Libyan fighter: I left the battlefield in Syria because of the burning of the corpses and

Libyan fighter: "I left the battlefield in Syria due to the burning of corpses and selling"In an interview with the news agency "Libya now" 1st of the returnees from Syria Libya rebels in M. Hazim, specializing in explosives, you can personally make sure of the actual situation of affairs in the Syria. Himself a fighter from Tripoli, told about his own involvement in the fighting on the Syrian side of the rebels in the ranks of the Syrian Free Army.

Questions about their own work in Syria told: "I have come to Syria via Turkey area two months back to join the jihad (holy war) against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, on the side of the Brothers of the Free Army. When I arrived, took my passport to a Turkish officer who escorted me and a few generous people to get to the area of Syria, where I met a group who, as I then thought, at war with the faith in victory. I have been working on their own specialty demolition also taught others his own craft and he manufactured the explosives, which we planted on to kill Assad battalions. "

Hazim added: "Our main residence was the city of Homs, after fighting intensified there act, we fled with several groups in the city of Naha to wage war in the ranks of the battalion Amar Ibn Yasser. I was very shocked by what he saw. Our victorious battalion was formed from many Arab and African nations, but the fact that I was forced to quit the field of battle — it's their way of thinking. After all, when in our ranks fell one Shaheed, his body burned and bodies — they sold, regardless of nationality, if the dead of African states, burn it corpse, and when I asked about the reasons I said Abu Hamza — fighting, the Nahal brigade leader: "It is for us the way the conspiracy that the regime did not find the bodies and declared that the country's foreign mercenaries are fighting a war."

Our witness shares her impressions: "In the beginning did not direct attention to it, so I knew that martyrs are buried in the garden, but when fell a martyr Kuwaiti Abu Muhammad, they burned it corpse, and put in a sheltered place, that later contact with his family and pursue a certain amount of funds from the fact that, say, the constant force regime seized the corpse and require funds. Specifically, this led me to abandon their way of combating that catchy — when the falls a martyr one of Syrian rebels, they bury it without burning a corpse. For these reasons, I left Syria, again across the Turkish border, where the return of the property sheet of the branch of the "Syrian rebels." Such a decision I did not come alone — many of our brothers at the time decided to return to Libya. I urge all militias in Lebanon and other Arab states did not go to Syria, as there is — it is far not a popular uprising. When we arrived there, we were glad to jihad, thought that the permanent Syrian army rapes women and kills babies, but what he saw absolutely different from what we hear in the news. The religion of Islam forbids the killing of Muslims and, in my opinion, those who run this revolution — it's just armed gang who did not hesitate to seek more than once from my clinic to undermine civilian clothes, but I refused. With the grace of God, I learned that there are treated kids with cancer. Grateful to God for the return to Libya, and ask Him to return the security and stability of Syria, and that wisdom, faith and reason come back to these soldiers. "

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