Juvenile justice is paid from a thick wallet Western

Our "midfielders" constantly trying to convince us that defend the rights of Russian citizens. But in fact it turns out just the opposite. For example, not long ago, they were protecting the rights of American citizens to purchase our children.

A few days ago there was news that the famous "half", a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Boris Altshuler Finnish television channel in an interview said that the law on the introduction of juvenile justice is ready, but "because of the media and the" Soviet propaganda hyping scandals of removal of the Russians children, adoption of the law is delayed. " In this case, apologized and promised that "in the near future, all obstacles to the adoption of the law will be eliminated."

In this regard, several questions arise.

First, apologize to anyone Altshuler? Unlikely to ordinary citizens in Finland is likely to those who pay for its activities in Russia.

He is known as an outspoken lobbyist juvenile justice. Doubt that it fulfills someone's order, no longer exists.

Second, he is going to remove the obstacles? Most of the population of Russia and President stump support the introduction of this law. He is certainly not succeed, but to convince their employers really need. And then suddenly recognize incompetence and find another "human rights" to promote the interests of "the children."

And third, who benefits from that in Russia, children were taken from their families?

Apparently those who then these children will be selling to other countries. As is well known service international adoption agency estimated at 50 thousand dollars per child.

Requires a complete ban on adoptions of Russian children by foreigners, not just Americans.

These are our children, and no one has the right to take their families and homeland.

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