Larissa Heniyush and Pesnyary


This snapshot "Pesniary" autographed by Vladimir Mulyavin kept in the archives of Larissa Heniyush.

Once in the capital, "bookstores writer" went soloist "Pesnyary» More mulyavinskogo of Alexander CATIC. From the stack of books he pulled Belarusian poetry collection in a soft green cover titled "Hell family members." The author's name to the singer and the composer did not say anything. Alexander opened the book uchytavsya in one poem to another, and I realized that with him there is something unusual. Read the text immediately combined in his soul with melodies that would immediately write to remember …

A month later, were written ten songs on poems of Larissa Heniyush. And six months later I received from Alexander Katsikava tastefully decorated album titled "Live", the cover of which I was looking for 17-year-old Larissa Miklashevichanka. Alexander not only wrote the music for the song, not only sang most of them, but personally scored all text, found sponsors, made by the producer of the project. And yet — wrote the introduction to the album, which, inter alia, stated: "Larissa Heniyush not break nor Stalin's camps, nor the years of exile or oblivion to which the poet has condemned the Communist government."

We sat a long time with Alexander in a small square of the Belarusian State Philharmonic. My interlocutor was interested in everything related to Larissa Heniyush and legendary "Pesnyary." I knew if I told him.

On how the poet bought on scarce the time CD "Pesniary" and so enthusiastically wrote about her husband in a sanatorium near Vitebsk Letzy that he could not stand up to the end of the term and rushed to Zelva to listen together.

About how Larissa Antonovna went to Grodno — especially for the concert "Pesniary." As Vladimir Mulyavin gave his book "Nevada of Neman", and in return received a photo autographed by the entire ensemble maestro with funny mistakes, "Larissa Antonovna Geniush one" Pesniary. " Mulyavin. "

On how the poet sent out discs "Pesniary" fellow Worldwide, naming the members of the ensemble "our darling", "guerrillas" and "the only men in Belarus who are able to stand up for themselves …"

What is the miracle — these guys! The People's soul as much on the lips trembling, quivering, live, primordial and eternal.

After returning from a concert in Grodno, Larissa Heniyush fresh impressions shared with his longtime girlfriend Zoskoy Veras, who lived in Vilnius: "I was particularly captured the song" A willow pahilenaya in the field. " So pass this heartfelt song could only Belarusian out of the blood and bone Nadnyamonnya. And what kind of accompaniment! So if you do not sing, you feel, perhaps, the one who created it, it just zashchyra performed even fear. What is the miracle — these guys! The People's soul as much on the lips trembling, quivering, live, primordial and eternal. Let them sing happily and as long. So come to life treasures trodden into the gravel roadside. "

Was the Larissa Antonovna that the singer, which should was to be "out of the blood and bone Nadnyamonnya," was born and raised as much in the Urals?

Alexander CATIC (he hails from Ostrovetchiny) told me no less interesting news. It turns out that the last executed Vladimir Mulyavin song was "Edge of my home" — in the words of Larissa Heniyush. The famous singer made a working record and doshlifovat song did not — there was a car crash …

When the soul becomes uncomfortable, I put on a disc player "Live" and listen to the unique mulyavinsky recitative:

Krivich century there corral his custody,
A customs, language live from year to year.
There's edge, as if the old fairy tale, a beautiful,
A good and faithful to the people.

With this song, Vladimir Mulyavin and moved to a better world. Perhaps he met there with Larissa Antonovna and sang it to her favorite "And in the willow pahilenaya" …

Larissa Heniyush. "At pripechke purring cat …"
On pripechke purring cat
Hours beating rhythmically.
And the heart of the encrypted code
You can hear in the silence, I think.

Silence and darkness at the top …
Contrary to the rest
I converse with you, my friends,
Taut is surf.


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