Joker from Krasnoyarsk sold 30 bunkers in case of end of the world

Internet auction sites in the hopper in Krasnoyarsk case doomsday lasted two days and was terminated only after the intervention of the police.

"December 21, 2012 comes the so-called end of the world, but not all will be lost. You have a unique opportunity to stay alive, or at least give life to her child. We provide space in the bunker in the central area. Restriction on acquisition of one place, you should not be older than 60 years, "- stated in the description of the lot at one of the local Internet resources.

It states the service cost. "Price save your life: a man — 500 thousand rubles, a woman — 300 thousand children under 7 years — 100 thousand rubles," — said on its website.

Later, the "seller" has announced that it is a joke, and returned the money to those who have time to list. He also summarized the results of the auction. "The lot was purchased by more than 30 times the price of 500 rubles. Attendance for 2 days was about 50 thousand people. Number of people wanting to buy the lot in their own ways — more than 100," — says the author of idea.

He also said that the rally would last longer if he had not stopped the police. "Dear friends, thank you for fun with me these 2 days, Unfortunately, there are people without a sense of humor that does not give us a good laugh on. If there were people who took this seriously lot, you know — no end of the world will be! Thank you all. Fun to continued, if I somehow did not find the police. Lot lifted after a call from the police. They do not understand the joke, "- said organizers.

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