot" for the people in the period of Trotskyism saw Judeo-Christian "ears":Communism for gentiles — is the kingdom of heaven, and on earth: God is patient and told us.The same Commissar Lunacharsky wrote that the true God is Jehovah democracy, a tribal god of the Jews. ("Socialism and Religion", St. Petersburg., 1908) and since then in Russia Jehovah gathers rich blood sacrifices …

As noted by Gilad Atzmon, "" Israelite "plundering in the name of" returning home ", a progressive Jew — in the name of" Marx "and interventionist spirit killing in the name of" democracy "…". "A significant part of the revolutionary anti-capitalist literature — from Karl Marx, [then] Leon Trotsky — and to Herbert Marcuse, was written by Jews …"

About who invented communism  David Duke writes in his book "Jewish problem through the eyes of an American. "Captain Schuyler, American military intelligence officer in his reportquotes the testimony of Robert Wilton, who at the time was the chief? reputable London correspondent of the newspaper "The Times" in Russia:

The table, made in 1918 by Robert Wilton, correspondent of the "London Times" in Russia, shows that at the time was 384 Commissioner, including two blacks, 13 Russian, 15 Chinese, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 were from the United States since the fall of the Russian Empire. [11]


In 1923 in Berlin (!) Published the call of the Jews (Bikkerman, Landau, Levin, etc.), entitled, "To the Jews of the world!" Expressed extreme concern about the aggressiveness of the world and in particular the Russian Jews.

"Exorbitant zealous participation of Jews in the Bolshevik oppression and destruction of Russia … is imputed to us the blame … The Soviet government is identified with the Jewish authorities, and bitter hatred of the Bolsheviks becomes the same hatred of the Jews … [W] e believe the firm belief that the Jews, as for all the tribes living in Russia, the Bolsheviks havemostof the possible evils, that the fight against all the forces of domination over Russia universally rabble — our sacred duty: to humanity, to the culture, the country and the Jewish people. "30

But in the Jewish community, "these actions were met with great indignation."31


Direct reading of the speech below and compare the words many years ago that began to happen after the launch by Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union of "perestroika" — the first stage of the so-called Harvard and Houston projects (certainly read and see.)


IM Bikerman:"Kill and rob everyone who could and wanted to and whom he would, for an unarmed was at the same time vulnerable. Exterminated by man and the fruits of his labor under various forms and pretexts. Rioting mobs massacred hundreds of thousands of officers of the Russian army. Exterminated the landlord family, to whom could not flee, burned, set on fire because, landed estates, are taken away and destroyed cultural property accumulates in them for generations were beaten places in the economy of all living things, even the dumb thing. On the streets of judgment and punishment of black: rampant lynching. The owners of the factories were driven out of their businesses and homes. All this happened in the first honeymoon revolution. […] Utterly destroy the nobles, bourgeois, bureaucrats, zolotopogonniki. In the fall hostage even people who had neschastie occupy the apartment with views of the street: a sign of the bourgeois. " […]

[…] Flipping […] description of these and other such horrors, Jews unabashedly asked counsel in the 1920s as they are today are asking us: "And what have the Jews? The same Russian affairs, this is the Russian revolution, it is the Russian people rose up against their oppressors is Russian — that's the result. "


"No, my foot!" — Already answered cold Jewish etnoegotsentrikam sincere and honest authors of the book "Russia and the Jews." And explained:


IM Bikerman:"Not all Jews — Bolsheviks and not all of the Bolsheviks — the Jews, but now also have long to prove unreasonable and excessively-zealous Jewish involvement in torturing of half-dead Russian Bolsheviks. Detail, on the contrary, it is necessary to find outasitJewish participation in the disastrous fact should be reflected in the minds of the Russian peopleRussian people had never seen a Jew in powerAnd he did not see it or the governor, or policeman, or even postal official. […] Now the Jew — in all corners and at all levels of government. Russian man sees him and led the ancient capital of Moscow, the head of the Neva and the city, and led by the Red Army, a perfect mechanism of self-destruction. He sees that the prospect of St. Vladimir wear Nakhimson now famous name, the historic Foundry Avenue renamed Avenue Volodarskago and Pavlovsk Slutsk. Russian man now sees the Jew and the judge, and executioner, he meets at every step of the Jews … […] It is not surprising that the Russian people, comparing the past with the present, it is stated in the thought that the current government, the Jewish and that is because it is so rabid. That it is for the Jews and it is what it is doing the Jewish thing, in that it reinforces the power itself ";


Occasionally we come across the "voice of conscience", we hear from the Jews that were once our countrymen. But they were and are "a voice crying in the wilderness." Here is an example of such an appeal.


