Surprisingly it may seem different Russian, amazed contagious virus of ignorance, to the disgrace grovel all foreign, Sign Festival, Kolovrat, Brace is the earliest sign of Slavic (Russian) people.

Kolovrat captured another mammoth ivory. Under the golden Kolovrat scarlet banner on the legendary prince Svetoslav went to Constantinople, beat the Khazars. This radiant symbol was used by pagan wise men in rituals associated with ancient Slavic Vedic faith, and so far it embroider Vyatka, Kostroma, Vologda crafter.

It is not surprising is the fact that Nazi Germany Third Reich used the mark (slightly modified) in its state symbols, as Germanic tribes and Slavs have the origin of the Indo-European root.

To be fair, it's worth remembering that at the direction of the baptism of Rus 'Equal' Prince Vladimir Novgorod was set on fire, and one third of the people, who declined to be baptized, was simply destroyed. And then like that happened in almost all lands Rusich. Exception in this respect did not and Western Europe. It is under the sign of the Christian cross was carried out by exorbitant cruelty Inquisition of the Middle Ages, which cost the lives of at rough estimates, 10 million people. Before the aforementioned atrocities media "word of God" pales even Gestapo torture. But in spite of this, the "pious" West, as well as the Russian people, for some reason does not reject these foreign Middle Eastern characters.

Meanwhile Kolovrat — this primordial essence of life and peace for all the northern peoples. It represents Jarilo-sun, light, seasons, is a great cleaning, and guided by force, which is why it is so hated the dark forces of evil. It is no accident Kolovrat was inscribed on the red billboards Slavic warriors going to fight to the death, often against overwhelming odds. This determination caused panic in enemies, eventually bringing victory Slavs. So our great ancestors for thousands of years, held back all the devastating invasion of Greeks, Romans, Huns, Goths, obrov, Khazars, Kipchaks, Pechenegs, Byzantines. Only once in was forcibly vaccinated foreign, Christian religion, calling for patience and love slave to their enemies, our Slavic people came under heavy yoke, the consequences of which we feel in our current, troubled times.

But Slavic spirit invincible, which is why in these difficult days for the country, thousands of its sons stand by sacred image Kolovrat.

Unexpected key values ancient Slavic symbol "Kolovrat" came up with one of the scientists, when he looked at the astronomical atlas. The Atlas was given the image positions of the constellations Big Dipper and Little Bucket (Big and Little Dipper) at 0 hours 00 minutes days of winter and summer solstice (December 22 and June 22), as well as days of spring and fall equinoxes (March 21 and September 23) .

Scheme in the atlas as two drops of water was like elements Kolovrat! Actually "shoulders" of the symbol — the imaginary axis connecting the Big Dipper and the North Star. Secondary shoulders — the position of the Big Dipper in the different seasons. Kolovrat center (the beginning of "arms" of small bucket) is the North Star — the brightest star in the constellation, and one of the brightest stars of the northern slope of the sky. When the daily rotation of the stars of the sky to circle (daily parallels), and Polaris remains virtually immobile as it is located near the north celestial pole — one of two of the fixed points in the sky. Thus, the North Star indicates the direction to the north, and helps the viewer focus on the countries of the world. In textbooks on stellar orientation to find the North Star, it is recommended to an imaginary line between the beta and alpha big bucket and put further along this line five times the distance to be concluded between the beta and alpha. This straight line is actually "shoulder" Kolovrat.

Needless to say that the remarkable property of the North Star point of the compass was known to our most distant ancestors, settled the territory of modern Russia. And the position of the constellations in the solstices could not go unnoticed. Probably because he was born symbol "Kolovrat" implemented initially ancient calendar function and that, we believe, more importantly, symbolizes the solstice, the seasons. It is known that Russia is just in the natural environment, where the change of the seasons and the most pronounced is of great importance for the inhabitants of the region.

Mindful of the fact that the representatives of each ethnic group have common archetypes, we can assume that the people who lived anciently under certain constellations, their design is an important unconscious image. Apparently this pattern is associated with a sense of homeland. You're a family constellation, and thus — at home. No accident that common expression "to be born under a lucky star."

Pay attention to this and W. R. Zobov Kelasev in his book "Social mythology Russia and problems of adaptation." In particular, they write: "… it is important that the symbolism, which are inextricably linked in a single unit as figurative and emotional and logical and rational components of collective intelligence is correlated with specific geographic coordinates. Such symbolism reflects important features of social and cultural myth. This socio-cultural myth in his character always contains elements of the environment in the womb which arose and took shape ethnicity. Indeed, in each particular culture can always be found, of course, in a modified form, the elements of a well-defined landscape, animals, plants, heavenly bodies (the constellations, etc.) and a positive correlation with a particular region of the planet. Therefore, such a myth always indecipherable, which would mean the establishment of the compliance of the socio-cultural myth from a particular region. "

Goiters and Kelasev encouraged to seek such symbols of images for national symbols. For the "socio-cultural character of the myth to a great extent will contribute to the unity of the nation, causing people like images and settings common to all members of society, and relevant experience. etc. Of course, search, selection, recording and protection of such characters at all times is extremely important and urgent problem. "

It is interesting that such characters may serve as a form of identification system "friend or foe". Members of the same ethnic group, whose ancestors lived in the same area will be, as already mentioned, to respond to presenting a positive symbol. And people who do not have the corresponding roots, or will not be affected emotionally or react aggressively. Each nation has its own, the "native" characters.

For us, the sickly children in the city, where even on a clear night stars are not visible due to street lighting or smog, the value of the ancient celestial symbols largely lost (not to be found here with the origins of cosmopolitanism undermines the society?). Must have been a village peasant or eccentric philosopher to fully enjoy the power of cosmic symbolism. Need of the night out in the field and look at the myriad of stars in the sky, to feel involved in it to the ground on which you stand now. How many of us now have the luxury of this feeling?

But, of course, this does not detract from the deep mystical and historical significance of the ancient symbols — Kolovrat and swastikas. Hitler managed to smear swastikas on for centuries. It is hoped that such a fate does not befall Kolovrat.

And here is another matter. Thus, according to the book of ancient Slavic Veles, our ancestors observed the sky around the movement of the North Star:

Svarga — it is also a starry sky, called the Wheel of Svarog. Complex device of this wheel. It strengthened at the North Star, or Sedavit star who Stozhary-Stlyazi — celestial axis.

It rotates around Stozhary per night and makes turnover for the year. But the most slow, driven only wise rotation takes about 27-thousand years. And this leads to a rotation that slowly replace each other zodiacal constellations are visible at the time of the vernal equinox in the north. For days this time called Svarog. They are divided into twelve zodiac periods, each of which lasts a little over two thousand years.

The sun moves in the belt solnoputya and goes for one zodiacal age from one zodiac sign to another. Today we live in the era of fierce Pisces coming era of roof-Aquarius.

Calculates the length and duration of the periods Days Svarog, the god of time and stargazers — Chislobog.

And Chislobog our days here thinks
He says his numbers Gods —
Day Svarog be whether to be a Night.

The Book of Veles, gurnard. 21

The wheel turns slowly Svarga. It moves itself Svarozhich Perun. Chislobog tells him the number, and people pray Perun., That he did not cease to follow the world order, the rotation of the Star Wheel.

And the Thunderbolts — God Perun,
God of battles and fighting, said:
You animating phenomena,
The wheels do not stop rotating!

The Book of Veles, gurnard. 4

Moving hand of the cosmic clock from one zodiac sign to another. In a new sign, a new zodiacal age, forces of the cosmos reveal themselves according to the law which in the Vedas.

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