Libya. Quixotic revolution

Exclusive. Article written Arabist, chief of the department of translation and disk imaging company "Zarubezhstroytehnologiya" But last night, Andrew Scherbovich (previously worked in our TV and stuff the last few weeks have been exhausted information "on the spot").

Since May 2010, Andrew worked in Ras Lanuf on the construction of the railroad, and not so long ago, was evacuated from there by ferry "St. Stephen."
Perepity story about life in revolutionary Libya and how it looks from there. A look slightly differently ……

Libya.  Weird Revolution

With our eyes

In Libya, it is not realistic. Libyans — this is not the Egyptians, Tunisians did not. Libyans — are quite different. It provides us Youssef, a translator. We — the Russian, we are building in Libya metal road. We believe Yousef.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Later begins Benghazi. Russian from our company is not there. There Hamdi, an employee of the passport control at the airport. I called him — how are you? Normally, NIGHT MODE rustling, shot. What kind of opposition — the youth buzit, means desire. No, as in Egypt will not. In Libya, it is not realistic.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Reports "Al-Jazeera" — it's always the summary fights. There run across town under the control of the opposition or fall under the pressure of mercenaries Gaddafi is the general scramble for the airport in Tripoli. I called our in Tripoli — yes, NIGHT MODE shot, exploding grenades. But the city does not attack anyone. Day or around Tripoli — demonstrations in support of Gaddafi.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

We decided to send the ladies in Tripoli. In which case, you can fly from there. Our camp — near the town of Ras Lanuf, an oil refinery and port. From here to Tripoli — more than 700 km. With the ladies going head of security and translators. 25 people for 4 cars.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Until they reached Tripoli — suspended in Homs. The roads are blocked, no one is allowed. Let's go back, braked in the districts of Sirte. They live in trailers on the order of one of our construction sites. Awaiting evacuation by air. In Sirte relaxed — here the birthplace of Gaddafi.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Again, "Al-Jazeera" — opposition seized Agillu, Ajdabiya, Ben Jawad. I called a friend Libyans. Everywhere the same scenario — NIGHT MODE in the center of young people gather and go destroy the police station. But the police have been warned — and the protection of the order together with the administration of cities have already fled in an unknown direction. The next day the inhabitants wake up — and there's no power. Forms the self-defense groups — with knives and sticks. Gaddafi and the opposition was not with it — the fear of looters.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

An authority in the camp — Abdel Brown, manager of the railroad project "Sirt-Benghazi." Our police — is a Libyan company "Diplomatic Service", 40 man with batons and electroshock. Specifically, they come to us in the evening and warn in Ras Lanuf NIGHT MODE begin a mess, and the mass will rob our camp. Watchmen need to let them go home — they're out of Tripoli, in the west, and Ras Lanuf — is east, then ignorant people, drug addicts, will destroy us. In watchmen were shaking
hand. We say — nothing terrible, youth buzit, as in Egypt will not be — in Libya, it is unreal. Security calms down. On the subsequent morning wake-per-click — protection escaped. Coupled with it Abdel escaped and brown. Later find out how it happened. The other day in Ras Lanuf have delivered a consignment of drugs — cannabis and pills. Distributed free of charge. At night gathered weight and went smashing police. There was a shooting. Ukrainians living in Ras Lanuf, beheld a pool of blood. Someone called our guards — they responded instantly. Boarded the car and sped away in Tripoli. Together with Abdul Karim.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Bengaziyskaya newspaper "Corina" publish a list of those killed in shambles. While their 30. "Al-Dzhariza 'scores on the hundreds of states and armed gangs looting everything and everyone. "Corina" writes that looting is only there where the owners are gone.