Appeal to all the Jews living in Russia


I, Joseph Gelfand for over 16 years, I live far away from Russia, but I do not care about all that is happening there. Even now, many years after the forced departure of the Soviet Union, often think of remaining in Russia and friends. With many of them I have kept a great relationship. Currently, I am quite wealthy person and took up the pen not from selfish motives. By carefully observing the situation in the country where I was born and grew up, involuntarily occurs to me that you are living on the brink of a major economic, social and political explosion that will inevitably lead to a new civil war. Recently my friends sent me an interesting article published in the Russian newspaper patriotic to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the State Duma, where the data is really a ruthless analysis of the history of the Russian Parliament. The author convincingly showsanti-national character of the present Russian government and her faithful assistant — the State Duma. Inhuman and reactionary (even compared to the pre-revolutionary) laws with impunity looting the national wealth, the total embezzlement and corruption has thrown Russia into one of the lowest among the countries with underdeveloped economies. Demographic threat of extinction of the indigenous population for the first time in the history of Russia has catastrophic proportions. And it's called you a liberal reform? Oh, oh … hold me tight! In my opinion, the people running Russia, suffering from dangerous mental disorder.

Very surprised when I was told about alleged impending threat of the fascist coup in your country (I have not made a reservation, because Russia has long your country).

After all,if all the mess that is happening in Russia my people, is not the real fascism, what is fascism another you should be afraid of? In my opinion, even Hitler could not mess things up so much trouble with the Russian people, how many already have done these "bad guys" as Gaidar, Abramovich, Chubais, Friedman, Feldman and other distraught relatives stole our money.
Apparently, they finally lost the mind and sense of proportion. These are crooks and the country and take you to certain destruction. I lived in Russia for a long time and I did not fit in my head,What about Russian still tolerate all this?I respect the Russian people for their patience and kindness, but everyone has the patience has its limits. You [Jews] have certainly forgotten the horrors of the Nazi camps, the gas chambers and the Holocaust, and therefore hope that the Russian will continue to suffer these abominations "democrats" double and triple citizenship. I very much doubt it.
Imagine what will happen to the Jews, if again polyhnet antisemitic fire. After all,who, if not close to us by blood relatives "oligarchs" most provoked by Russian anti-Semitism?Recently, one of the TV channels featuring the Russian Prime Minister Fradkov at a Cabinet meeting, where the issue was discussed seriously for the withdrawal of the country's budget windfall profits from the sale of Russian oil, of course, to even tighter fill their bottomless pockets, already bursting from money. Such open cynicism did not expect even from us. Sorry, but this is not a symptom, it is — a real clinic. Here, abroad, for this offer your premier immediately flew to from his chair, and if not he would find himself behind bars. In Russia, for it is not on trial, and therefore some of the western magnates passionately discussing plans division of Russian rivers, gold, oil and gas, land-grabbing and industrial facilities. Dream on, as they say Russian. But at home, these crazy dreamers are far away from Russia, and you … what do you think?Do you also do not mind, or at least our innate Jewish survival instinct?

Greed will not lead to anything good. It is time to stop the presumptuous bastards from the Jewish mafia, Russian wealth jaded no delay, or be a disaster.I can smell this trouble in the distance. You, you are the hostages of these notorious international criminals because, if anything, do not have time to run away with them. Do not believe that Russia has nothing to help, and that it is doomed to failure. I grew up in Russia, and I know its history. The story shows that the Russian people will soon realize who he robs and then you have to escape from the warm and familiar places. If you have something to lose!Think about where else will you find such a haven itself, as in Russia? Mad Men, you chop off the branch on which sit very comfortably. In your place I would have blew dust from every Russian. After all, if, God forbid, will disappear Russia, its place is likely to take the Islamic fundamentalists, who immediately cut out all the Jews. The myth of Russian fascism — blatant nonsense which a blunt-tenacity extends our own, Jewish organizations.You can still make a difference. I am familiar with many Jews, able to influence the government, but they need your support. Time is running out. If you are not using its historical chance, the other can not be. Russian will not forgive you what they do with our common but, unfortunately, lost all sense of reality counterparts.

