Libya: Clintons visit, the prospect of war, the horrors of the PNS

Libya: Clinton's visit, the prospects of war, fear of PNS U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked the newcomer Libyan government to destroy or at least catch a former favorite of Libya. This is the Municipal Secretary said during a visit to Libya, in addition, she has promised 135 million dollars by the new government of Libya. Once said that the North Atlantic contract is ready to graduate from a military operation in Libya, but will accept a political solution when the Transitional Council of State will be able to ensure the security of the civilian population. A new Libyan authorities hitherto seriously afraid of Gaddafi.

Clinton's visit

Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Tripoli with a sudden visit on October 18. Were taken excessive security measures. Clinton is the first official of the United States of such high rank, who visits Tripoli after the visit of her predecessor Condoleezza Rice in September 2008. Then Rice spoke with a very warm favorite Jamahiriya. Observers at the time noted that visit Condoleezza Rice was held against the background of the "normalization of relations" between the U.S. and Libya. Although Washington had already planned to overthrow the script Gaddafi and the settlement of the Jamahiriya, and vengeance CIA recruited a "fifth column" in the middle of the military and political elite Jamahiriya.

Before the arrival of Clinton to Libya, it was reported that she hopes to strengthen U.S. ties with the "new leadership" of the country and contribute to "the transition to democracy, Libya." It should be noted that before the arrival of Clinton visited Libya, the English minister of foreign affairs, William Hague. He promised PNS all possible assistance in restoring Libya, in addition, according to the Englishman, London direct to the country of professionals who will coach the latest Libyan police and advise the new government on monetary issues. British experts also posodeystvuyut in clearance areas of the country.

Arguing about the fate of Muammar Gaddafi before the students in the Libyan capital, Clinton said the United States rely, that "it can be captured or killed soon," so that the Libyans do not have to be afraid of him. This is the strong statement of South American politics at the expense of Gaddafi for all the conflict in Libya, previously read as only a court of law.

NTC chairman Mustafa Muhammad Abd-al-Jalil and Prime Minister Mahmoud Jabril amused the news on the allocation of 40 million dollars targeted assistance for security and destruction of unsafe supplies of weapons, including chemical weapons. The United States promised to provide comprehensive assistance in the case.

Secretary of State added that the U.S. plans — the restoration and expansion of trade relations with the Libyan government, programs of cultural and educational exchange. Washington doubled the quota for Libyan students and resumes the role of Libya in the program Fulbright (grants, scholarships, internships, etc.). In Libya, will all work of the British language.

In addition, the new Libyan authorities will have an additional 11 million dollars. Most of the funds set up for the operation to find and destroy man-portable air defense systems, which have remained in the arsenals of the former Libyan army were either stolen during the war. There is a fear that they will fall into the hands of terrorists. Part of this money will go to education and medicine. Washington wants to cure the seriously wounded Libyan rebels in their own health facilities and to assist in the treatment of lightly wounded in the Libyan countryside. The new Libyan authorities will have a South American medical equipment and medicines.

The total amount of aid the U.S. government newcomer total to 135 million dollars, including the already allocated amount.

Clinton, not including instructions to destroy or catch Gaddafi, gave a few more orders. Washington asks immediately connect "various paramilitary groups under a single command," the newest form a national army. Control of it should go to a civilian party. Also PNS is to connect the country, that is, the United States recognized that the new girl power as before does not keep under control the whole country.


It should be noted that an open war in Libya fades, moving to the stage of the underground. Open resistance observed exclusively in the area of Sirte, where last fight. And NATO is already shifts the responsibility for the looting and violence against civilian populations in Sirte and other towns in the PNS fighters. This was stated by the official dealer of command operation of the Alliance "Unified Protector" Colonel Roland Lavoie. According to the French colonel, the responsibility for the protection of the civilian population and the introduction of systems of salvo fire during the assault of the town lies on the military command of PNS. Similarly, the PNS is responsible for the safety of stockpiles of Gaddafi's army. In other words, in principle, the West is the latest advance puts the power under tight control, with a "double game" PNC will be able to accuse of genocide, mass looting, loss of tools, supporting terrorists, etc.

October 17 it was announced the capture of Bani Walid, but whether the city was taken or left it themselves defenders (dissolved in the desert), or city is conceded by agreement with the elders of the tribe varfalla, no disk imaging.

And in Tripoli is the demolition of the residence of Colonel — Bab al-Aziziyah. According to the rebels, they demolish it, as willing to "destroy everything that belongs to Gaddafi." At this point the plan to build a "peace-building organization."

NATO commanders said about the transition from offensive air operations to monitor the Libyan countryside from the air. Will only intervene when necessary. According to Lavoie, combat sorties will be reduced, although the Air Force and the Alliance will be operating in a state of constant readiness. Absolutely operation collapsed when the NTC will be able to secure a civilian population.

Can with a little bit of belief to say that the actions in the Libyan government is in its own logical end. Gaddafi and his men have done for much of the world a lot, gained time, but now virtually open war is almost over, ran across the stage of the underground struggle, attacks and clashes. This was confirmed during a visit Clinton. It is curious that this war is one hundred percent substantiates the thesis of passivity vast majority of people. The Libyan war has not developed into a popular stage — made war a limited number of Islamists, various enemies of the regime (groups from Benghazi, Misurata, etc.), supported by NATO forces, and several thousand active supporters of Gaddafi. Others were sitting in their homes and were spectators of the bloody spectacle, part of it was paid for with their lives, health and property. And to pay the upcoming decline in living standards.

Libya has ceased to be a major center of events, now all attention should be sent to Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Turkey, the Kurds, Iran and Pakistan.

Horror PNS

It is clear that the Transitional Council of State as before only one of the forces in Libya, without NATO support his days are numbered. Because of their representatives have expressed fear of the "shadow" of Gaddafi. The Prime Minister Mahmoud Jabril said that Gaddafi may declare in southern Libya new Government, th
e bringing the country to a split.

By Jabril disk imaging, Colonel kept under his command is still quite significant force — about 10-15 thousand soldiers (probably an exaggeration). In the main it is the Tuareg tribes who live in the south of Libya, Algeria and northern Niger. In addition, representatives of Gaddafi try to enlist the support of a number of African countries, where the former favorite of Libya remained excellent contacts. According to the views of Jabril have Muammar Gaddafi remains only "two options: either to try to undermine at least some new regime in Libya or to declare a separate government in the south." He said he feared retaliation Gaddafi, who until now not conceded defeat and is "ready to make unenforceable, that at least some damage to the new regime in Libya."

Gaddafi's whereabouts is not clear, it sometimes occurs in the air, speaking from the audio message on Syrian TV satellite channel "Al-Rai", urging his supporters to resist. Some believe that he was outside of Libya in one of the African countries where it is treated favorably. Others think that it is in the south of the country or hiding in a city in the midst of their own supporters. His elusiveness gives PNS weight problems until Gaddafi alive or not in prison, he is a sign of resistance and other life.

Gaddafi retains significant cash resources, according to some estimates, up to $ 50 billion. dollars, with some in gold. This will allow him to have some time to organize resistance, creating problems of PNS.

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