Libyan rebels accused of mass murder of prisoners of war

Libyan rebels accused of mass murder of prisoners of war

International human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) found in the Libyan town of Sirte body supporters of former Libyan favorite and called to investigate the murder of the total.

In an abandoned hotel in Sirte, 53 bodies were found with their hands tied and gunshot wounds. Littered with empty shops near by Kalashnikov rifles and FN-1. It says that they were killed immediately. In appearance bodies can imagine that they were shot between 14 and 19 October. HRW calls on the Libyan authorities to immediately investigate the sin and bring the guilty to justice, says RBC.

In the mentioned period of time, this area of Sirte was controlled by the rebels.

Earlier Libyan rebels was charged with genocide of Black people Libya. In Libya at Gaddafi worked a lot of the inhabitants of African states that are just there and could find a job. Because Gaddafi, As reported by the media themselves Libyan the rebels have used to deal with the opposition of African mercenaries, the rebels killed all Africans in general, without distinguishing where guest workers, and where mercenaries.

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