Our old camp — a few kilometers from the main — was sacked on the subsequent night, after we gathered all the main Kemp. Broke down the doors, put up teles.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

We have to somehow protect the main camp. Draw up duty roster. The main thing — the gate. In the camp are starting to come Libyans with whom we have signed contracts or subcontracts for the provision of services. Require funds. Payments under the contract shall be later. They say they are — no, you do not pay later, pay at the moment, or give to machines and excavators. Do not pay. Angry. Later start to go all who know that the Russian camp can be a means, and certainly there is equipment — machines, bulldozers, excavators. Can anyone stop in front of the gate, others fall by the camp area. Coming into three groups. First — those who have contracts on hand and they are afraid that we would leave without paying. Others rely on arrogance —
come without documents, but said that the company owed them 10's of thousands. But the most unsafe — the third. They arrive at a group of good-quality machines, and call themselves the "influential people of Ras Lanuf." You realize, they say they are, it is our land, and all your equipment — our equipment. Give it to us, and we will keep going for it, vending machines we have. Voedinyzhdy connects them all one thing — end speech phrase — "I am ready to take you on keeping all your Toyota and Mitsubishi." Libyan fetish — a car.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

In the information war to cut one Libyan television. Half asleep channel "Jamahiriya" suddenly explodes dynamics — no one reads about individual mess — the leading civilian war scare, call senses, by religious favorites, advertised by sms speech Gaddafi's son and Gaddafi father. There are religious favorites. We drove the wrong policy in relation to young people, whether they acknowledge. We ourselves are to blame, that allowed it to happen. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi also all recognize — and that Benghazi is out of control and that the government has made mistakes. He refers to the Libyans, "Those who are pushing you to riot, live in the west, and their kids on the west, and for you to live here. If war starts mufti, no oil will not be — not in Tripoli or Benghazi. " Later acts Colonel Gaddafi. To the civilian war ready. Will fight to the last man. Our interpreter Mansour says — he is so vain, only angers people. "Al-Jazeera": military scamper to the rebels. "Jamahiriya" the press conference of generals — they swear allegiance to Gaddafi.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

In the evening a message on the radio from the security gate — pulled up several cars with armed men. All the machines on the same off-road vehicle — machine gun. One car pulled into the camp area. Introduced — is the military of the adjacent military unit. Intelligence unit. Reports to Tripoli. Please take a camp under protection — shall be removed — they have orders not to enter into the settlement and foreign companies. But they say — do not worry about anything. They patrol the area, will occasionally drive past the camp.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Came the Libyan drivers — our employees. Willing to stay in the camp to guard the gates. No guns, but it is not necessary — the drivers 40 people every local will probably relative of the 1st of them can agree. Pay later, leave a deposit of car — still someone has to protect them after your departure. Think. We agree. Write receipts. I, Muhammad Ali, I take the car to maintain and undertake to return at the first request of the Russian company. And give up the car keys only in the port, a day evacuation. At night on duty at the gate of the Russian and the Libyans.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Foreigners leaving Libya. Or find salvation in the Russian camp. We had 120. Now more than thousand — Ukrainians, Turks, Serbs, Filipinos, Austrians … As legend tells the news of the evacuation of the Yankees own men from Benghazi: swam warship, several military helicopters landed in the town, went Special Forces, took its own and flew away. Yankees in Benghazi were seven people.

Libya.  Weird Revolution

Gaddafi on Libyan TV promises all contracts with foreign companies remain in force. "Al-Jazeera" reported that the slain Libyan minister of railways.

The company "Sahl Idzhfara" — a couple of 10-s very slim and low marrokantsev, Algerians, Bangladeshis, Sudanese. They cook meals in our dining room, wash dishes, wash clothes, engaged in cleaning. They do not run away. They served 100 people, currently serve a thousand. They do not complain. Just need to take with you no matter where, even in Russia, if only out of Libya. Muhammad, the storekeeper, "the Libyans and the earlier we are not fond of, but at the moment there is no police, what do we do? I was in town for a cigarette, I got kicked out. "

We take them with you can not — Europe Africans will not accept. UN resolutions employed. Our guest workers to work without complaining to the day or evacuation. Solely on the last day utter — you have very insulted. We do not cast you in a difficult moment. And you?

Coupled with the foreigners come to camp and Libyans — beat out their debts. Principal, who they should — require funds in Russian — you're in charge here, and you pay for. Means no one. Aware of, agree to the Libyans are ready to enter your position and take the duty excavator. Do not give. Angry. Scandals.

