Last year, after Hurricane nobody helped. So now would be …

According to the MOE society, even today, more than a thousand villages remain without electricity. In the 22 areas damaged houses and outbuildings, as well as crops in home gardens. Today, reporters visited the affected areas, "Freedom." Many people complain about the lack of help.


Destroyed by wind

Wind gusts on Sunday reached 24 meters per second. In Bobruisk this time The shuttle driver was killed.

Killed a man born in 1961, worked on the shuttle. At the final stop, he decided to rest:

"Settling in the passenger seat. Opposite was a tree — Poplar eighty centimeters in diameter, it was hollow inside. Went up sharply wind. Poplar did not survive the onslaught of wind and fell right on the car. As a result, people died at the scene of the attack," — said an employee of the Ministry of Bobruisk emergencies.

Today remain without electricity suburban towns and villages west of Mogilev region. Without waiting for help, people are free to decide the consequence of the disaster.

"A lot fell a tree. Fell out of the barrel. Train dyzel, too late. Waited probably somewhere on the road, will be held until this smerch. For sixty three years, I have never seen. Lit candles and prayed that the roof was a . Skate ripped out. greenhouses has broken. most important thing is that there is no light, and it is said to evening the hell knows, will there, "said Summer Resident of the village of Bung.

According to official information, the impact of floods in Bobruisk, Asipovichy, Glussk, Klichev, Ecological Tourism eliminates 41 team of electricians.

"We threw the power and technique of the other areas that were not injured. All personnel involved in the liquidation of damages since the night. When natural disasters happen again, we plan to restore power until the end of today", — the expert of the association "Mogilevenergo."

According to the press service of the Ministry of Mogilev emergencies, storm does not worsen the situation with fires in forests and peatlands in the region. Individual pockets are, but they are under control, say in management.


"Master of the house had to pick out from the rubble in the attic"

Vileisky, Volozhin, Myadel and some other areas have suffered the day before in the Minsk region. Injury received by a resident of Butrymava Vileyschine. Clarifies local resident Elena:

"Throttle him severely. Could to breathe a little, his wife and neighbors helped. Currently it is in the hospital and his condition is heavy. A house is fully opened. Even the bricks of the walls of the wind povyderu." Of "wind completely house."

Mrs. Elena complains of his grief:

"That's in my backyard trees felled whole wheat put. All paraznosila, scattered. Was terrible: heaven and earth mixed — nothing could be seen. This storm caused great damage."

Another resident of Minsk region — Victor Dashkievich of Kopyl district — said "Freedom" on the eve of a major hail:

"The whole earth was white. Broke all the crops and apples on the trees. And, of course, no one does not help us. Indeed, in Last year, also there was hail. On my site from batsvinnya potatoes were only tsymbury. No one helped. And now will be. "

Opinions Victor Dashkevycha checks and employee of one of the village councils of Minsk region Tatiana:

"In our territory 32 villages. And almost all of them were injured. So soon we will go to different bosses. And everyone will be interested in checking out: what did the village council? What can we do to help people? Only perhaps two hands …"

Gomel Oblast

Here — pours, and there — lights

Bad weather caused a lot of damage in the villages Krukavichy th Krotov Kalinkovichy district.

A spokeswoman Krukavitskaga village council began to tell:

"In the council affected about 16 homes. Element was such a strange band. Krukavichah ornate roofs have posnosili. Homestead barn in a fully opened and the house. Others — pavdahu destroyed, and some four letter frustrated."

In the village of village council Krotov Kaplitskaga squally winds damaged 10 houses. Strong wind and rain hit the village yesterday, about 16 hours.

Says local resident Nikolai:

"All the houses were standing in the hallway. So tore everything, and then the rain poured. Flowed directly into the house. Trough So we put on the floor. Immediately heavily flooded, but soon stopped."

Nikolai does not wait until the local store will bring Schiffer. Arranged with a neighbor who has used Schiffer — and they will patch the hole in the roof:

"I myself, and hire someone else, and I will cover this hole. One owner, I asked. Schiffer is because in the store it is not. Schiffer this is second-hand. But the cover though and so, as the rains will — and will flow into the house again. "

Over the weekend, but a storm of wind and rain, and fire occurred.

In nine districts of Gomel was found 18 forest and grass fires. According to official data, they managed to find the time and put out.

Since the beginning of summer in the region recorded 269 fire wood, peat bogs and bushes in the area of 125 hectares.


Insurance payments do not compensate for the loss

At Brest damage from the disaster is estimated at tens of millions of rubles. Insurance payments do not compensate for the losses.

A strong storm that took place at the weekend, has left without electricity for a number of regions. Also affected residential and commercial buildings, told our radio in the provincial department of Emergency:

"The fires were not. Ivatsevichy In the area of fixed damage to the roofs of nine houses and six agricultural buildings. Has also occurred outage Ivatsevichy, Berezovsky and Kobrin areas."

Damage from wind to Mileikovsky SEC was about 25-30 million rubles. Battered by the wind of the building were not insured, so all the work is carried out at the expense of the economy itself.

In the local village Panasavichy damaged more than 30 buildings. The local resident said that the government has helped to restore the roof only to homes. Sheds its many owners repaired at his own expense:

"At home all repaired, regardless of whether the building is insured or not. Course, had to pay a certain sum of money at first. People were dissatisfied. Barnes so we repaired ourselves."


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