Levitating yoga. The key to focus

This trick is pretty simple, and I'm sure some of them even know the answer to it. However, in the past such spectacular illusions to impress too gullible and perhaps some so even strengthened his belief in the unlimited potential of yogis and levitation.

The essence of the trick, which are shown on the photo, street magicians, is simple: a clever piece design begins with a solid support under "Yogi", sitting on the ground, after which the metal frame carefully concealed in specially designed for this long and airy sleeves, walking sticks, which connects a fakir with the other, and then, again passing through the sleeve ends exactly the same as in the beginning, stand, which is located directly to the second illusionist. For clarity, you can lead an illustration.

Interestingly, this focus has its roots in the distant past, and is repeated several times repeated still modern magicians. Uses this illusion and in advertising.

In the video, below, one can study in detail the subtleties of this focus, and better understanding of the illusion

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