Advance foresee sarcastic, and sometimes evil grin on my lips naive fellow. What is a Jew for Gelfand, for no reason, no reason so much bothered fate Russian? I do not if he enrolled in Russian patriots? No, I will answer you, I'm not only concerned about the fate of the Russian, though I admit sometimes I want to buy for their honestly earned money a couple of modern bombers, and give them a true Russian patriots (if they still have in Russia), so that they once again blew to shreds his White House. If a Jew Rastoropovich in 1991 could with a gun in his hand to protect the alcoholic Yeltsin from his own supporters in the Politburo, the worse the Jew Gelfand? A zohen wei!If the Russian can not rid themselves of parasites, sucking their blood, then it comes to what we have to remember the Jews in 1917 and re-send them to help a dozen or hired revolutionaries in a sealed train.I find it hard to understand the reasons which compel pathologically gullible Russian to go to the polls and with persistence masochist each time to choose a new, more sophisticated enemy and oppressor who tries to strip off their shirt. Allow me to doubt the results of such an unnatural vote. If under Stalin for failure to vote could get 10 years in the camps, but now the case is something else.

Most likely,they simply put, very fool in this deception first violin plays again, our and your countrymen who lead the press, radio and television.Probably many of you have watched the movie "The Matrix", so … you're living in the mirror, in the real matrix. Do not assume that the deception will not last forever, but rather think about the possible consequences and how they can affect your destiny and that of your children. Now the future of millions of my fellow Jews, put on a fake card that is in the hands of Kremlin gamblers. I know thatMany Jews drugged delusion Orthodox Jews about the coming of the Messiah and world domination of the Jewish race. Is the whole historical experience of previous generations does not tell you is that such schizophrenic venture ended in only one: another massive persecution of the Jewish people?Do not be like the Old Testament, Methuselah, blithely eat the fruit, not brought up by him, because all of this until a certain time! You understand what I'm trying to tell: if the genocide of the Russian people and looting will continue in the future, sooner or later will come a new bloodbath, and this room will be worse than all of what happened to the Jews for all their long history.

Sincerely, Gel'fand



A somewhat different view of the situation in our country (and specific recommendations to break the current deadlock management) gives one of the parts have already pointed out here lecture cycle of another of our former compatriot living in Israel (the scribe of the sacred Jewish texts). This part are urged to listen to (or at least, to know that we offer the Jews themselves.)


The Zionist revolution is afoot in Russia

Jewish mafia in Russia

As oligarchs or raped Russia Part 1

Rise and Fall of the Russian oligarchs

Exposing the Jewish Mafia

Rothschild-Zionism (and parts 2, 3, 4)

Zionism and tutorial MIA (up elev. 5:03)

Zionism in Russia. Shulchan Aruch

Eduard Hodos — liquidation plan of the national elites

Eduard Hodos of Chernobyl

The Jews and the Russian spirit

Leonid Ivashov — Jews of occupied Russia

Hitler's entourage consisted only of Jews

Publication and presentation of Olga Nikolaevna Chetverikova

Zionist Hitler and his boss Rothschild

Jews killed millions of Russian (the numbers from 60 to 135 million)

Find the courage to interpret the text and video, to which he refers. Discuss this topic in the circle of his family, friends and colleagues. Realize the magnitude of what you deliberately hide from us (we have not), and the Western media. Understand who inspires you to obedience, fear and tolerance. See the dense and merciless evil with which the invisible "organizers" of our civilization for centuries ruled the world. Face boldly those who are afraid to write about it. Make your choice. Make your move.You need to deal with the Israeli Zionism and its fifth column, otherwise they will understand us.



Catechism of the Jew in the USSR

Having read the "Catechism of the Jew in the USSR", Stalin …

Jew? Macony against humanity

 In the end, like Cyril Myamlina, we have questions:

— Should I be happy Jewish jokes, piercing airwaves?

— Should I meekly swallow [their] propaganda?

— Why should I be "tolerant" to this "religion" (and its successors), which justifies my humiliation, and [eventually], destruction?

— Should I take down the bastards offensive comments:

Artemy Troitsky, "I think Russian men on the whole animals, there is not even a second and third grade … They must die out." Viktor Shenderovich: "Russian people a lot of things to learn. He just started to learn […] down for a water, wash your hands … ". Roman Dobrokhotov: "Two thirds of the population of Russia — is latent criminals … If we give them the freedom to fix then, after a few years, it will be late."

