Libya on the verge of the second war

Libya on the brink of the second war

In the south Libya the clashes took place, resulting in the deaths of 150 people. Many experts foretell the latest plainclothes war in which Libya's population is split on ethnic and racial lines.

After the overthrow of the regime Gaddafi Central power could not stop the collision tribes that share oil revenues.

Major bloodshed taking place in the south of Libya, in the town of Sabha. At the end of March there were slain leader tuba and his two associates. It has become a "trigger" to start the bloody clashes in the region. Arab fighters in response to the killing of their own countrymen killed ladies, kids, old people, burned houses black inhabitants Sabha.

Such acts representatives tube dubbed genocide of their people. In response, they threatened that they would blow up oil pipelines and ask for help from fellow tribesmen who live in Chad and Niger. In connection with these events tribe tuba issued a statement on the development of South Libya own government.

According to experts, the Libyan conflict could spread beyond the country's borders and grow into an international confrontation. The central government of Libya acts hesitantly, to the area where the collision occurred, so far arrived troops. According to incoming disk imaging, the military government of Libyan army, the birth of which alone is not burning a special desire to move off the hot point on the south Libya, inhabited by other tribes.

Many experts attributed the crisis in Libya with the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, where in the country remained tribal balance. Tribes fear that if a brand new territorial division of the country, which provides a central power Libya, they will lose their oil revenues. Under the rule of Gaddafi significant part of the "oil rent" remained inside the settlements, and the representatives of the tribes living there, could dispose of these revenues.

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