More often than not lucky Turkish company. They camp next to Agilloy raided several 10-s of Libyans with a knife. Turks they say, there were guns. Robbed cars, computers. Some even took away shorts and socks. But people are not touched. Libyan familiar soothing — for us Libyans to destroy the man — sin of sins. If not the police, can steal, rob, but for the life of the people will not be afraid. In addition, robbing only in their own area. In a strange not agree well. The Turks had a falling out with the local population, they have not been protected. Russian others because you do not touch.

The Turks at this time in our camp. When we hear Libya, faces distorted by hatred. None of them will not return to Libya.

"Al-Jazeera": most of the towns captured by the opposition, the Gaddafi regime is about to fall. The bill went to the thousands of victims. Gaddafi's air force bombarded the peaceful demonstrators in the towns. The last Minister of Justice forms the interim government in Benghazi. The response from the Libyan government propaganda — the dead 10s bombard the only arsenals

so that there was no gun in the hands of the rebels, again earned schools and universities, mobile operator lists subscribers to score 30 dinars vorachivaetsya country to civilian life — on TV show Tripoli. All relaxed. I called a friend there-Libyans — reads, indeed, all relaxed. States west of Ras Lanuf can go anywhere — the roads are open. In Benghazi, is not necessary. A Western correspondents already in Benghazi — they say, on the contrary, that if where and quietly, in Benghazi. And in the battle of Tripoli.

Our employees were evacuated from Tripoli and Sirte — on airplanes. Was given permission to fly bureaucrats priklnnye Gaddafi. We will leave later — on the ferry.

During the day before leaving for travel to Ben Dzhafad. According to "Al Ja
zeera", he is in the hands of the rebels. According to our information — there returned by the police. Our findings were more exact. Police seemingly not warriors — not sporty men, one machine for three. Based on their mind, they are not afraid of anything. They say, if we wish to evacuate Tripoli, we can go all the 1,000 people — on the roads dangerous. But we'll go through the port of Ras Lanuf. It becomes clear why the police station is not an obstacle for the rebellious youth — a shabby building, virtually no furniture, computer 90s and several police officers in baggy clothes and an indifference to the people — that they are able to make a hundred or so raging young Libyans, this the driving force of the recent events, which some call a revolution and rebellion, while others — mess. These young Libyans, they are very similar to each other. In the best case of secondary education, no professor of ambition, dreamboat — work as a driver, a watchman or a bureaucrat. No entertainment, no women — sex only after marriage, there is no means to marry. Young Libyan in the province (a province in Libya — it's all apart of Tripoli) reads nothing — no books, no newspapers, which, by the way, in towns malehankih nowhere and no gain for the money. He was not even a web fascinating — the maximum drawings look or listen to music. If he wants something, it is unlikely to be able to design what exactly. Though — that's our driver, Ali. He was 21. "Up to 25 I will live like at the moment. How exactly? Well, the days of work, sit in the evening with friends. What do we do? Moonshine little drink, smoke hashish. Talk. And in all the 25 — married, head of the kids, I'll build a house. " There are other Libyans. But they are not crushing the night police stations. They are leaving to study abroad.

Day of departure. Column — 75 cars, about 1,000 people. We leave the camp, we go to the port. Military patrol on the road — 4 persons, two assault rifles. Asked: Where? — The port to work? Dumb — we warned the military in the evening and during the day. But there is not a single command — Head of the 1st patrol just forgot to tell the other. Explain — we are evacuating. A moment of pause — please drive through. Another 15 minutes and we are in port.

I called the property of another Assad in Zaviyu — a suburb of Tripoli. Day of "Al-Jazeera" said city captured by the rebels. Assad: "At night mess began in the center of town, the management of the police fled, now there is no power. But we still others — see your camp was naked 10 days and no one on you did not attack. And "Al-Jazeera" did not see — from the very beginning eg mount a fresh video footage of disorder 3-year-old. Gaddafi, we, of course, all bored with the Libyans to wage war will not. Plainclothes war? In Libya, it is impossible "

Last SMS from the Libyan government: each family will be paid 500 dinars. Go to the local authorities and get their money.

Last Libyan. We are already on board. Khalid, our subcontractor, stands on the pier and waves his hand. Later suddenly recalls and yells at you in Tripoli left several cars. You can write it in my name?

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