Joon Davitashvili

Joon. Her name became popular in record time, and constantly attracts attention. Its predictions are discussed, her gift of healing dedicated to poetry and song. Especially people listened to her words about the financial crisis. The country was going through difficult this period, the predictions about the crisis listened very carefully. Joon just expressed very optimistic.

According to her, the crisis came from the oligarchs, but not the common people, and will end in the fall. And about the oligarchs put it — if forget about conscience, the long and the race to start, who are smarter, but steeper. Allegedly, the crisis is useful to them, may become easier to live, to be closer to the people. People like to work, so let it continue to work and forget about their fears. Several reduce costs, stop buying sausage, but that's the only benefit. Joon says that she does not even remember the last time I ate meat, what can you say about the sausage. The best diet in her opinion — it's potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic and cucumbers. As they say — will be healthier. Joon gives the example of his relatives, and his native village, where the meat is eaten only in winter. Slaughtered pig, smoked meat, and ate 50 grams per week. Moreover, many of the villagers were centenarians.

Accordingly, in order to survive the crisis we need to work as before. Joon recalled that in Russia have forgotten how to do it. Uzbeks, Kyrgyz working in our janitors, and in our country get 30,000, then as a woman asks for alms in the Arbat was ten years old …

Joon predicts Russia — God saves her. We have a just light. Russians have become smarter, are beginning to understand that Russia is no better, and can not be. Our country will bypass the whole world.

It remains to wait until spring to plant and field. "There is no drought, there is no financial crisis," said Joon. Our stuff is not worn for three months, the land to feed, and gradually things will get better. Forget about the crisis, the crisis only with the oligarchs.

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