Kubilius on the construction of nuclear power plants: It is not enough to interfere with concrete

"Plans neighbors are still too vague." This conclusion was made by Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius after visiting the construction site of the Belarusian nuclear power plant near the border with Lithuania.

On Kubilius, some training in the area of Ostrovetsky under way, but the Belarusians were not able to convince him that all plans are fully implemented.

"Preliminary work we seem to have seen, but it is still a start-up phase, and it is impossible to say that the work is in full swing and it does not stop," — said the BNS after visiting the construction site of NPP A.Kubilius.

not only interfere with the concrete and build the reactors themselves — not least to provide safety oversight

He expressed the hope that the success of the Lithuanian project to build a new nuclear power plant could change the plans and Belarus, and Russia, which plans to build a nuclear power plant in the Kaliningrad region.

"I'm still plans neighbors are not entirely clear," — said Kubilius.

"We have seen the efforts of the neighbors in the sense of competition, or the efforts to demonstrate the kind of building a facade. Neighbors build power plants near our borders, as if aiming for our markets. We are already in November we will have a strategic investor, and I think that if our plans will be successfully implemented, then the neighbors have their plans drastically changed ", — said A.Kubilius.

"We have taken note of the Belarusians, that is not enough to disturb the concrete and build the reactors themselves — it is equally important to ensure the safety and supervision of legal regulation, the control of the IAEA," — said the prime minister of Lithuania.

Kubilius, who made the bike ride in Belarus, said that in the Astraviec area saw two objects associated with the construction of nuclear power plants — the territory for construction and site for the nuclear plant.

"Maybe on the site itself rather big area under the NPP, the land leveled, but a lot of technology out there we have not seen, so it is not very clear how many of these jobs will be expanded and implemented. Moreover, it seems odd engineering solution plan to build nuclear power plants on the hill 10 kilometers away from the river Neman. Meanwhile our plans and technical solutions do not cause any issues, "- said Kubilius.


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