— Is it normal that 95% of foreign-owned companies in the country?

— Should I be happy that the government sold the second largest bank to foreigners? Do they understand at all what this means yet another shift money toward private money, private banks that issue?

— Why Codlea, calling itself "the Russian ruling elite", it is not concerned that liberalism, which they have so carefully tightened, has religious roots in Judaism? That is, they share the values of Judaism, in fact, they always quote … Soon will carry these statements, cast in tablets around the Kremlin …

— Based on the definition of a Jew — "… a person who converted to Judaism" — can we assume then that the ruling regime and its representatives Russian?

— What if this reform has been in education and in all social sphere?

— Should I do hate this government, this system where I, Russian, indigenous ethnicity, citizen of the country where they were born all my ancestors, offer to be "endangered creature third grade?"

 Iffrom the mouth of our Jews come meaningful phrases to listen to them.VV Zhirinovsky about the prestige of the Jews and the plans for Russia:"… Good to the Jews because it is your future bosses"or"Jews are preparing the future withdrawal of the entire Jewish world community in Russia"(About the same — here). Soloviev:"Our Jewish ancestors came to the territory of modern Russia in the II century. The Slavs emerged as a nation in the VI century, and therefore already "away." Do not be rude! ".


In fact, judging by their faces, flashed on the television screen, can really get the impression that the Russian "in this country" guests or hired workers. Until parallels with Palestine remained very close …

Zhirinovsky — Around some Jews (with elev. 1:10)

Ðóíåò 90% belongs to the Jews(M. Shevchenko)

Granny — about Jews


More on management priorities

4, Economic. The Qur'an considers giving money at interest as a grave sin (legalized theft). This fact — one of the reasons antikoranicheskoy strategy executed in front of us. By the way, in the old Jewish Torah also forbidden usury. Ancient Torah forbade to lend money, required to forgive all debts and release of slaves to freedom in the seventh year. As we know, the Pharisees ("priest-scribes") figured out how to get around the ban. And yet, in Russia published in the Bible, the Old Testament contains all the abominations, including the instructions Isaiah loan interest for the people, says: "With the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II».

 In today's Russia (Rossionii as it is sometimes called by some authors), taking money and real assets in the population and the most active state occurred after Mikhail Gorbachev's betrayal and his environment, fully passed the country to plunder the Jews Democrats in the implementation of the "redevelopment project." What was with Prime Minister Chernomyrdin and Primakov: lending rate ranged60-200% per annum, Dominated by terrorism and civil war for the country's collapse, privatization for the benefit of the oligarchs with the export of gold and foreign assets that accompanied the rapid impoverishment of tens of millions of citizens. But neither the politicians nor the holy church is virtually no interest ("God is patient, and told us"). Smooth maneuver Putin managed to reduce lending rates to 10% (but in the West it was reduced to almost zero.) That isand in times of crisiseconomic stranglehold that the private banks with the Central Bank, "crush" the economy of the country, do not want to let go. This is expressed most obvious option unstructured management — 4th, economic.


Third, much more powerful is the unstructured information management, the facts (so-called factual priority). Basically, it consists in concealing the truth from the people — through the substitution of it in several versions lies in the duality of which the public and then wanders about in broad daylight (eg, capitalism / socialism, dictatorship / democracy, plan / market, atheism / religion and etc.). This ancient principle is also known under the slogan of "divide and rule".


But almost completely hidden, derived beyond the discussion arechronologicaland ideological priorities. The first of these provides a gradual introduction into the public consciousness means indoctrination, domination and submission — to rewrite history.[12]Destruction of historical chronicles and archives and mass forgery — one of the methods of this control. A recent example of such diversions is a professional manufacture of fakes on the case of Katyn massacre, exposing deputy Ilyukhina, which cost him his life.


A little more "distant" example is a comparison of our history books, written in the Soviet era, and in recent years, and compare them with the history books, say, Japan, the U.S. or Europe. And in the past with the monstrous distortions history of Russia and the massive destruction of its historical documents still fought our great scientist Mikhail Lomonosov (which, by the way, for this European iskazitelyam literally "broken noses"). About medieval or biblical stories, we often can be judged by "authorized" documents. But only one in the basement of the Vatican is still hidden 85 kilometers of shelves with original manuscripts and edicts and the annals of ancient and medieval ages. So our real history is largely destroyed, and have become a hopeless liar, it is yet to be explored.


