Kings, dragons: expansion continues …

In the early 90-ies West went "weighty" book — "The biggest secret". Its author, David Icke claims that on Earth for a very long time with people inhabit race chelovekoreptily who aim to capture the planet and enslave humanity. And in the last few decades, according to Ike, "reasonable lizards" are close to realization in the lives of their evil designs.

Below are excerpts from an interview with the famous American magazine D. Ike «Leading Edge», repeatedly appeared in publications around the world.

"My research has shown, and it provides detailed explanations in the book that if you go back far enough in time, you will find a lot of races that are intertwined with mankind. There is one particular group that is still active in the physical world. A race of reptiles, those whom we call the "Annunaki" (according to the Sumerian tablets).

And I'm not alone in this. Dr. D.A.Horn wrote "The extraterrestrial origin of humanity" and had the same research that I conducted and based on the huge number of ancient and modern evidence to suggest that this relationship with reptiles stretches across millennia to today.

From the mountains of the Caucasus and the area that we call Sumer and Babylon came these generic lines. Interbreeding occurred between the human race and this reptilian group (after all migrated to Egypt, then to Rome and London). Hybrids are demigods — intermediaries between the gods and mankind, kings, snakes.

In about 2200 BC Egypt formed something called Royal Court Dragon. He has a rather large effect today, 4000 years later, and is in England, which, in my opinion, is the epicenter of global control — the epicenter of the network. Hybrids "reptile-man" were the rulers at different times and in the Middle, and the Middle East, eventually became the aristocracy and royal families of Europe.

Now there is only one royal family, and the rest were destroyed during the coups and revolutions, or excluded from real power for other reasons. At least one royal family has a different name. Windsor — one of these lines.

Main time point expansion is 1689, when the Dutch William of Orange, which is associated with each of the family ties living in the royal families of Europe, was put on the throne of England.

"Managers' offices (the" controlled areas "on both sides of the Atlantic, and in other lands) organize work in their families and in each country in accordance with the program: the Rockefellers in America Opengeymery in South Africa …

If you are researching the genealogy of American presidents, you will be amazed. All presidential elections since George Washington in 1789, was won by the most "pure" candidates, and the standard is the European royalty. Of the 42 presidents that preceded

Bill Clinton, 33 have been genetically related to two people — Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the monarch who ruled in what is now France. 19 of them had family ties with the King of England, Edward III, cousin of Prince Charles. And the same applies to all the key positions of power everywhere — the same tribe!

Whether it's a family of bankers in the United States or any other. For example, George Bush and Barbara Bush out of the line of blood-line Pierce (formerly known as Persia), one of the aristocratic families of Britain, thriving today. Bush is a relative of Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The idea that anyone can become president — just not true.

If you go back two generations ago, according to the studies, we can see:

Prescott Bush was a member of the Company's skull and crossbones in Yelnskom University and was involved in various political maneuvers. In the next generation you will see George, who trained from birth and raised as a holder of power. He became head of the CIA, the vice-president and president. He was head of the Republican Party during the Watergate hearings-ta. Was ambassador to the UN and the unofficial ambassador to China. All these tsolzhnosti — key.

Besides Jed Bush became governor of Florida.

According to Burke's peerage, even according to the official genealogy, Bill Clinton are genetically related to the House of Windsor, and every Scottish monarch, King Henry III and Robert I — King of France. Clinton is from the Rockefeller family and a generation ago, which is a clear explanation of why the so-called "boy from the streets of Arkansas' Rod received a scholarship to Oxford University, which is given only to the elite. At a very early age Clinton became governor of Arkansas, who was believed to staff Rockefellers. He then became President of the United States.

In May 1998, I met with 12 different people from different backgrounds (from businessmen working in Swiss bank employees to television), who told me the same thing: they see how people, most of whom are in power, directly in front of them turned into reptiles, and then back to the people. How to explain it?

There are some frequency fields in which they are given a lot harder to keep the human form. I think that people's consciousness momentarily switches to this power from time to time. And then people see through their clothes reptiles third dimension.

In Vancouver, I was approached by a female businesswoman. She had an affair with a man who just during sex has changed its image from a human to reptile. You can imagine her shock? And the story does not stop the flow. Witnesses conversions enough.

The book K.O O'Brien "Transformation of America" opysyvaetsya episode as Bush talked about the fact that they are an alien civilization that captured the planet, and nobody notices. He also said that they came from outer space. K.O O'Brien writes that saw many American policymakers become reptiles. Among them is George Bush. She also tells the story of Miguel de la Madrid, President of Mexico in the 80's. He told her about the scattering iguanas and also turned into this very iguana.

Then a young man called me into the office and said, "may I explain why people like Bush, Kissinger or Gorbachev turned into reptiles, when I see them on TV?" And I thought, "Yeah, I know why."

