Libya: Bani Walid against democracy

October 2, p. Mr. Obama was, after consulting with tseerushnikami loyal and devoted uncle of the Pentagon, thought about it and decided it was time to repeat Libya some tactics democratization. Trade secret mission of the CIA and the U.S. Department of Defense, as was clear from the article in the "New York Times" implies punishment militants involved in the grenade attack on the consulate general in Benghazi, in the end that killed four Yankees, among them salting Mr. Stevens.

On the orders of Obama, which for the sake of winning the election is ready for almost all, if not all (they say, he is ready to hit on Iran, so he kind of Libya!), the command of joint operations immediately began developing motivated packets with information about the suspects, I mean Islamist group "Ansar al-Sharia".

Libya: Bani Walid against democracy

The implication is that the Pentagon, in collaboration with the CIA, establishing goals, and then organize strikes and will make a special raid. Unmanned spy planes fly over a week Libyan soil.

Completely may be that the seat of "Ansar al-Sharia" weird way coincide with the coordinates of the town of Bani Walid — Gaddafi stronghold. We often talk about the Yankees, they have a policy of double standards, but they still love one stroke 2-ubivahom hares.

Having heard about the deadly drones that are about to hasten to the aid of the weak Libyan democracy, also upset because of death nedavneshney Shaaban (Murderer Gaddafi), temporary worker pulled from Tripoli to Bani Walid tanks, install "Grad" and pickup trucks with machine guns. But in response to fearful men not far from the tribe Varfalla announced their intention to defend Bani Walid until the last drop of blood.

October 9 press reported the first clashes between besiegers Bani Walid pro-government militias and intercessors town. The Libyan authorities were going to storm Gaddafi on October 5, but the defenders of the «Amnesty International», as if imponiruya Gaddafi, claimed to lift the siege. And, while the essence of the case yes, in Bani Walid came right cause Gaddafi sympathizers. And in Tripoli, in the structure of parliament, held a rally in support of Bani Walid. By the way, this town is attacked and earlier — in May and July, but the attack was repulsed on the outskirts.

October 10, around Bani Walid started fierce battles.

Libyan army took city in the ring. It was one hundred percent blocked traffic, blocked access city trucks with water, food and medicine. In Bani Walid did not miss any doctors or representatives of international organizations or journalists. Residential areas were fired shells, and Bani Walid on sight transformed into ruins.

Abdel-Hamid Shanduli, the occupant of Bani Walid and the head of the information center, in an interview with "Voice of Russia" has told:

"There is a lack of food, pharmaceuticals, in some areas we cut electricity … Locks schools and institutions. Every day on residential areas falling projectiles. Not so long ago bombed Al-quarter Mardum. After that fire in an urban clinic documented 25 cases of poisoning unknown gas — and in the middle of the victims have toddlers. Very often residents do not have time to run out of those houses in the area which is artataka, roofs are collapsing and people are buried alive. The total failure of united us: neighbors try to assist each other, share food, medicines. Families left homeless, move to their relatives … To have a government that kills its people — a shame not only for Libya, but for the entire international community. "

Abdel-Hamid Shanduli thinks that means bombing in the town seek out suspects in the death of Shaaban.

As for the Libyan media, the national television broadcast that in Bani Walid government to "restore order." In this connection it is interesting that the Government, through the Chief of Staff of Libya stated as if the army was not involved in the attack, and attack groups of the city of Misrata. It is they wish to avenge the death Shaaban.

Advocates «Amnesty International», as reported by various sources that claim that the effort to punish the murderers or the release of hostages in Bani Walid converted to the siege.

Belgian RTBF resource reports that major clashes have taken place in plain Mardum, 10 kilometers east of Bani Walid.

Journalists agency "Agence France-Presse" consider what exactly ruin Shaaban reinforced tensions between residents of Misrata and Bani Walid — adjacent towns and historic rivals who fought in the past year on various sides of the fence.

Lebanese newspaper "Daily Star" writes about the order of the National Assembly Libya September 25, which authorizes the ministries of defense and internal affairs of the country "to use force if necessary" — in order to find and punish the killers about sovereign Shaaban. That's why the army and the militias gathered outside Bani Walid. All hunt to use force.

The newspaper also reports that on October 10 siege was partly removed from the town, and there were able to enter the representatives of internationality Reddish Cross. They have already made their first trip to the out-patient departments of the town.

The data on the victims of the fire: from 5 to 10 people, including more than three children. To confirm or refute these findings is unrealistic.

Here, perhaps, and all that is clear about the siege of Bani Walid.

Columnist for the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Watan" believes that Libya is moving to the "chronic instability".

Is he wrong? Wherever visited peacekeepers from the United States and NATO, and immediately there is a "chronic instability". First symptoms are similar to the euphoria of the revolutionary victory, but then comes the difficult and painful hangover. Tough to this country crumbles to pieces, immersed in the chaos of anarchy, and the ocean is planned — not even in the name of American values, but because of the election rankings — again throw its bombs. A similar is treated similarly. Replaced in order to offer a drunk sober up and be cured, the mad doctor democratic again and again prescribes the opohmelku …

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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