Finally, control viaideologyless noticeable and transiently, but most of all determine the direction of the development of civilization, or of a single society. This is what lay in the child with the mother's milk, with a children's garden, with the first lessons in the school, with the standard normsmorality and behavior. If the country's leaders through education and the media focuses on the population of a healthy lifestyle, do no evil nature and neighbor, to grasp the Universe and our place in it, the purpose of our existence, to live according to God's providence and in harmony with nature, and rules behavior, goals and technologies generated by the relevant public.


If, however, rises to the top of the enrichment, hedonism, selfishness, and the principle of "live once", then such a society gets all the current vile and murderous for future generations "liberalistichesky" set of "values" and problems. Enough to see the gap between art and literature of the Soviet period (in its best examples) and the seamy and izvraschenstvo modern "free consumer goods."


Modern media. Feed sharply negative publicity for decades now exceeds 80%, while for normal social psyche that is how much should be the level of positive information. Contemporary cinema. Compare Soviet films 50-60's with a modern torture, terror, and a continuous stream of death and fear flowing from the film and television. Is this progress? Compare education and relations between girls and boys in the age of the Soviet education under the current unbridled pro-Western system. Do not forget about school, reduce all to the education of the children of consumers and school examinations, which amount to the game "Guess."


If the flotilla of related paper boat has no purpose, almost imperceptible "wind" bezstrukturnogo control can direct it to where it needs. In Soviet times, our people build communism, therefore, the purpose was. What can we offer to build today? Capitalism that dooms the world to the pursuit of money and wealth?


The fact that America is now possible under the false pretext to delay and almost indefinitely hold their own and foreign citizens without legal counsel — a sign of the New World Order. (On the requirements for future servants of the gentlemen something you can learn from the documentary "royal servants.") That in the United States waiting to be hundreds of stationary and mobile prisons and concentration camps and signed a presidential decree a state of emergency (and military) position in during which all power and property is automatically transferred some alternative structure, suggests that fascism is preparing to come to stay.


The wayGreece "divorced" for money, and now do a good discount,and also subject the concentration camps. As well as the massacre of over Libya — is "advance copies of the" new "instruments of international economic relations." Behind barbed wire in Greece officially planned to place refugees from Arab countries (including Libya). And this beautiful recognizable typical Palestinian or Nazi "landscape."

Is the future you want for your children?



Judging by razhu, which is observed in the Zionists — see how the Israeli President Shimon Peres said happily countrymen (with elev. 12:12):

"For a small country like ours, it's amazing. We are buying Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland. And, I think, we will not have problems, "

Chabad-Zionists believe that the deal is done, and all the power of the world they already have in their hands. When Vladimir Putin described the Western intervention in Libya as a "crusade", the liberal Dmitry Medvedev with strict mine said:"Do not allowed to use the expression […] of the" Crusades "and so on." 

Even a small part of the facts and evidence that were presented in the first four parts of this review is sufficient to understand that the criminal history, and ideology, and politics of Israel. Jews committed massacres and atrocities deserve significant, like Nuremberg, the sentencing still heartily ruling war criminals ideological Hasidim and ordinary performers killings, as well as the basics of these crimes, "tutorials" in all this — the Old Testament, the Talmud, Torah and other elements of biblical concepts. And with the liberal fifth column, who came to our land, to sow discord, we impose alien world, plunder our wealth and parasitize on us to be very careful to understand: Do we need such "guests".


That the Jews want to do with Russia

Jewish occupation of Ukraine

Hasidim in the Ukrainian Uman

Why mock conspiracy theory

Structure of the World Government

Capitalist sverhobrazovanie, which runs the world

Studies show that powerful corporations do control the world financial system

Meet your present government — "Announce the entire list"

The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers Russia shared

John Perkins — Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins — Who run the world?

The True Story of the Bilderberg Club and plans

10 companies from around the world who have worked with the Nazis

Pozitivchik about Moscow Masons

Shift into the garden, as if it affects your life, because it is so

Low income as a trigger element of the revolution (and parts 2, 3, 4)

Putin on the world behind the scenes


What to do?