What we call the world of the New Order, is the plan of reptiles. They want to create chaos in the world, including in its program and extensive war. Ie the structure of world government, a world central bank, world currency, electronic banking system, lack of cash, people with implanted microchip and a global army, which is NATO.

Kings, dragons: expansion continues ...They plan to create unbelievable havoc using the world most powerful mind control technique that I call the problem-reaction-solution. You create a problem, get a response from the public "something to do" and then offer a solution that you would like to introduce another beginning. If you need to apply a global solution, you need to create a world-wide problem. I foresee the attack up close.

The question still is, that the vibration of the planet all the increases, and those who can change their shape, it becomes harder to stay in shape man. These reptiles are obsessed put their institutions of control and put chips in people. They know that the vibration of the planet reaches a speed at which to hold the human form would be simply impossible, whatever taken.

That's when we'll finally see that our planet run reptile. They can no longer hide. But by the time you need to catch a lot, and above all — to form a global army (read — NATO) and brainwash people. Human control over your life on Earth — is excluded. "

The truth is that we are being manipulated

Frankly, to information on the reptiles could be taken with a grain of salt, but for the fact that the world is ruled by a group of related persons, there is sufficient evidence.

Control structure of the world — is a pyramid within a pyramid. Like nested matrioshka doll: one doll inside another. Which organization would you look, you will see that it is built on the principle of the pyramid. Standing on the lower rungs of the pyramid often have no idea what the organization as a whole. They do their own work and back home every day, not knowing how what they do is connected to the labor of others, and grows into something more sinister. Only a few at the top in the course.

So multiple people can manage thousands in the organization to implement the plan, the existence of which the thousands do not even know. This is a global scheme, under which managed billions of people.

Yet about reptiles … difficult, of course, to believe in the possibility of the existence of "bad people", but something is really going on in our world, and is absolutely not normal and not very friendly, almost like a fantasy.

Ike's interview sheds light on many things. And most importantly, what made Ike — peace thoughtful. Supporters of his point of view seriously simulated world of the New Order.

In this connection we would like to mention one interesting "moment." Not long ago, Russian television showed a film about how, after World War II intelligence sought executioners from among the defectors to the Fascists, "Lost" at home after the retreat and surrender of the enemy. One of the policemen, on account of which one was not burned village in the Smolensk region, was caught by the KGB as much in 80 years.

But suddenly, for it began to aggressively solicit Reagan and Thatcher! Why? Speaker "told": saving his agent. When showing pictures fanatic, his face was clearly visible characteristic of human-reptilian classification Ike shadow — is the same as in the pictures presented in the book! We can therefore assume that the traitor was not just an agent, but is connected with its sister line of defenders.

No wonder that many minions Fuhrer including "highly qualified experts" from Dachau and other death camps, safely crossed the ocean, which fared very quietly and continue to engage in "scientific" activity. Enclave reptilian relatives — reliable protection.

"Human-lizards" entrenched in the "safe" countries on both sides of the Atlantic (who grew up in the middle of the XX century, the "authority" of the U.S. suggests the existence of this international center / headquarters of "foreign"). It should be noted that these states become economically developed by third-party intervention.

Reptiles, almost seized the planet are responsible for the creating destructive. They divide and conquer. Today, their "representatives" have among all the races of man, and, despite the chaos in international relations, politics clearly regulated.

Through skillful manipulation of religious, moral and political doctrines, "substituted" alone provoked and directed "righteous anger" of the other. For example, in the Middle Ages functioned plan "paganism-heresy" — "crusade" in our own time — "Jehad and terrorism, the war on terror." Methods have not changed. This "dualism-radicalism" helps strengthen reptiles and distribute its power on the planet.

World domination, the new world order, universal slavery, the power of evil, the power of darkness, the power of death and the black plague … How many times over the millennia, from the lips of poets, prophets, teachers, people have heard about these goals and aspirations?

Conquer the world dreamed of Atlanta. And even in the "Dialogues" by Plato, "The Secret Doctrine" Blavatsky, "Atlantis" and Donlli "Sylmar-lyon" Tolkien explicitly refers to "the kings of the Dragon", but the trend is obvious: who knows how to "read between the lines" easy-Ota Shield parallels with theses Ike.

Convincingly refute Ike has not been anyone yet. Despite the fact that criticism of his angry, a lot and often.

But Ike is not alone. Similar thoughts were voiced by many authoritative personality. Recently, the number of publications "in line" named theme soared. This literary activity and harassment by the "politically correct", passionately catering to "the authorities", favors the correctness of the chosen direction.
In general, the people, snakes, dragons, kings, etc. report not only old traditions, they are written, and modern authors (eg, L. Carter "Tongor Black Hawk Down", R. Howard, "Bran Mak Morn," and many others) and make movies ("Conan the Barbarian", "Aliens Among Us" "Arrival"). And the art of these things are very popular! Remember how much fuss about movies "Aliens Among Us" and "return"? And no wonder, because the smoke there's fire.

A.Chernov "Interesting newspaper plus"

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