Krasnoyarsk Territory. In Yeniseysk discovered Neolithic monuments




First of systematic archaeological study of one of the oldest towns in Siberia — Eniseyska. Spend it Krasnoyarsk archaeologists. As RIA "News Line" with reference to a leading specialist of the architecture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Tarasov, archaeologists Yeniseysk looking for traces of the city jail, as well as monuments of more ancient periods.
To date, the city excavated about 40 exploratory boreholes. Researchers have found during the excavation of the Neolithic archaeological sites, particularly stone tools. According to preliminary data, they date back to 5-6 thousand years BC. However, as said Tarasov, some of the artifacts found by archaeologists may apply to the Upper Paleolithic period.
A study by researchers was the oldest stone building Eniseyska — Chamber of Commerce, built in the late XVIII century. Under his foundation, archaeologists found the remains of ancient buildings XVI-XVII centuries. The excavations by archaeologists and found a lot of coins, most of which belongs to the era of Catherine.


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