As noted by Gilad Atzmon,

"The Jewish population of the UK is 280,000 or 0.46% [of the total]. In [British] House of Commons of 650 seats, and if calculate the proportion, the Jews have the right to just three seats. [In fact having] 24 seats, Jews are eight times higher than the rate of representation. So, the other group [as a result] be underrepresented, including Muslims. If, for example, the Muslims were to be as widely available as the Jews (eight times more than the norm), they would have to have 200 seats. What would have started! "

 A good analogy, but … If in our country is the dominance of Jews in the areas of management, information, culture and education, why not organize and hold a referendum on proportional participation of the people of Russia in all of these structures and organs? In multi-ethnic country, which is Russia (Rus) representation in all governing bodies and the media certainly should at least match the relatively ethnically major administrative districts. If the ethnic composition of, say, in the Republic of Tatarstan represented 53% of the Tatars, 40% Russian, 3% Chuvash, and then at the level of small numbers, then in power-legislative structures should not dominate other ethnic groups. Similarly — and at the state level. Otherwise it will continue to infringe the rights and interests of other nationalities (including the constituent peoples, Russian), and "mordehayskaya" mafia groups will successfully solve the problem of "Palestinization" Russia.[13]


Must work around the principle of justice and truth, and not the enrichment and fraud. People should be given the knowledge of the structure of the society, to remove it from the hypnosis and lies generated by the Jews, the Zionists. All sectors of society need to gradually correct the existing imbalances. And to begin with the main "The Illusionist" — the media. Severely limit commercial advertising as a means of planting the ideology of consumerism. Parallel — to implement health promotion (return to a sober Russia, as it was for many centuries).[14]Begin to recognize and remember their history a lot and long forgotten. To form a new layer of managers (not office plankton!) And qualified engineers and workers. And good idea to use a favorite corporate tool — a polygraph test — to find out all wickedness, who is related to traditional and conceptual power.


Make a prestigious life and work away from the cities, villages, low-rise, to be closer to the earth and nature. Return to the values of normal heterosexual family and eliminate unacceptable dominance of homosexuality in the media. In order to regain the calm depths, soil, plants, and all that had been expropriated by the oligarchs. Return the bookmark education philosophy and ideology, which will contribute to the children and youth of humanity. And the ban finally mockery and slander of the Russian people. For any such officer, director or journalist should take off from work as per records, "for inciting racial hatred." Do not go too far and do not give in to the revolutionary and reactionary provocation. And be vigilant and united, because the enemy is very strong and cunning, and beliefs and pristyzhivaniya it does not apply.


Zionists act and wins, especially in the information field, and only then — on the physical plane. Hence, it is necessary to deal with them the information — and above all by improving the understanding of what is happening. Overcome this infection can only be raised to a higher conceptual and spiritual level. All of the "fighters" and "debunkers" (authors and online resources)[15]operating under one or more of ASU simply play "giveaway" and give a kaleidoscopic picture of a fragmented, mosaic overall picture of their "followers" is unavailable. Therefore, it is time to call a spade a spade and rise above centuries-old information wings.


In conclusion

Most of the children in Russia grew by generations of Pushkin's fairy tales. This great poet was also a great prophet, as many people know. Now without going into this subject, we give only one quotation from his "Egyptian Nights". "Egyptian Night" — is the Bible project, for which has long been in the whole world.


"I swear … — Mother of delights

You unheard serve,

On the bed passionate temptations

Simple mercenary germinating.

Give heed to the same powerful Cyprida,

And you, underground kings

Ye gods formidable Hades

I swear — before the dawn

My lords desire

I'm tired of voluptuously

And all the mysteries of kisses

And wondrous bliss quench.


But only morning porphyria

Aurora eternal flash,

I swear — under the death ax

Chapter lucky disappear".


Interpretation of these (and many other) lines of Pushkin, see Lecture 1999 "CRR in images of Pushkin" (with elev. 198:05). The question now is, who, how and when to stop the Bible project and its most active servants.


Realizing where we started a Bible project, I think it's time we begin to regain its history and humane world. Raise children and to live in harmony with God Nature. And learn to become men. With a capital. And fascism — especially Jewish — we were not on the road.


If you've read this far, sincerely thank you for your hard work!


English translation, compilation and comments: Donnie Darko and Sister Mercy

[1] — About tolpoelitarizme see chapter 9 "Principles of Sociology."

