Libya operation Odyssey. Dawn tends to decline

Libya operation "Odyssey.  Dawn "tends to decline

The Alliance began to open a discussion with Colonel Gaddafi terms of surrender, but not him but his own.

Operation alliance in this Arab country is all the more in military and political deadlock. Indeed, the three weeks of continuous rocket and air strikes on Libya have not yet given the West no exact result. By inertia attack positions of troops who are loyal to Gaddafi, with the same last regularity.

For example, in the past Mon, NATO aircraft conducted 137 sorties. Already for the next day — 186, and on Wednesday, about 200 fighter and attack aircraft are free to do their flights in Libyan skies. Acquired results do not correspond to the expected. Gaddafi's troops occupied the previously lost oil port of Brega. Narrows siege ring around insurgents who still retain the city of Misrata.

Members of the opposition in Libya, meanwhile, has already began allowing himself to criticize acts bosses operation "Odyssey. Dawn "from the alliance. For example, Abdel-Fattah Younis, the head of military operations, the opposition, not so long ago reproached NATO inaction and sluggishness. According to him, the coalition warplanes very often late with air strikes, striking them from time to time in 8 hours after the rebels will give data on purpose. This delay, which is caused by bureaucratic costs in NATO, leads to losses in the middle of the opposition, claimed Younis.

Together with the fact Younis nothing to impose that magic happens and the effectiveness of the NATO operation for some reason suddenly rise sharply. Most likely, the opposite. U.S. officials said that their pilots come out of the fight, while retaining the ability to European countries themselves to test the military fortunes in Libya. How Europe plans to change the South American aviation — is unclear. After all, in fact it accounts brought half the air strikes against troops of colonel.

The headquarters of the alliance had already sent a telegram to London to urgently restore the completion of the English aviakontingentu. But the British Ministry of Defence refused, arguing that it is quite enough 22 "Typhoon" and "Tornado" that have long been at war in Libya. Send more aircraft prevents big download Sun UK in Afghanistan and dramatically cut down the military budget.

Closer managed to drag except Germany, which previously did not agree to a real role in the military operation. And then Germany only agreed to the role, accompanied by ships going to Libya with humanitarian aid for the population.

Other allies are also in no hurry to take on a huge responsibility for the final operation "Odyssey. Dawn. "

It creates the impression that in recent times, even the U.S., which usually sets the tone for NATO, and do not believe in the possibility of victory in this battle. Gaddafi, apparently, just try to buy. Bidding has already begun. In Benghazi, which controlled by the opposition, came a special representative of America Chris Stevens. As it became clear he had some suggestions for the members of the Transitional Council of State.

At the same time, in Tripoli, where Gaddafi confidently led military actions, arrived last U.S. Congressman Weldon Kurti. Washington does not conceal the purpose of his mission. Kurti Weldon must try to persuade Colonel voluntarily renounce the government. They say that as compensation Gaddafi offered a position as a noble head of the African Union. Well, maybe more of something nibudt. As an example, the possibility of the role of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's son, in the post-war leadership of the state.

Can offer also means. After specifically means that at one time offered the Iraqi dictator environment Saddam Hussein managed to rapidly resolve the battle for Baghdad. Favourite Jamahiriya, of course, not a curse. But it accounts Colonel locked. And you can unlock them. Moreover, that one day the Allies war in this country costs about 4 million U.S. dollars. While the report that in order to curb Gaddafi might come in handy more than six months. So consider yourself …

Yet, of course, even the ex-Congressman Weldon did not quite believe in the success of his own journey. In any case, Weldon said the newspaper «New York Times», he's from multiple meetings with Gaddafi came to the conclusion that this man really tough to be prinevolit to surrender bombs.

In general, it may very well be that the operation "Odyssey. Dawn "tends to decline. And it is completely not what he beheld NATO members during the bombing in the middle of March. Analysis of the results of military operations in Libya are not only military, and politics. In this case, Libya looks like they have no interest. In the first place the future of NATO, which, as it turns out, is not able to defeat the army of quite large and not very modern country. On this occasion, the South American magazine The American Conservative in the old days wrote that the role of the military operation in Libya threatens the unity of the Alliance. Arguments that America would intervene for the sake of NATO, do not stand up to scrutiny.
Truly a split in NATO has long been obvious enough already. Recall at least, what was the position of the European NATO member states in relation to the invasion of America's Army in Iraq.

All the same, if, after Iraq split NATO outline just outlined, how he will be after Libya? This question tried to answer the deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin. In his view, the arrival of the North American negotiators in Libya means the recognition of the failure to remove the regime's favorite targets Jamahiriya by the military. In addition, it means that union in general, and specifically the United States expects a total disgrace and a huge internal political difficulties for the heads of these states. The results of this shame will be languid. In-1's, the world's question immediately arises — what is NATO in general, if he does not reach an absolute technical superiority, fighting side by side with their own territory and having behind enemy any rebel allies. Hard to imagine, in any configuration for the West it all could lead. Immediately it becomes clear that NATO has no future, says Hramchihin. The fact that the Alliance has no future, they say has long been, but after Libya this will become clear to all. In the words of the political scientist, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, was gone and the future of NATO. After all, the purpose for which created union, disappeared. But at the headquarters of NATO, to somehow justify their existence, have to invent new goals. But coupled with the fact it turned out that the new tasks allies are unwilling to invest. And everything is going to a natural end.

According to the views of Alexander Khramchikhin, fear of Russia regarding NATO's eastward expansion is a myth. At the same time, mutually myth. Thus, the myth of the West that is needed to save the unity of the alliance led by America. Also, in Russia there are many stakeholders in the various political camps. Hramchihin says that the government artificially pumps concern about NATO as the face of danger seek to unite people around the outside of the Kremlin.

In connection with the events in Libya, the diverse situ
ation in the Muslim world, says the analyst. Many Arab countries hate Colonel Gaddafi. And they do not just stare at unsuccessful attempts to tame the West, Colonel, and are participating intensively in his overthrow.
Muammar Gaddafi after trying to connect these countries against the West. In addition, in every way tried to remove regimes that cooperated with the Yankees. In addition, a couple of years back, Colonel styled King of the House of Saud his opponent. Of course, these countries are willing, that Gaddafi was gone. Hramchihin sure that the credibility of Europe and the United States after the fall of Libyan war and the Near and Middle East, and Africa. That's only in that poured out their political and material loss, only time will tell, says the analyst.

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