[2] — If we use the idea of Hermes Trismegistus, "As above, so below," and at the same time remember that this virus [by the way, in Latin, the term means "poison"], And compare the main features and characteristics to those of the Jews, the Jews, we obtain the following. Viruses:1.Outside of a living organism, they occupy a niche between the living and non-living (behave as particles of organic polymers).2.Are parasites, and they can live and reproduce only inside other cells. In this case, the "owner" of the disease they cause.3.They "pierce" the containment foreign system and infect it (make failover), and the system "carrier" starts playing what should virus, and create millions of copies of itself.4.After the seizure of foreign organisms and their resources rapidly multiply, and, having exhausted the resources, throw the body "carrier" and go wandering on [See Introduction to microbiology. a series of "defense system" with the elevation. 7:19].5.Relatively little known properties of viruses is theirability to transform. They can be converted to other organisms: the bacteria and mold. Hence — a hypothesis — a step to understanding the reasons whywhy Jews are so closely linked to satanic cults, Kabbalah and kosmozemnymi factors. It is possible that the Jews through the dark nature of the hierarchy of Satan (see their characteristics Part 3) seek to expand into the physical plane of our world. After completion of this process and its information media artist promised "transformation." That is "knowing" the Jews with the demonic systems psyche see themselves as "pupae"Some other entity, and shall endeavor to complete this process — at any price. Time, cost and sacrifice with no significance. What is important is the end result.

[3] — And the rest is now "understand" that in the last two years is obvious.

[4] — "Principles of Sociology, Volume 1, Part 2, p. 155-156.

[5] — While the head of the IMF, the Jew Dominique Strauss-Kahn acted in line with the concept of buying up the world, he got away with any crime. But as soon as he had "encroached on the sacred" and "went against the" economic governance framework of the world, he was immediately "took a soft spot."

[6] — "Principles of Sociology", Volume 2, Part 3, p.84.

[7] — "Principles of Sociology", Volume 2, Part 3, p.83. Small expansion of the local environment, "shepherd" legitimately raises the question of the "buyer" for which he "holds, raises, cuts and cuts" his flock. And here — one step to understanding the causes of communication Illuminati-Masons, Jews with monstrous satanic cults, rituals and stories about the presence in the world "visitors restaurants" like mysterious "reptoids" and their servants … gray

[8] — Shortly before the attack, Anders Breivik firmly dealt with the secret services of Israel, a fact established by the Norwegian police. On the Israeli site after the double attack in Norway came comments like "Do not wish for death to those who are calling for a boycott of Israel — isand folly, andsin"And" The conference in support of the boycott has gathered a bunch of haters of Israel. […] We condemn the attack itself, but to cry about it? Pardon me. We're Jews, not Christians. Our faith does not oblige us to love our enemies and to mourn. "

[9] — By the end of 2008 this appeal signed by more than 25,000 people.

[10] — Officially, their Jewish state only 0.11% of the population of Russia.

[11]— US National Archives. (1919). Record Group 120: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, June 9.

[12] — See A. Dragunkin "New Old World", St. Petersburg, "Time of seagulls", 2008, p.180-206.

[13] — It is possible that during this "hide" their nationality Jews immediately and "come out of the gloom." After all, according to the last census (2010) Russian in Russia 77.7% (111 million people)., And Jews — 0.1% (157 thousand).. Though everywhere you look in the power and big business are one and the same person. By the way, the number of publications of the materials similar to this one, good to see where it is "entrenched" "wanderers" and / or whom they control …

[14] — In 1942, Hitler formulated the basis of the occupation policy in the conquered eastern territories. In his directive, he wrote only three sentences: "It is necessary to reduce the Slavs to sign language. No hygiene. Any vaccinations.Only vodka and tobacco". Another source gives another quote: "The Slavs have to work for us, and if they are no longer needed, let them die. Vaccinations and health for them superfluous. Slav fertility is not desirable … education is dangerous. It is enough if they will be able to count to a hundred … Every educated person — this is our future enemy. Should discard all the sentimental objections. Need to manage these people with iron determination … Speaking in the military, we have to kill three to four million Russian annually. (From the directive of Hitler to the Minister for the eastern territories Rosenberg "On implementation of the master plan" Ost "" (July 23, 1942) ").

[15] — If the degree of accountability for the U.S. Jewish media mafia is 96%, how the situation is with us? I think the answer is obvious …

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